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Wow, so this is what you get for 100 pieces of gold.
This was our third game of the day. I was the wizard, while Don was the archer. A bit of background on why we chose these particular adventurers.

Don had wanted to play the Long Live the King scenario with less than 4 players to see how well the game scales. In that game, he was the warrior, while I was the dwarf. Our thinking was that we get what we thought was the two toughest adventurers, and bring up their strength at the markets, with the added bonus that the dwarf only pays $1 at the mine in spot 71 for 1 strength, rather than $2. With our high strength, we could sweep through the monsters, and Skral's your uncle. We split up initially, I went to explore the fog, while Don started thinning the gor herd. But Don needed help, so I had to go back to help Don and in some one on one battles, I lost willpower reducing myself to one die. I rolled two consecutive ones in two consecutive battles. I would have written a session report "The dwarf rolls a 1, does that help?" but there were more lessons to be learned. The monsters overwhelmed our castle before we even got a chance to take a roll at the Skral on Skral tower. The long range plan of getting the dwarf to the mine on 71 only works if you live long enough.

So Don came up with the idea that we should sweep enough gors out of the west so our castle would be safe before turn N, before making our way east to Skral Tower. We cleaned house on our adventurers, so Don was the archer and I was the wizard. This particular combination of adventurers was really effective in defeating the gors when they went to combat together. If the archer rolled first, the wizard could invert a poor roll from the archer, or the wizard was always guaanteed to roll a minimum of 4. So we cleaned out 3 or 4 gors before heading east. Not only that, Don suggested we get a telescope (in our previous two games, the telescope was looked at as something that was next to useless) just to try it out. Don bought the telescope, and imagine our surprise when the fog tokens were revealed when we got adjacent: we could avoid event cards, avoid gors, and we found the witch that way. It was an easy matter then to take down the Skral on Skral tower, since our strength was built up from paying 2 gold for a strength at the merchant spots. We even showed some teamwork when I gave Don two half used wine flasks (so he could grab some farmers quicker). After all, who wants their friend to be drunk while firing arrows?

Now, we were playing the third scenario, Darkness Descends. In this scenario, you get a fate card dealt to you (out of 10 fate cards in the deck). My fate card was to defeat a wardrak on space 57. Don's fate card was to bring two farmers to space 57 for a wedding. So it might have been lucky for us to both require us to do something on space 57. The card text recommended that you fufill your fates quickly, then you can reveal the Dark Mage card which tells you how to proceed next, but you lose if you can't fulfill your fate cards.

We seeded the board with the runes, and the herbs. We learned that the herbs could be used instantly for strength in a single combat round, for instant willpower or for movement.

We found a female farmer to add to the board. Don made a remark about getting the right farmers to the wedding, and let's just leave it at that. We duplicated our successful strategy - clean out enough gors before fulfilling our fate. Leave the troll alone, he can go to the castle. So we grabbed the required farmers and dispatched the easy gors. Don noted that the archer's ability to attack adjacent meant that the farmers could not be touched by the monsters which was really useful, since no other adventurer could do that. On our way to space 57, I had found two different colored runes, and I was carrying the telescope as well to avoid event cards and gors. We slowly built up our strength, and Don found the 3 and 4 value herbs.

We dispatched the wardrak on space 57, then Don could move in with the farmers for the wedding. We then read the Dark Mage card. We had fulfilled our fates early enough (by turn H) that Vakur, the Dark Mage was in space 63 (each turn he moves 1 space towards space 67 where the game will end in defeat for the adventurers). In a 2 player game, Vakor is strength 14, willpower 14 and carries 4 parchments. The parchment isn't a list of his victims, it is what he will roll in combat.

I am the wizard (purple), Don is the archer (green), while Vakur is on space 63 with his four books.

On space 64 was the last rune, which was the third missing color. I dropped my telescope, so I could pick up the third rune, so now I could roll a black dice, giving me a roll of 6-12. We met Vakur on space 64, after each getting shields from an event card that said you could exchange 3 willpower for an item. Don rolled a 4 with his archer (after 3 dice, we decided the 4 was the best we were going to get). He used his 3 and 4 herb and his witches brew for a total of 15, and added to his strength of 4 was an attack of 19. I rolled a 12 on the black dice, and added my strength of 8 to give an attack of 20. Our total was 39. Don scared me when he said he saw double digits on the parchment. We pulled a parchment, and it was an 11! Vakur's attack was 25, our attack was 39. The difference was 14, and his willpower was 14, so Vakur goes down in the first round.

Wow, this was a ton of fun. I initially thought that there wasn't going to be much variety in the scenarios, but I'm glad to be wrong since in this scenario there are 10 different fates, and 4 variations of the Dark Mage. I made a remark that I bet the 10 fates all had something to do with space 57, and Don said he had to look, he checked one card and told me that it had nothing to do with space 57, then he said I should give the Germans some credit.

This is the "A list" game right now, and we're looking forward to more plays.

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