Michael Volkin
United States
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Strength Stack 52 is the first of its kind smartphone enhanced fitness cards that creates a gaming environment around bodyweight exercises.

[url]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1172471035/strength-stac... [/url]Recently Launched on Kickstarter is Strength Stack 52, an innovative product that was never intended to be a product. Strength Stack 52 presents a unique way to stay fit, no matter where you are. Sergeant Michael Volkin invented this unique product to help his mother recover from cancer. He developed bodyweight fitness cards based on exercises he learned while stationed in Iraq for the U.S Army. Shuffling these cards allowed his mom to create fun, randomized workout combinations wherever she wanted. The cards were then shared by his friends and soon Sergeant Volkin realized that millions of people could benefit from these cards. “This product was created by accident.” says Sergeant Volkin. “It was intended just for my mother, but then I realized the diverse demographic of people who could benefit from them.” His friends were creating fun and exciting workout competitions which made exercising fun. Workouts can be done at home by yourself or in the park with your friends and family.

Strength Stack 52 helps you to:

• Increase muscle strength
• Lower body fat
• Have access to millions of portable workout combinations
• Increase energy
• Strengthen and stabilize your core

Strength Stack 52 allows you to get a great workout with minimal space requirements and with no equipment needed.

Each card is organized by skill level, numbered in order of difficulty and suited for playing games. The most innovative aspect of Strength Stack 52 is the QR code. When scanned with any smartphone, a video of the exercise on that card will play, so there is no guessing as to the proper way to do the exercise.

“It’s unbelievable. I have been struggling with my weight issue for so long but with Strength Stack 52 I started seeing results in a matter of weeks. The Stack not only helped me to lose weight but made me strong and lean. The difference between this product and the others I tried is competition. Strength Stack brought out my competitive nature and allowed me to push harder, which burned more calories than I ever had before.” Brian Norelli, Los Angeles (Strength Stack 52 customer).

Dozens of full body work out games have been invented, or you can invent your own games. War is an example of a common game to play.

Players: 2-6 players

Goal: To deal the highest card.

Instruction: Deal entire deck evenly among all players. Each player throws their top card in the center of all players. The player who threw the highest card wins, all losing players must perform the exercises on the cards that were thrown.

Wild card: Trumps all cards

Or try your hand at Life in the Fast Lane:
Players: 2-6 players

Goal: First player to get rid of all his/her cards wins.

Instruction: Deal cards evenly among players face down. The players are not to look at their cards in advance. Place one card face up in the center of all the players, this area is called the Fast Lane. The last number on the card is the number everyone will play. If the card is a single digit card, then play that number.

To start, the person to the left of the dealer will yell go, players then view their own cards and can now place a card on top of the card in the fast lane that either is one number higher or one number lower than the top card. You must be the first player to place the new card on the card in the fast lane. Play continues quickly as the new top card in the fast lane must be topped by a 1 number higher or lower. Players must say the number they are throwing down. For example if the card in the fast lane is a 17, then the number to play is a 7. Players can throw a 6 or an 8 on top of that card. The player must yell 6 or 8 as they throw their card on top.

First player to get rid of all his/her cards wins. The losing players must do the exercises on the cards they are left holding.

Wild card: A wild card can be used for any number. The player who throws the wild card must state a number. Use strategy here as the player should yell a number that they know they can immediately throw another card on top of that. If someone is left holding a wild card, all exercises remaining in that players hands must be completed twice.

Variations: Put two cards or more cards in the fast lane for a very crazy game!
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Andrew Rowse
New Zealand
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Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone. Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your own.
That's a neat product, but dreadful 'games' - they're all competitive, with exercise as a punishment. They should be collaborative, or involve players competing by doing exercise - for instance having players blind-bet with cards, and the player with the most points in their bet performs the exercises of their cards to win a round.
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