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Zach Tedford
United States
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The Game:

The Players:
Tommy as Chief Commissioner Charles Warren
Alex as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
Zach Tedford
United States
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as Chairman George Lusk
Preston Wolfram
United States
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as Inspector Frederich Abberline
Christopher Huter
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as Jack the Ripper

It was dark days in Whitechapel. I had demanded that a reward be placed for any information into the slayings of several women in the area when I received a strange package. It was a letter from whom I can only consider to be the monster "Jack the Ripper". Inside the package that came with the letter was a half a human kidney! This was it! The last straw, I had to find the monster and bring him to justice.

I quickly contacted Commissioner Tommy, Inspector's Alex and Preston and off we went. Hunting the monster!

Upon meeting with these like minded individuals we quickly learned that the Ripper had struck again.

A quick note from a courier noted that it was in the North East district of Whitechapel. With this knowledge in mind all concerned parties raced to the scene of the murder.

On the way to the crime scene the Commissioner stumbled upon what could only be described as a bloody footprint! It was down the street some ways from the crime scene and was pointing the opposite direction.

Knowing that the trail was cold, but that following the footsteps could possibly give us information on where the Ripper was hiding we spread out and immediately started searching for more signs in the area.

We found more bloody footsteps! And we soon noticed a particular path that the Ripper was following.

We searched and searched for more clues, but the trail eventually ran cold. We thought we had learned something about this predator, but it was hard to nail down what exactly that was.

That night I hardly slept. Who could this monster be? Why was he mutilating these poor women?

The next day the nightmare continued.

Another murder. Same district of Whitechapel. Was it a sign? Was this close to the monsters home? Would he be foolish enough to kill close to his home?

This time the murder was fresh and we hit the trail early.

It was by complete chance that I stumbled upon what appeared to be blood droplets a block away from the second crime. Next to these drops was a distinctive scratch and groove in the pavement. A carriage? Not many people in Whitechapel can afford a carriage. The droplets were wet, Jack had been here recently.

The race was on again! I immediately contacted the commissioner and detectives and they again obliged me in pursuing clues to find the monster. We were finding clues quickly! Blood drops here and there, similar scratches on the pavement in other places. If we could find the carriage that was making those distinctive grooves, maybe we could find the killer. It was like following bread crumbs. How sloppy was this monster?

Unfortunately once again the trail grew cold. The only clue we had seemed to secure was that the Ripper was trying to flee to the South West district of Whitechapel.

Another night at home. Another night of no sleep and worry. How many more innocents would die before the madman was stopped?

With dread I opened the two letters I received on the third day of my pursuit of the Ripper. Two more women. The same signature, but the murders were done on the opposite sides of Whitechapel.

In a quick note, I let Inspector Preston and Alex know that they should pursue the killer at the murder in the East district, while Commissioner Tommy and I would pursue information on the murder in the West district.

Later I learned that the detectives had no luck finding any information at the crime scene in the East. The Commissioner and I made our way as quickly as possible to our crime scene, but the trail was quite cold by the time we arrived.

Alas that third day was almost a complete waste and we gained very little information about Jack. We did discover a bloody handprint right in the middle of town, that seemed to indicate that our early assumptions about the Ripper living in the South West district might possibly be true.

There was something different in the air about the fourth day of our search. We knew that if we didn't find this killer soon we might never catch him. What if he leaves Whitechapel? What if he continues his monstrous ways elsewhere?

All of the other investigators seemed to sense my urgency and I could feel their added tension. They wanted this monster as badly as I did.

Then it happened. A scream! Only a few blocks from our gathering.

Quickly we spread out and moved in. Closing our nets.

Looking to the North of me I could hear a shout from Inspector Preston. What he was saying was indeterminable, but I could see him shouting and pointing wildly to a mad dashing carriage that was whipping by him.

Looking to my left I could see Inspector Alex making her way up the block. I shouted at her and told her to stop that carriage, if she hurried she might be able to cut it off.

By the time I caught up with her it was evident that she had heard me. The carriage was standing still in the middle of the next block with the door open and I glanced up the block to see Inspector Alex and Commisioner Thomas racing after a figure.

Making my way as quickly as possible, I ran down the block, rounding the corner I could see Inspector Alex struggling to hold a figure to the ground. As I arrived and the other inspectors arrived the figure stopped kicking and squirming. He was covered in blood.

Reaching down I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back to see his face.

As soon as I did I cried out in shock and stumbled back. It was my neighbor, the quiet Christopher Hue. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible that he would have committed such atrocities!

Looking up at me, the Ripper began to cackle... a laugh..a haunting laugh that I still remember to this day.


My Enjoyment of this game:
Game time: 60minutes
Extra Comments:
Loved this game, caught Jack one spot away from his hideout! Epic finish. First time playing, and it took us a while to figure out the mechanics and the strategy, but I really enjoyed this game. Looking forward to the next time I can play this game.

Meet the Gang:

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