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Subject: Proxies Cost rss

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Hey Guys,

Did anyone count how much it would cost to replace all monsters and heroes with proxies and what are best available proxies?
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Timothy Kingsbury
United Kingdom
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I've done a fair bit of research for this up and down the net. the best list for suitable proxies i found was here

now I live in the UK so i'm pretty sure i'll have to pay a little more with import cost or just more expensive mins. but here is a rough list and costs.

Kobold x 15

I was happy to use Warhammer snotlings for these guys and re base them(1 pack of 18 £5) but if you want to go D&D it'll cost alot more

Shade x 5

all the D&D ghosts i looked at where quite expensive (£3.99) each so i decided to skip them and use the 2ED zombies as proxies

Skeleton Archer x 5

again couldn't find them for cheep tho if you happy with skeletons with melee weapons instead, D&D do one for £1.50. Me personally i'm just using the goblin archers as Skeleton Archer proxies.

Dark Priest x 4

There are a few good cultist mins out there to pic from the cheapest i could find was £1.50. tho in the end I used the flesh moulders as proxies

Deep Elf x 2

a nice easy one to get at £1.50

Razorwing x 4

struggled to find anything for these tho i've resinged myself to using the Harpys from the trollfens expansion

Beastman x 4

Gnolls do fit this one quite well tho the only ones i could find where £3.99 that i felt was a bit to steep, so i use my ferrox mins as proxies

Ferrox x 4

I personally am using Festrog mins for these that i think work quite well. £1.99

Medusa X 3

quite a few different Medusa mins that work i'm using a D&D one that was £1.99

Lava Beetle x 4

Formian fit well at £1.99. Tho to budget I use cave spiders

Sorcerer x 4

few different mins fit the bill Tiefling warlock was the cheapest at £1.99. tho in the end i just used Flesh moulders again.

Blood Ape x 3 (2x1 base)

Taer at 1.99 where the best tho the base size is wrong i rebased them on Warhammer cavalry bases.

Wendingo x 3 (2x1 base)

couldn't find anything that suitable to i just use the Blood Apes or Barghests

Hellhound x 4 (2x1 base)

lots of good D&D hell hounds to chose from cheapest was £1.99. tho i opted for using Barghests since again they would of needed rebasing

Bane Spider x 3 (2x2 base)

the Dungeon Command Giant Spider was a good choice and at £2.99 it's quite cheep too.

Chaos Beast x 3 (2x2 base)

I know siutible mins exist but i couldn't find any in the UK so this guy is a still a Merriod maser and minion and a card cut out (first world problems cry )

Demon Lord x 2 (2x2 base)

no cheep option for this one Horned Devil at £7.99 was the best option. tho again i went budget and use elementals instead

Giant x 2 (2x2 base)

again no cheep options. best was hill giants at £5.99. so for budget i'm useing ettin

Golem x 2 (2x2 base)

D&D elemental wall fits really well, looks cool to boot and at 2.99 they're cheep too

Manticore x 2 (2x2 base)

noting cheep here the best i could see was £7.99, so for me these guys are just cardboard cut outs cry

Naga x 3 (2x2 base)

these guys creep me the heck out. £3.99 was the cheapest i found for dark naga

Ogre x 3 (2x2 base)

a few options here cheapest at £2.50 for Ogre Pulverizer tho i opted for ettin, ettin, cardboard. so not sure if it needs rebasing

Troll x 2 (2x2 base)

Troll slasher imo looks the best and is also the cheapest i could find at £4.99. even so i elected for using the ettins as proxies

Ice Wyrm x 2 (2x3 base)
Crypt Dragon x 2 (2x3 base)

for both the dragons there is alot of choice but they will all mostly need rebaseing and are quite costly too boot. for me i just ended up using the shadow dragon for both of them.

as for the hero, i haven't even begun to look into it (i'm the overlord screw the hero players right devil). but i wager that on advrage it'll cost £2 too £5 each min. having said that, there are only a few unique (looking)heros in the covertion kit, for most one of the 2ED 8 heros will fit the bill.

so lets tally that up. first the all up i want a decent model for eveything option.

Kabold £5
Shade £20
Skeleton Archer £7.50
Dark Priest £6
Deep Elf £3
Razorwing ??
Beastman £16
Ferrox £8
Medusa £6
Lava Beetle £8
Sorcerer £8
Blood Ape £6
Wendingo ??
Hellhound £8
Bane Spider £9
Chaos Beast ??
Demon Lord £16
Giant £12
Golem £6
Manticore £16
Naga £12
Ogre £7.50
Troll £10
Dragons (just guessing but) £32 ish for all 4

Heroes £168

so total that's £358 (will be more for the monster i couldn't find decent proxies for)

However if you go down the same route i went and budget it up

Kabold £5
Shade use zombies
Skeleton Archer use goblin archer
Dark Priest use flesh moulders
Deep Elf £3
Razorwing use Harpys from the trollfens
Beastman use Ferrox
Ferrox £8
Medusa £6
Lava Beetle use cave spiders
Sorcerer use flesh moulders
Blood Ape £6
Wendingo use blood ape
Hellhound use barghest
Bane Spider £9
Chaos Beast use Merriod (and cardboard)
Demon Lord use elementals
Giant use Ettin
Golem £6
Ogre use ettin (and cardboard)
Troll use ettin
Dragon is a draggon is a dragon is a dragon (use shadow dragon)

Heroes make do with the starting 8 hero mins

now it tallys up to alot less at £37

The web site i buy from is i have no doubt you'll be able to find these items cheaper in the US so bully for you. (as a rough conversion just assume that the prices are in $ not £ without converting i've found this usually be be the case)

also you might want to look into the 3D carboard cut out PDF linked here
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