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Subject: SotM Campaign 1: Episode 3 rss

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John Curtis
United States
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NOTE: This is the third episode in my SotM campaign using the rules posted in the variants forum (

Campaign: Voss vs. the World
MasterMind: Grand Warlord Voss
Villain Pool: Abuscade, The Chairman, Grand Warlord Voss, La Capitan, Omnitron (Exterminator), Spite
Hero Pool: Absolute Zero, Chrono-Ranger, Expatriette, Haka, Mr. Fixer, Nightmist, Tachyon, Unity, Wraith

Episode 3: The Organization Takes Over the Factory
Environment: Pike Industrial Complex
Villain: The Chairman (and the Operative)
Hero Team: Tachyon, Expatriette, and Nightmist

On a tip, the heroes waited for the Chairman to show up at the Pike facility. Everyone found the complex overrun by mutant lab rats as the showdown began. The Operative calls out his Fence who in turn calls for his Thief to join them. Tachyon takes a quick jaunt around the complex to survey the situation. Expatriette pulls out Pride and puts a huge hole in the Thief. And the Operative, in turn, knocks a rack of equipment over on Expatriette. Nightmist summons up an acidic mist, burning the Fence, the Operative and all the rats. The battle shifts into a larger chamber, where there is a massive vat of some toxic fumes (Supercooled Trisolvent Vat). The toxic fumes affect everyone. The rats shriek and then die. The Fence is passes out from the fumes. The Operative smacks Expatriette with a large hook on a chain.

There is a squeal of tires outside as the Deputy arrives on the scene. The Operative calls up the Broker. Getting out of the car with the Deputy is the Crooked Cop. The Broker arrives with an Informant. Tachyon runs around a small cluster of the villains (unfortunately getting a massive whiff of the toxic fumes). The Informant is flung into the wall (going unconscious) while the Broker and the Deputy are both flung into a large piece of machinery. The Operative pulls a chain tight and trips Tachyon. The Informant announces the perfection of the Operative. Expatriette is less "fancy". She simply loads her gun with hollow points and the Deputy is slammed into the wall (though Expatriette takes in a lung-full of icy fumes). Nightmist casts her Heedless Lash spell, but the Crooked Cop hardly even notices it (but Nightmist is burned by both the cold fumes from the vat and the lash). A cage built into the wall unleashes a couple of more rats... but these are much bigger than the ones before! The large vat spills a bit all over the floor... putting more fumes into the air. The crooked cop passes out gas masks for the villains (which help a little... but even the gas masks begin to melt after a minute). But then the rats smell dinner and tear the Broker, Deputy, and then the Cop to pieces. Nightmist had to beat off one of the rats. In the chaos, the Operative turns on a couple of machines. Expatriette nearly escapes getting crushed and Tachyon rolls off the conveyor as the blades merely graze his arms.

The Chairman finds his underbosses not at his side and becomes uncertain of the outcome for the first time. The Operative focuses her attention on Expatriette, shoving her into a pieces of machinery that almost guts her. Meanwhile the Chairman slams a massive crowbar into Tachyon's head. The Operative calls out his Muscle who brings with him an Enforcer. The Enforcer picks up Tachyon and is about the toss the hero into the toxic vat, but the speedster squirms free. Tachyon hits the boosters... running fast enough to go up all four walls, creating a sonic boom. All the villains are momentarily stunned. Expatriette loads up some shock rounds in her gun and nails the Chairman in his shoulder. Nightmist reaches into her bag of tricks and pulls out three relics. The rats seem to be losing steam. But the rocking vat spills more toxic waste on the floor.

The Operative and the Chairman taunt the heroes, revealing again how "buff" they are. The Operative calls out his Contract, who calls out the Hired Gun. The Muscle brings in another Enforcer. The Contract shoots Nightmist while the Hired Gun opens fire on the entire hero team with a submachine gun! Tachyon goes up the walls gain, the sonic boom stuns the villainsn again. Expatriette pulls out a tactical shotgun and shoots at the Chairman. Nightmist casts her Mistform spell, going intangible. It looks like the toxic fumes will take out most of the villains for the heroes. Until the Operative, randomly pulling levers, opens a panel in the wall and another vat rolls in on a conveyor... this one reeking sickly sweet which seems to have a refreshing effect! And it completely overwhelms the toxicity of the former vat! Bad news for the heroes!

The renewed strength of the heroes is almost nothing compared to the renewed strength of the villains. The Muscle calls out another Enforcer and the Contract brings in another Hired Gun (who blasts all the heroes again). Tachyon, feeling weaker and weaker, takes a speedy barrage of punches to the Chairman. Expatriette uses an RPG launcher to take out the healing vat, then uses her shotgun to shoot at the Chairman again. Nightmist becomes tangible casting an Oblivion spell! Unfortunately, she didn't realize how weak her allies were... taking out both Tachyon and Expatriette (who were already severely weakened by the toxic fumes). The spell takes down all the villain thugs and underbosses... but leaves the Chairman and Operative standing. The toxic vat finally cracks open. Nightmist is overwhelmed by the toxic waste. The Chairman and the Operative are damaged, but not taken down.

RESULT: The heroes pass out. The Chairman and the Operative make it out of the factory complex with three crates of what is probably some highly toxic materials.

Campaign Status: Grand Warlord Voss is winning (4 VPs)
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