Dave Winfield
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This takes inspiration from Diamant but is not a direct port. But, I thought this would be the easiest way to explain the basic premise of the game and get your attention.

The family enjoys Diamant but I wanted a more portable game that involved dice. Kids really love rolling dice AND pushing their luck!

So I am working on a new game (that has no specific theme or thematic terms) and would love your feedback! I care more about the mechanisms, game play and rules than theme right now.

3 Action dice (per player)
5 “Danger” dice
1 “Jackpot” (d12) die.
Pen & Pad for score-keeping

Each player receives 3 Action dice. The game consists of 5 rounds and the player with the most points after 5 rounds wins.

At the start of each round the “jackpot” die is set to 5. During a round, each time players roll their dice this term is called “gamble”.

“Gamble” or “Stay”
All players conceal their dice in their hand and outstretch their closed fist. Then, the players call out 1…2…3 and on 3 all players who decide to “gamble” simultaneously drop their dice on the playing surface. If a player chooses to “stay” and not drop their dice they keep any points they have already earned during that round and will not roll their dice until the next round.

Starting on the second “gamble” of a round, "danger" dice are also rolled (by any player but preferably one who has already chosen to "stay").
First “Gamble” – No danger dice are rolled.
Second “Gamble” – 2 danger dice are rolled.
Third “Gamble” – 3 danger dice are rolled.
Fourth "Gamble" - 4 danger dice are rolled.
And so on..

If there is matching pair of danger results all players that “gambled” lose all points earned that round.

If Danger is Averted
The points are calculated by adding the Action dice that have the most face up results. If there are multiple numbers with the most results, the highest number is calculated. For all the players that chose to “gamble” the sum is divided amongst the players (rounded down) and the unscored remainder is added to the “jackpot” die.

Example: Three players roll their dice; Player 1 rolls a 3,3,5, Player 2 rolls a 1,4,2 and Player 3 rolls a 5,6,1. There were two 1s, two 3s and two 5s rolled so the 5s are added to 10. Each player receives 3 points and the remaining 1 point is added to the “jackpot” die. The max a “jackpot” can be is 12.

If a player rolls 3 of a kind, in addition to the split Action dice points, they earn points equal to the current “jackpot” and the “jackpot” is reset back to 5. If multiple players hit the “jackpot” on the same turn points are again split amongst the ”jackpot” players (rounded down) and the remainder stays with the "jackpot” (reset to 5 then add jackpot remainder).

If a player "gambles" alone they earn the total sum of their 3 dice results.

End of Round
A round ends if no players choose to "gamble" or a "Danger" effect ends the round.

Winning the Game
After 5 rounds the players total up their points to deem the winner.

What do you guys think of my initial idea? What would you add/change as a variant, feature, or mechanism? Thanks for your time!

I had thought about how to maybe add special effects with pogs or tokens but that may defeat the purpose of a portable express game.

If people like this I will whip up cleaner rules. Also, the components are minimal if you own a bit of dice (10pack of d6 for $1 at dollar store) so its very easy to playtest!

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Dave Winfield
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Hmm is there a better area for lighter family games?

BGD section seems to attract more hardcore gamers which I am myself. However, this game idea is more oriented toward casual gamers like my family.
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