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Dan Stueber
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Fourth Turn of the Next War:

“Sir, it appears we are holding the coasts of Korea but the area to the east of Seoul is under tremendous pressure from the DPRK forces there” says Jack.

“Give me the complete rundown Jack…from the top” replies the General.

“Yes sir. Our JSTARs were not very productive in the last 84 hours. They only detected the DPRK V Corps while the DPRK radio units found where the ROK VII Corps HQ was located. The air battles went completely our way. Five more DPRK air units were destroyed and others aborting back to base. Our AWACs level is almost as good as it can get. We have also moved a Japanese Surface Action Group into the Yellow Sea along with an Amphibious Group, although there are no Marines on it.”

“Are the Chinese reacting to that move?” asks the General.

“At this time they appear to be staying out of the fight. I believe they did not know about the nuclear weapon. They probably don’t want any part of this fight sir.”

“Understood, continue” replies the General.

“Yes sir. DPRK Special Forces units again tried to hit various airfields in our rear areas trying to hit our helo assets. Gimcheon Airfield was hit pretty hard reducing a ROK F-4D air unit there. However, again their Special Forces units took 50% losses. We estimate they two special ops units left although they may be able to mobilize some more. Three Ranger units went out to locate the DPRK supply dumps but only found one. Every other unit we had went after their radar detection ability and reduced it another 10%. A ROK Special Forces unit was destroyed. Currently we have only US and some British Special Forces assets in country, but another Japanese unit is en route. All ROK Special Forces have been eliminated sir.

“Using the information we gained about the supply depot we launched a cruise missile strike against it but unbelievably it missed the target by several miles. We are having that looked at to make sure our targeting data was correct or if it was a malfunction in several of the missiles. We then sent in five strike packages against the 815 Mech, 820 Armor, and PYG Mech Corps, plus an interdiction mission against the area west of Chuncheon (hex3620). The DPRK 105 Armor Division was hit hard and is now reduced in strength. Also a mechanized brigade from the 815 Mech is disorganized. We had an Air Force F-15E get aborted from heavy flak in the target area. The DPRK sent in four air strikes in the same general area but none of them hit.

“Our intel reported that two motorized divisions from the PYG Corps outran their supplies. They were able to get some fuel in via helicopters but one division is out of supply.

“We shifted the 82 Airborne to the east of Seoul to backstop the ROK VII Corps. Also, Marine battalions again moved into the line near Chuncheon and along the east coast road to assist the ROK units there. We conducted two large scale attacks sir. The first involved 1/82 Brigade, two Mech divisions from the 3 Army, two divisions from the VII Corps, and the 1/3 Marine battalion. The target was the 105 Armor Division and an Armor Brigade from the DPRK 820 Corps. We sent in A-10, F/A-18’s, and Apache gunships. The Apaches were aborted prior to getting to the target. We were able to destroy the armor brigade but the Marine battalion was destroyed by accurate artillery from the KDG Artillery Corps. The other battle involved the 76Mech/3Army, 2/III Infantry, 7/II Infantry Divisions, and 3/3 Marine Battalion attacking two overextended motorized divisions from the PYG Corps. We were able to destroy one of the DPRK units with no loss to our side.

“The DPRK conducted six battles all along the front. The DPRK IV Corps north of Seoul attacked the dug in Marine Division and 103 Brigade of the Capital Corps. Two DPRK divisions were reduced but the ROK Marines took a beating. Next, the 815 Mech and II Corps attacked the ROK 28 Division and 5 Armor Brigades south of Uijeongbu. The 28 Division was reduced and the DPRK lost another Light Infantry unit.”

“Jack how many of those Light Infantry type units are left?” asks the General.

“We estimate four brigades worth, however three of those are in the beachhead near Gunsan. The next attack involved units of the 820 Armor and V Corps, supported by a Sniper Brigade and two artillery brigades. They targeted the reduced 20Mech Division of the VII Corps and completely destroyed it. The Sniper Brigade was destroyed in the battle also. East of Chuncheon units of the DPRK V Corps and 815 Mech attacked dug in 11 Mech Division/1Army, the Japanese Airmobile Brigade, and the HQ troops of the 11MEU. The attacked was stopped before it began but the Light Infantry Brigade from the V Corps was destroyed trying to get to their attack jump off points. North of Inju the ROK 27 Infantry/II Corps was hit by three divisions and an armor brigade from the I and VII Corps. Each side took losses sir. Finally along the east coast the 102 Brigade and 22 Infantry Division/VIII Corps, supported by the 2/3 Marine Battalion was attacked by eight mechanized brigades from the 806 and 108 Mech Corps. The attacking forces again took murderous losses and retreated. The ROK VIII Corps is still defending in the DMZ sir.

“As far as reinforcements go our JSTARs detected the DPRK IX Corps moving into Hamhung and a motorized division was reconstituted from the PTG Corps. The ROK mobilized the 57HR, 56HR, and 31HR Divisions plus a brigade from the 101 Airborne landed in Seocho Airbase.”

“Ok Jack, we again concentrate air power on those mobile corps in the center and try to keep any breakthroughs to a minimum. If the line is broken we need to hold the shoulders of the breakthrough to contain it as much as possible. Also, let’s start looking at options to retake what has been lost and what forces we can use to do that with” states the General.

“We will get right on it sir” replies Jack.

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