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My gaming group has grown away from heroclix so I'm trying to swap most of my collection into stuff I can actually use. I have a LARGE clix list so if you play heroclix and are interested please email me. My Email will be listed at the bottom of the thread.

Please check my profile for a better list but I made this as a quicker reference. It lists a few things I can't really make an entry for on BGG but might be leaving a few things out.

My various WANTS.

-Board Games-

Glow in the Dark Dice. All types!

"Neon" colored dice. Especially Greens and Purples.

Mage Wars Board game and expansions. Base set being a priority over any expansions.

King of Tokyo Board game and expansions.

Sentinels of the Multiverse Promo Hero & Villain cards and the Rook City Expansion. Rook City being my #1 priority want.

Summoner Wars, Second Summoner decks as well as the deluxe play mat.

X-Wing Mini B-Wing x2

X-Wing Mini TIE Bomber x2

-Video Games-

Dragon's Crown PS3

Lolipop Chainsaw PS3

Dead Island Riptide X360

Darksiders I PS3

Darksiders II PS3

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen PS3

Anarchy Reigns PS3

Asura's Wrath PS3

Devil May Cry 4 PS3

Devil May Cry Collection PS3

Superman the Animated Series complete DVD (ran alongside the 90's Batman TAS)

Stuff I HAVE

(Most video games and DVDs do not have their original case or a box, but are fully working and 100% non burnt copies. I paid plenty to make sure of that myself ha. I just stored everything in simple sleeve cases on a shelf.)

HUGE amount of Heroclix and pretty high quality stuff if I don't mind saying ha. Uniques and SR's abount. Doom & Kang, Mr. Sinister, Odin, TONS of HYDRA figures and so many more.

A pretty good collection of Vampire Jihad/Masquerade CCG cards. Expansions even dating back to the fabled Sabbat set. Somewhere buried in my collection is an actual Tremere Anti-tribu deck!

X-Wing Mini A-Wing Never opened and NEW
X-Wing Mini A-Wing
X-Wing mini TIE expansion

Mythic Battles core
Mythic Battles Expansion 1

Frontiers, Liberty or Death (two core-sets making a a full playset)

Halo 4 X360
Borderlands 2 X360
Black Ops 2 X360
Injustice Gods Among US X360
No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise PS3
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection PS3
Tons of SMT "Demon Saga" games for PS2, please check my profile because I'm too lazy to type out their names hah.

Megaman X Collection PS2
Megaman 8 PS2

Fully Working X360 Kinect with the following games:
Just Dance
Just Dance 2
Rise of Nightmares

Fully Working Turtle Beach X41 headset

Monsters Menace America Board Game

Runebound 2nd Edition board game and 3 expansions

Lord of the Rings Risk Trilogy Edition

Zombie Fluxxx

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons 1 through 6 and Christmas Special. DVD format

Farscape complete series run on DVD including Peace-Keeper Wars movie.

Escaflowne complete series on DVD.

Outlaw Star complete series on DVD.

Various RPG books highlighted by Dresden Files RPG corebook in very good condition. Check RPG geek or email me for more!

My email contact is

Please get ahold of me with any questions!
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email sent.
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