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Subject: Copenhagen 2013: Jan - may 1805 rss

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allan wielund
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For this campaign an old and somewhat rusty player is returning as Russia, and he is bringing in 2 rookie friends to play Austria and Prussia. This will affect the diplomacy a lot, as we can expect Russia, Austris and Prussia to stick closely together for a while.
Our best and somewhat cautious player is England.
Our 2 Loose cannons are Spain and Turkey.
I play France.

Existing Wars:

France vs England, Russia, Austria, Prussia and Spain
England vs Spain
Turkey vs Austria and Russia.

January alliances:

England - Austria and Prussia
France and Turkey

Initial deployment:

Napoleon in switzerland, small french corps to grab minors without defence. Massena with weak force in hanover.
French and Dutch fleets in Genoa except 1 ship in Amsterdam.

Charles with 75 factors in Salzburg, surplus cav and gd in northeast, Lt inf in Mantua

Far to East, out of french range.

2 corps and 2 big fleets in Riga, 1 corps and 1 ship at Corfu, 4 corps ready to stack with prussians.

Syria, Imp cav, 2 x Janissar in Sarajevo, Cedid in Constantinople

Main army and fleet in cadiz. Small corps at french border.

Spain succesfully blackmails England to give conditional Peace immediately and it will be followed with a non-agression-pact to match Spanish enforced Peace with France.
France can´t afford a spanish fleet and army free to sail and attack anywhere, so a french Peace to Spain in the second quarter of 1805 is agreed.

The french plan:
To make a big dent in the Austrian army and then have Turkey deal with the remnants while Napoleon turns against Prussia and Russia. Hopefully 40-50 Austrians will die for the loss of no more than 30 french.
Charles must be driven from Salzburg onto the plains and then hit Again, but for that to happen the Austrian depot in Trieste must be removed - and for that to happen the 2 Insurrection corps must be lured into action elsewhere by the turkish.
To feint an advance against Vienna I also declare war on Bavaria as well as a handfull of undefended minors.

The turkish mobilize the bosnian and serbian feudals and push against Peterwardein and Zara - the Insurrection corps turn up at Sara and destroys the bosnians.
(We have a discussion - are the insurrection corps attackers or defenders? We agree they are defenders) In the Austria turn the insurrection corps then attacks and destroys the serbians outside Peterwardein.

I have miscalculated the costs of the french advance and realise I must advance slowly through Tyrol instead of pushing to Munich if there must also be a french follow-up attack in march in pursuit of the fleeing Charles.
Also there is only enough Money to attack Charles in Salzburg with 5 corps, but hopefully Davout can reinforce from Trieste after taking out the Austrian depot. However Davout fails to break into Trieste and take out the depot, so he cannot reinforce.
Still - Napoleon attacks Charles with 105 vs 75 factors i february.
Assault vs Defend, an Ok situation. Modifier, morale and guard will surely make up for the uphill attack ... but not for the dice rolled.

Napoleon rolls 3(4), 1(2) and 2(3) while Charles rolls 2, 6 and 5 and even adds a 5 in pursuit. Disaster!

France loses 21 inf and 3 cav. Austria loses 15 inf. And Charles is still in Salzburg while the russians and prussians is pushing West with all speed against Massenas skeleton force.

March diplomatic phase, very long.
Time to think carefully. Spain is threatening to turn against Turkey, who seems reluctant to carry on if that happens. I am about to give Spain a Peace.
I decide to live to fight another day and ask for terms. The prussia player happily accepts so he will have Blücher and a lot of points when the real fighting starts. Austria and Russia see an opportunity to make lots of points from this and an easy war with Turkey.
I offer that Prussia and Austria each can grab a minor country (Hanover and Romagna) in march-april, and the Conditional Peace will be given in may.

Prussia gets Mecklenburg and reparations, Austria get 1 corps on loan and Bavaria through lapse of war. Spain gets royal marriage. Nothing for Russia.

With that in place I have to look forward.

Naval war against England?
Having spent 0$ on the land war England will be buying ships like crazy. Turkey also overlooked the fact that the English blockding fleet off Genoa could sail out and sink a turkish fleet of 10 ships sailing a corps to Corfu, and then move first to be back in place before the french fleet could react. England uses this threat to make a quick over-the-table 18 months non-agression-pact with Turkey. Finally he has agreed with Russia that England stays away from Sweden and Russia stays away from Denmark.

So with regards to England, France is quickly running out of options:
1) I can make a naval coalition with Russia NOW and lay my hands on every ship available except the spanish and turkish, to start a naval war in may/june.
2) Wait for almost 2 years. By then England will have built 35-40 ships and it will be very difficult for me to get Russia on my side if I´ll be fighting Austria and Prussia on land at the same time.

I talk Russia into supporting an attack on England now. Spain will make sure Turkey stays out of a naval war. He will also declare war on Denmark while still at war with me, making sure I get control. Finally we will make an alliance after Peace in may, and he will cede Portugal to me.
With all those Things Falling into place we could muster over 140 ships by june against Englands 100.

England sees these things falling into place and starts to talk of a negotiated Peace.
In short he offers a Peace that will allow all parties including England to focus on future land wars.
He is not the sort of player, who will sit on his Island and manipulate himself to Victory, so I don´t really feel a need to crush him.
And when France has Peace with England, the french economy really soars and I can hold out for a while even if Paris falls.

We make a deal:
Nelson gets to sink the 1 french ship off Amsterdam and the Dutch Fleet off Genoa. The he will capture Holland and I will retake it as a minor country rather than a Free State. England will also take Denmark with the fleet intact.
Finally England will give an unconditional Peace to France (reparations + 20 ships removed) and Russia (marriage).
The Peace will be made in august when conquests and reconquests are done.

A strange deal. I think England is the big Winner here, because he will be almost untouchable in a couple of years. Russia wins a lot of points and the ability to act freely in the next big war.
But we have also set the stage for an even and straightforward second coalition war with France in a good position to take on Austria, Prussia and Russia. Hopefully that will be an exciting experience for all, most of all our rookies.

Turkey goes berserk
While setting up my own surrender and a naval coalition against England, I also have to take care of my only ally, while improving my own position for the next war. I promise Turkey that he will receive 3$ for every dead Austrian regular, and Turkey springs into action before the Austrian army can be joined by the Bavarians and the french loan-corps.

Khan with 6 corps and some 70 men attacks Mack and the 2 insurrection corps at Peterwardein. Echelon vs defend. Turkish Victory in round 2, Mack is captured.

Charles (65) vs Khan (65) by Peterwardein. Outflank vs Cordon, but good Austrian dice Means both break in round 3.

Khan (60) vs Charles (45) by Eszek. Probe vs Counterattack, Austria wins in round 2.

Charles (60 including 19 french) vs Khan (50) by Peterwardein. Echelon vs Cordon. But Turkey no longer has cavalry superiority and rolls bad dice Again, while the Austrians use their Guard to get a win in round 3.

Khan is withdrawn to depot North of Sarajevo.
Meanwhile 4 corps of the russian army has turned South and caught the turkish reserve army unawares with a double move (first combining with the prussians and then moving first in the russian turn, destroying feudal inf and cav in the proces.

Turkeys lightning offensive has killed 35 Austrian inf, 2 gd (=37 regulars) and both insurrection corps, and 111$ are on their way from France (50 in march and the rest in june).

Meanwhile the french army has rushed to beat the Austrians to Baden and Wurttemburg, while Prussia has taken Hesse and the Austrian light infantry has taken Papacy.
Spain (Tunis, Morocco), England (Algeria, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Sardinia)and Turkey (Egypt) are dividing Africa.
They are all too busy or too weak to take Naples yet, and with the English cease fire and the blockade fleet away, France will declare war on Naples in june.

The turkish army is cut off from retreating to Constantinople, but I have suggested that Khan heads for Zara with his 4 remaining corps. After unloading troops in Naples, the french fleet will split into 4 and 3 of those fleets will sail the turks out of Zara together with the turkish fleet.
The defeated turkish reserve army has 18 feudal inf, 6 feudal cav and the understrength Cedid corps in the Constantínopel area, but the Austrian army is down to 1 Austrian, 1 Bavarian and 1 french inf corps - having lost 50 inf so far.

Those Austrian losses combined with a massive french income will help make the next war manageable for France - I have to win it.

Next session in mid-october.

A lot of rusty players and weird decisions. Overly cautious one moment, reckless the NeXT. Time will show who has really profited from these events and dealings.
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Chris Montgomery
United States
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Dear Geek: Please insert the wittiest comment you can think of in this text pop-up. Then times it by seven.
The Coat of Arms of Clan Montgomery - Scotland. Yes, that's a woman with the head of a savage in her hand, and an anchor. No clue what it means, but it's cool.
Every time I read an EiA session report, it seems to be a great game with a great story.

I kind of wish this one would be reprinted with today's production standards and a tightened up rulebook. And maybe every copy could come with four other players packed inside so that you can always find opponents.

Thanks for writing.
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Warren Bruhn
United States
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Why did Russia and Spain want to force Britain to surrender to France? That means that Britain will no longer be available as an ally to support Russia and Spain against France in the future. Forcing Britain out of the war with France is a big mistake. How will there be any balance left in the rest of the game?
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allan wielund
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Why force a British surrender?
Tradition, really.

I England is left alone for 2 years he is untouchable and May manipulate himself to victory, so he is usually attaches before 1807.

Spain has ambitions to keep England within reach for a coalition and, knowing my brother (spain), he World even like to Challenge for naval superiority for a france-spain axis.

Russia is aiming to win the game by scoring points anywhere/anyhow.

But england got out of a real war by paying 20 ships, 50 gold and a few points, so i doubt he will be attacked again before he's too strong. France will not put troops in England.

I don't Think there Will be held any grudges - spain cheated England and france to give a peace, but England and france cheated spain back by making a peace that still left England more or less in control of the seas.

I wanted to fight a real naval war, but once England offered a separate peace to russia (should have written that in the report), i knew i had to make a deal or get nothing.

Russia and austria Will try to get peace from turkey so he can't help france in the next war. It will be france vs russia, austria and prussia with spain undecided and england most likely going after any ally of france.

But after that there Will be no fixed alliances
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allan wielund
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Sorry about the spelling etc above. This stupid iPad keeps second-guessing everything i write, and there are many slips
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