Jeff Baker
United States
South Carolina
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Basic Premise of the Game

2-6 players are racing to the finish line. They can try slowing their opponents down with special abilities, attacks, etc. But events along the racetrack will also hinder the racers as well.


Fantasy. Elves, dwarves, wizards, orcs, goblins, etc. Riding on horses, unicorns, raptors, etc.

Components (in theory)

- Racetrack sheet (where players will collectively place a token for their racer, advancing them as the race goes along to the finish line)
- Character cards (lists what racer the player is, with stats/abilities)
- Deck of event cards (things like obstacles, traps, things that can hinder or help the racers)
- Deck of 52 poker cards (used by players to boost attacks, succeed in avoiding obstacles, to defend against attacks, do abilities, etc.)

Gameplay (in theory)

-Players will place their racer token at the starting line of the Racetrack sheet.
-Players draw 5 poker cards.
-Players draw cards for initiative, highest card wins. If same number, then by suit (1st Aces, 2nd Diamonds, 3rd Clubs, 4th Hearts)
-Player 1 draws an Event card. It may effect just Player 1, or all players, or next initiative player. Resolve Event before movement.
-Movement- Move token on Racetrack sheet 3 spaces, unless Event hinders or helps.
-If Player 2 was NOT effected (positively or negatively) by Player 1's Event, then Player 2 draws an Event. Resolve then Move (but if Player 1 has moved, then Event does not effect him). Player 3, Event, Move, etc.
-Players may draw cards if their hand is less than 5.
-Players then draw for initiative.
-Resolve Events before movement.
-But this turn players may then start using abilities, attacks, etc.
-Abilities may require a card drawn to be of the same suit, higher/lower number, etc. to be used. Face cards will have a stronger effect.
-Defending against attacks, player will use cards from hand of higher number to defend against (or maybe of the same suit?)
-Obstacles, traps, may require to be avoided. Players racer will have a stat for riding skill, which they augment by a card to boost to avoid an obstacle event.

Very rough concept I know. Please let me know opinions or feeback.
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