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Subject: SotM Campaign 1: Episode 4 rss

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John Curtis
United States
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NOTE: This is the fourth episode in my SotM campaign using the rules posted in the variants forum ( Maybe we are getting better at playing this game...

Campaign: Voss vs. the World
MasterMind: Grand Warlord Voss
Villain Pool: Abuscade, The Chairman, Grand Warlord Voss, La Capitan, Omnitron (Exterminator), Spite
Hero Pool: Absolute Zero, Chrono-Ranger, Expatriette, Haka, Mr. Fixer, Nightmist, Tachyon, Unity, Wraith

Episode 4: Ambush in the Sands (1 VP value)
Environment: The Tomb of Anubis
Villain: Ambuscade (starts with Personal Cloaking Device and Automated Turret)
Hero Team: Chrono-Ranger, Mr. Fixer, Haka

The heroes arrive in the middle of the desert on the trail on that elusive Frenchmen, Ambuscade. From out of nowhere, the assassin strikes at Chrono-Ranger. A turret cannon pops up from the ground, blasting at Haka while the Frenchman's custom-made hand cannon also takes a chunk out of Haka. Chrono-Ranger puts on his hat and takes a random shot, damaging the cloaking device. Mr. Fixer pulls out two crowbars. With one, he pounds on the turret and the other swings blindly at Ambuscade (damaging the cloaking device). Haka pounds his elbow into the muzzle flash of the hand-cannon, he then crushes it to pieces. Then everyone notices the Idol of Anput perched on the doorway to the tomb.

Ambuscade's footsteps can be seen in the sands as another turret pops up. The Frenchman sets an explosive and scurries away. From thin air, Ambuscade strikes at Chrono-Ranger again. One turret blasts at Haka while the other shoots at Mr. Fixer. Over Chrono-Ranger's report screen a notice appears saying there is an extra bounty if Ambuscade's cloaking device can be destroyed. Jim pulls out Danny Boy and shots a gout of flame where Ambuscade used to be (damaging the cloaking device further). Mr. Fixer drops into a short meditative state, recalling the katas needed for the Driving Mantis style. He strikes into thin air, damaging the cloaking device further and in an smooth motion, also strikes one of the turrets. Haka feels a surge of vitality then crushes the now flickering cloaking device (destroying it). As the device is smashed, reality flickers for a moment, then the first turret ceases to exist (Jim cashes in his first bounty of the day). A stone on the tomb glows for a second flashing a warning (in ancient Aramaic) that Anubis will judge everyone. There is a blast of light that knocks everyone to the ground (except Mr. Fixer, who redirects the blast towards Ambuscade). The Idol of Anput is flung into the air and lands at the feet of Chrono-Ranger. Anubis is now standing at the entrance to the Tomb. With a wave of his hands, the sands swirl around everyone, sucking them into the heart of the tomb.

Ambuscade does some quick repairs on his cloaking device, getting it running again. He strikes Chrono-Ranger another time as the remaining turret takes another shot at Haka. Chrono-Ranger gets another bounty alert: Ambuscade is the Ultimate Target!. As the cloaking device becomes active again, so does the bounty on the cloaking device. He takes a couple of pot shots at the turret as it spins to shot again. Then he pulls out Danny Boy again and blasts at the shadowy form of Anubis as well as at the Ambuscade (damaging the cloaking device again). Mr. Fixer sets his tool box on the ground, then does a spinning series of moves, striking both Anubis and the cloaked form of Ambuscade (damaging the cloaking device). Haka slams his body in the flickering form that might be Ambuscade (damaging the cloaking device further). From the shadows the mummified form of Urshe steps forward triggering a Swarm of Scarabs and the Challenge of Fire. The room momentarily fills with fire. Mr. Fixer grabs the flickering form of Ambuscade, destroying the cloaking device (again). The remaining turret flickers out of existence as the bounty is claimed. Anubis raises his hand and a black bolt shots from it to Mr. Fixer. Mr. Fixer, nimbly steps to the side revealing a polished metal plate that reflects the bolt back on Anubis.

With his cloaking device gone, Ambuscade straps on his Reactive Plating. The Chrono-Ranger uses Danny Boy to blast at the Swarm of Scarabs. Mr. Fixer strikes at the swarm and at Ambuscade. Ambuscade armor tries to strike at Mr. Fixer, but he jams Ambuscade's hand in the way, redirecting the damage to him instead. Haka flings a giant stone at the swarm, trying to crush it. Mr. Fixer and Haka together figure out the right combination of stones to push to turn off the columns that spit fire. Anubis hisses and a big section of floor turns liquid and a gate to the underworld spins into existance. Urshe utters some words and a spike trap opens up in the wall while the mummified remains of Shamise shamble forward. Shamise smashes Chrono-Ranger against the wall.

The Frenchman pulls out a copy of his custom-made hand-cannon again. He does a spinning kick in the direction of Mr. Fixer, who redirects the Frenchman into the swarm. The cannon goes off, dispersing the swarm. Chrono-Ranger gets another alert. There is now a bounty on the reactive plating! He uses Danny Boy to blast the plating and Anubis. Mr. Fixer charges Ambuscade (damaging the plating as well as Ambuscade). The plating tries again to strike Mr. Fixer, but he now knows how to redirect that strike back on the Frenchman. Haka chants up the ancient chant of Savage Mana, then punches the hand cannon. The gate to the netherworld shrinks, then disappears with a shaking of the walls. The rod from Anubis's hand rolls across the floor and ends up at Haka's feet. Ambuscade stumbles into the spikes, finally peeling off the last of the reactive plating. As it falls, there is a crackling as the hand cannon ceases to exist (the bounty is claimed). Anubis flings another black bolt at Mr. Fixer, who deftly grabs Ambuscade arm to put him in the path of the bolt. The mummified Akana steps from a niche. Urshe utters the command and the seven swinging blades begin crossing slowly across the room. Shamise flings an orb of darkness at Mr. Fixer, who again puts Ambuscade in the path of the projectile.

Ambuscade is reeling from the beating his taken. He attempts to reverse the hold Mr. Fixer has on him, but ends up flinging himself to the floor. Chrono-Ranger takes his shot at Ambuscade (more bounties are popping up on his screen). Mr. Fixer uses Ambuscade's fist to punch Urshe (damaging them both). Haka gives out a great roar and rampages around the room... everyone takes cover. When the great hero is finished, Ambuscade is impaled on the spiked wall.

RESULT: The heroes give a nod to the dark form of Anubis, thanking him for his assistance in stopping the Frenchman. Whatever plans the Grand Warlord had for the tomb have been foiled for now.

Campaign Status: Grand Warlord Voss is winning (3 VPs)
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