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Ah trouble in Sandpoint is where its at, a few observations of good points and bad points

this is not a lovely crafted theater of the mind post,but a mind splurge download :-).

Disclaimer not played all adventure yet 2 left , but this adventure had a nice feel, a nice difficulty about the locations and enemies, I hope the more adventures to come are more like this! 2 more adventures left in the box

The previous 5ish adventures seemed a bit arbitrarily easy with no real gain on the deck build aspect, though my characters have achieved a few magic +1 weapons and a few better spells, I don’t feel playing the basic deck or this adventure 1st would have changed things much challenge wise,

and I have doubts about replaying the 1st few adventures again to related to say an MMORPG I’ll skip the tutorial please. (I probably will try the new character on the 1st adventures but past that I feel it’s a bit tutorial-ish and just start with burnt offerings or even just start here, tick the previous adventures as complete)

Any way a bit about this session :- I Played 4 characters solo

Ez the Wizard
Mer the Thief
Val the Warrior
Ky the Cleric
In that order,

Best bits

locations with more theme or stuff or a bit of fear, bit of fear being the main draw factor!

By bit of fear I mean things like say more monsters then normal as some locations, blessing fear damage if you draw a blessing, not acquiring fear damage if you fail a check, dangerous summon a X to close conditions, a nice mix, not really had choice like this on previous adventures.

30 turns is good, I like the last few turns say 10 or less when trying to close all seems like a bad option, now you need a tactic you need to get the best characters to a good location, E.g Thief at the summon the trap location, Valious at the summon a combat spawn location, the Wizard at the Villain location to defeat with arcane, your hit points are low-ish so your hope your multi check plan combo completes with out a hitch.
Some fear is taken away as you can get into position without the fear of exploring and have you a breather for the cleric to heal, (at risk of losing more time if you should fail),

I think I’m ok with that no explore aspect but I do expect some locations to maybe toy and jazz that up a bit in the future.

On this session I was in a good position as I knew where the villain was due to it 1st fleeing early on after a defeat by the cleric and then found it soon after when trying to closing the location after defeating henchman.( I hope I wasn’t meant to encounter it after finding he was left in the location deck?)

I liked that the villain was beefier as it summon an henchman before you encountered it, and the villain had options for a magic or a combat fight. And the henchmen has a pre-check to make it possibly harder too, all good.

I am also loving the ranged weapons, I’ve made a few checks where that extra little bit 1d4 really counted and really felt like a team effort.

“Ky the cleric entered the cave mouth and monstrosity loomed ahead, the fighter hefted his crossbow and loosed a shot as Mer the thief said a little blessing the god to get through this, Ky the cleric knew her allies where behind on this and hefted her mace and waded in the battle embolden by the confidence of her colleagues”

So the final turn (not the last blessing turn) my wizard was in place to reveal the Villain and a the cleric as back up for the summoned spawn monster, my fighter and thief in position for a Strength fight and for a dexterity check summon to temporarily close the location, it was a good plan put into place and felt good on gaming terms. We all rolled or I rolled all the checks and passed them all, some by the skin of the teeth due to a gained +1 or +2 recently..

Though I still miss the interplay of a monster left on the table and the trouble it causes on the board after a miss for instance in say a game like Ravenloft or gears of war, or a villain power I wasn’t able to disable in in sentinels, this felt like a good game a good and pleasant experience that felt adventurish

All in all It felt like a good fluid game with a bit of fear of defeat possible which is what a good DM should to achieve each game in say a real RPG session, the last few turns with each characters hit points as low as 2-5 per character I knew I couldn’t waste the turns willy-nilly,

I’m a little bit sad I still won it 1st time, but I also feel it was a good won victory,

This adventure I feel I hope has some replay ability to it , mostly due the good locations and there varied mixes.

Some Cons:

I’m not really feeling allies and Items, items more so, I found the cool “crown of charisma” an auto win on a charisma checks but as it’s so specific I felt no need to win it as the need to have it hand and draw a specific charisma challenge seemed remote, and often potions and the like are easily chosen to be discard for better powers and effects or damage, the barriers that draw items or spell I feel meh about, espially if I know I’ve got some of the best spells already there kinda meh miss a turns draws i don't care about,

another con i think i want a bit more of the story and flavor, but i don't want to buy the rpg books per say, (e.g like the sentinels web download, the flavor text the heros have for the villains )

the counter argument is playing this game will give spoilers to the RPG players..

meh.. end brain download.
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