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Subject: Pixel Tactics 1 and 2 Review (It's great) rss

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Mike Bennett
United States
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Hi there! Phil Buni, the puppet that plays board games with another review!
This time its a shockingly good card game that seems to have a great future.

On it's own Pixel Tactics is perfect anyway. Whichever set you buy you get 2 decks of 25 unique cards. They are both the same, meaning you get 2 of each hero.

The mechanic that makes Pixel Tactics so good is that every card can be used for five distinctly different, but theme fitting, abilities.

At the start of each match both player draws 5 and turns their cards upside down revealing the Leader ability every single card has. Like MtG the goal is to defeat the enemy leader (planeswalker in MtG) by doing damage to them. Leaders have from 13 to 32 defense (life points if you will) so unlike MtG the enemy is not a fixed starting number. The Leader also has a unique ability that will effect the entire match.

The game is suggested to be played 3 out of 5. If you win or loose your leader it removed from the game and the decks are collected and reshuffled. These are now trophies (in the event of a tie each player gets their own trophy or each other's) if you have less trophies you get to start the next round with more cards, based on how many trophies your enemy has.

It has loads of character and has replaced Magic the Gathering for me.

And I am a long time Magic the Gathering player. I played Casual Legacy MtG and I played it hard.

I started way back in Saga and ended a few years ago. I've been unloading my cards to fill up my board game collection. I won't lie, as much as I love super Dungeon Explore (I'm pretty active over on that BGG forum and soon to be active over here...) but it does NOT replace Magic for me.

This does. This game is everything I've wanted in a deck building card game since Magi Nation (You guys catching this subtle american anime art attraction? My shrink thinks that-). See, my personal favorite mechanic of Magic has always been Legend. From Crovax to Radiant to Rayne and Karrin Legends gave MtG a ton of character.

I love building decks with a lot of character and Magic did a good job with that. Planeswalkers expand this a lot, but Pixel Tactics manages to get all the legitimate character that planeswalkers fail to do, at least for me.

EVERY game is different. You get attached to your inventor who is cranking out free Orders while you're enemy is kicking himself that he made that same card his Leader, or spent him as an order just to get back a Sniper.

Magic the Gather is too much now. Getting into the game is a huge investment. Old cards go missing and their prices spike wildly, while BRAND NEW CARDS can sell for hundreds (the comic book industry drools at this sort of false value).

Pixel Tactics has 50 unique playable cards and 7 wacky promos. They offer a PnP so one can easily print out a play set of 4, because lvl99 has said they want to make a deck building 60 card minimum 4 unique card maximum using this system. Done, you can decide if it's worth you're further investment of $60 dollars for the first two play set of 25 heroes (Assuming you use sleeves to hide the blue cards vs the red cards) is nothing compared to buying a complete play set of any given tradable or living card game.

I'm saying this is cheap and I want to join tournaments and talk shop about this game now. Please spread the word, this is the best game that WILL be a hit! This will get crazy!

More proof?

Mini sets. I love Super Dungeon Explore because, like all miniature games you decide you're level of commitment and they offer three different set sizes. Pixel Tactics have said they will be releasing sets of 25 heroes twice a year with up to 3 (or more?) mini sets of 8 (One is themed around 7 princesses and their butler, it sounds amazing). They have another set announced besides that!

During an interview the creators said, "I mean yea we've got the third set done. It's all set, we're just waiting to release it."

That's good news! It means these guys are excited about this game and taking it seriously.

They have a 4 player variant that seems like it might play like Magic's 2 Headed Giant (my favorite play style) but I dunno if that's true yet or not.

As I write this the print version is not readily available. For some reason everyone bought it and kept it, weird.

I'm in it for the long haul with this game. It's fast it's fun it has a lot of character and loads of replay ability. It's cheap to get totally invested compared to a lot of other games like this.

Anyway, I'd get the PnP version and print out enough to have four of each hero. Just do it and start playing. It's only going to get better!
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Chris Bailey
United States
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I just read last week that a Block Lotus sold on eBay for $27,000
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