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Subject: My War Game Light Variant rss

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william nothdruft

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in this variant i don't use captains or crew, just ships and weapon and tech upgrades. this focuses more on energy management and out witting your opponent. points are used as normal to purchase ship and equipment.

firstly, each player secretly chooses orders for his ships. all orders are revealed at the same time. in descending order from highest to lowest, representing ship which have put more energy into their engines, (in case of a tie use the fed/kling/rom/ etc. order) each ship makes it's move after the move place a small D6 with the number of the move behind the ship, this will come into play later. based on the color of the move the play may do the following:

green move(ample energy): play an action off of his ships action bar, plus one of the following actions: re-arm a secondary weapons or repair one shield.

white move(normal operation energy levels): either play an action off of the ships action bar, or, re-arm a secondary weapon.

red move(power levels strained): as per the rules aux power token, no actions.

combat phase: starting with the ships with the lowest number (again settling ties with the fed/ kling/ rom etc. order) each ship may attack. this represents ships which did not put extra energy into movement powering up their weapons faster. proceed to go from the lowest to the highest and resolve all attacks.

end phase as per the rules.

now players have to decide when to do green/white/red moves. greens are nice but if you can't get your ship out of your enemy's fire arc that one shield won't mean much. white moves allow for better re-positioning but limits your options, and, red are called emergency moves for a reason.

we did one play test so far and it seems to work ok so far. a battle between the enterprise d and the valdore. it was a close fought battle with well timed secondary weapons wrecking havoc( romulan plasma torps were keeping the feds shields down), and, deciding the final outcome, a long range photon volley from the enterprise.
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