Steve Fraser
United States
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After driving the goblins out of Sandpoint, Lini follows the retreating goblins. It soon becomes apparent that they are heading to Thistletop.

Lini Deck: Masterwork Tools, Amulet of mighty Fists, Snake*2, Tiger, Blessing of Gods*2, Gorum, Lamashtu, Cure*3, Inflict*2, Aid.

Lini has +2 wisdom and +1 animal power from previous adventures.

Lini learns that a cave provides an entrance into the Goblin Fortess. Better to sneak in the backway that doing a frontal assult, so Lini enters the Cave.

Turn 1, gods: Lini enters the cave and waits for a few moments for her eye to adjust to the darkness and thinks a moment of her underground home. As her eyes adjust she sees the scene of a fright full battle. Bits of Goblins, Humans lay scattered in mangled form. Lini searches amongst them for clues as to what might have occurred. Amongst the ruin she finds a potion of holy water.

Turn 2, gods: Then she spots a wooden shield which seem serviceable.

Turn 3, gods: and a set of thieves’ tools that might come in handy.

Turn 4, Desna: Suddenly one of the figures rises up, then makes a shrieking charge. Caught unprepared Lini cast an inflict, then must retreat away from this madman.

Turn 5, Shelyn: Stumbling away Lini spots a sneak waiting in ambush. She casts an aid spell and sends her tiger to attack driving the sneak off.

Turn 6, Gods: The Sneak droped a starknife that but Lini fails to notice it.

Turn 7, Gods: although she cannot miss the Glaive but decides it is too unwieldy to take.

Turn 8, Gods: and she finds a set of magical chain mail. With the blessing of the gods she proceeds onward. The end of the cave must be coming soon. Another manic rushes at here, This time she transforms and with the blessing of Lamashtu prevails.

Turn 9, Shelyn: Lini Cures herself then pauses to rest.

Turn 10, Gods: Once more Lini cures herself then pauses to rest.

Turn 11, Gods: The end of the cave is very close now. A Goblin Raider seem to have taken up residency in this side of the cave. These raiders seem much more organized that usual ( +4 due to Scenario Mod) Transforming, calling on the gods and casting aid Lini powers up to defeat them.
Turn 12, Sarenrae: Lini Cures, Then finds Tangletooth blocking the exit to the caves. Its tiger vs cougar with the cougar scampering away in defeat. Finally Lini emerges from the caves beyond the gates of a Fortress occupied by Goblins.

Turn 13, Pharasma: She ducks into a building that turns out to be a locksmiths and finds a set of Thieves’ Tools. Continuing on she meets Aldern FoxGlove who provides Lini a Mace before he heads back to Sandpoint.

Turn 14, Lamashtu: Gormurt is here! 2 fire damage is send Lini’s way. Then Lini transforms and attacks with the mace to drive off Tangletooth. Then Lini casts Aid and expends the mace to and managers to send Gogmurt running. Both close combats barely won. Gormurt runs into the woods.

Turn 15, Iomedae: Lini remains at the Fortress looking around finding a Shock Longbow +1, which is far too large to use.

Turn 16, Calistria: Cure, then Lini detects Explosive Runes, which she defeats with the Masterworks tools.

Turn 17, Sarenrae: An Ogre, Inflict, Aid, Gods and Tiger defeats it.

Turn 18, Erastil: 2 Cures, then rest this turn.

Turn 19, Desna: Cure, then rest this turn.

Turn 20, Gods: Zombie is inflicted to death again.

Turn 21, Erastil: Zombie Giant, Inflict + Lamashtu + Tiger + animal defeats it.

Turn 22, Gods: Need to reset this turn.

Turn 23, Erastil: 2 cures are used and rest.

Turn 24, Gods: Find a holy Candle and use it immediately, but not much good comes from it ( rolled 1 )

Turn 25, Shelyn: Find a Shortbow.

Turn 26, Torag: Find a potion of Glibness.

Turn 27, Gods: Bruthazmus, First encounter use inflict which seems to stun him, then Use Gods, Mace, Transform and Snake to finish him off.

Turn 28, Irori: With Bruthazmus defeated, Gormurt is not far behind. Hand is Gorum, Short sword, Mace, Thieves tools and Cure. Discard to Gorum and Mace.

Turn 29, Gods: With Gorum, Holy Water, Mace, Aid and Lamashto in hand there is no reason not to confront Gormurt. Gormurt does 5 damage which clears out my hand. Well it is down to the last draw.

Turn 30, Sarenrae. Gormurt again does 2 fire damage, leaving me with Might fists, Gods and Snake. 4d4+1 then d10+d4+1 does not seem mathematically possible to beat 10+d4 the 12+d4 but it is all I got. First Roll Amazingly is exactly a 12 against a 12. Past the first check. So now it is a d10+4+1 vs 12+d4. Gormurt rolls a 1 for a total of 13. I roll the d4 first and get a 3, still in the hunt, now I must roll a 9 or 10 to win. But only roll a 5. So that is it. Almost but not quite enough to finish off Gormurt. What a tough opponent for Lini!

With that time runs out. +1 turns from candle - 1 for loosing to cultist. Right down to the wire with just not enough hand depth to pull it off. Next time through I will need to hope for armor I can discard to avoid fire damage and go faster.

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M Edwards
United States
New Jersey
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Nice report. Gogmurt can be quite a challenge playing solo, especially if you encounter him in the Goblin Fortress. I think I had more retries on this scenario than any other when playing all the characters through solo.
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