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Subject: Alföld pocket rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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Fall 39. The political chit was why die for Danzig. Germany has regained a land link to East Prussia and everyone is at peace. Poland received Slovakia in return, making her client. Britain suspended trade through the med, held onto South Africa and bribed Stalin to join the war straight away.

Germany declared on the Netherlands and Britain.
France countered on Germany. Germany declared on Poland and Hungary, allied with Italy and finally declared on Yugoslavia.Russia declared on Hungary, Romania,
Italy and Germany which forced Britain and France to declare on Italy too.

Mussolini gave 10 BRP to Hitler and America lent 20 to France. Britain bribed the USSR with 20. I didn’t want to risk her allying with Germany in the winter political chit. I needn’t have worried because James planned to conquer Russia whilst holding in the West.

Med. Italy started with no TAC over the central med
so Britain landed in the toe of Italy and SRd 2 extra TAC to Tunis from Alexandria. The Italians passed their surrender roll (2 or less on 2D6) and rebased 4 TAC from sea control in the western med to Messina which may isolate the beachhead in winter.

West. 1 French armoured corps switched to the Alps and helped destroy an Italian TAC but I didn’t attack out of the Maginot line for fear of counterattack. The only 3 panzers in the west sufficed to clear the dutch border but were stopped cold before Rotterdam and the Hague by British reinforcements. I’d moved garrisons to Rotterdam and lost 1 but infantry would have been better when I wanted to attack later on. Carriers raided the German fleet in Kiel.

East. All 10 BRP from the Swedish iron ore route went to the bottom of the Baltic. Soviet subs rebased to Glasgow afterwards.
7 panzers and 15 TAC struck at Poland, easily clearing the outer ring of defenders but failing by 1 hit to clear Warsaw. James could have made it easier with a paratroop to negate the Vistula. The counterattack cost Poland 3of her 4 remaining corps. 2 panzers assaulted Budapest which fell in exploitation. Hungary surrendered and was looted for 8 BRP. Romania set up in and adjacent to Bucharest bolstered by the Danube and Ploesti. Russia was very unlucky in regular attack to only clear 1 of 3 frontline hexes. In exploitation all 6 tank corps bounced off Bucharest though they caused heavy losses, bad dice again. Italy mounted a feeble drive to Belgrade which couldn’t even breach the outer ring south of the Danube.

Winter 39. The political chit was Mussolini is always right which forced the axis to declare on Greece. Finland and Sweden declared on the USSR. The weather was moderately cold. America sent BRP to the western allies.

East. Germany could only afford 1 offensive and chose to finish off Poland and was down to -9 BRP after Britain raided the iron ore route in the Norwegian Sea. Poland rebuilt her TAC, cavalry and an infantry but Warsaw was closely surrounded. Germany took it in regular combat and exploited southwards. Polish uhlans rode down a reduced infantry before their nation capitulated.

Romania suffered a similar fate, though she rebuilt infantry in Bucharest, it fell to the Russians in regular combat and they exploited westward but failed to score the single hit needed to make 39th Panzer retreat behind the Danube. In fact the Russians have advanced into a salient and left a gap on their northern flank at Lvov. In hindsight it would have been better to keep South HQ (under 10th army) further back and fill hex 2515. Greece sent 2 corps to Yugoslavia’s aid. Yugoslavia swept up the eastern shore of Lake Balaton and tried to assault Budapest. They required only one hit to force 14th Panzer to retreat which would isolate 39th Panzer but both the Yugoslavs were wiped out for no loss.

Leningrad’s fortifications repelled the Finns.

West. France switched the attack to the black forest, bounced the Rhine and exploited into Stuttgart. It’s like taking candy from a baby when your opponent is out of BRP and can’t counterattack. British 8th and 13th armoured and advanced from The Hague bundling aside 2 panzers with strong air support. I landed an infantry in Rotterdam and sent a 2nd carrier strike into Kiel. Germany had no money for repairs so he eliminated a reduced panzer to make it available for rebuilding.

Med. French ships took light losses contesting the western med. I was trying to draw ItalianTAC away from the central med to preserve supply to the landing but I needn’t have bothered as I already knew that Italy hadn’t bought any offensives. Italy, Britain and Greece contested the central med, sadly the allied pilots seemed to be cursed. 10th Indian hopped over the straits at Messina to Syracuse leaving the beachhead empty but Italy couldn’t react. Western desert Force was fortunate to slip past unnoticed by the Italian TAC on sea control. It re-occupied the beachhead. 5th infantry landed on Rhodes for diplomatic currency. Italy passed her surrender roll (3 or less on 2D6).

Spring 40. No mud or political event. Germany is up to 186 BRP, Italy down to 75, France and Britain unchanged at 85 and 123 respectively and the Soviet Union up to 140. Britain ran trade convoys through the med. Spain joined the axis and America sent more funds to Britain and France.

Med. Britain and Italy contested the western and central med. I lost 2 carriers and the Greek TAC whilst inflicting no hits. The allies raided Spain and Italy in the med whilst Italy raided Russia in the Black Sea. 5th infantry attempted to sneak into the western med but all the transports were sunk. It would have been better to rebuild the landing craft in Plymouth and land north of Wilhelmshaven. 10th Indian completed the conquest of Sicily and western desert force destroyed an Italian infantry. Italy passed her surrender roll (5 or less on 2D6). Next turn I can probably SR enough troops into mainland Italy to increase that to 7 or less.

East. Sweden controlled the Baltic but barely scratched massed allied raiders including Dutch subs. Russia extended her line from the Pripet marshes to Lithuania by railing up weak infantry and garrisons. It wouldn’t have stopped a German attack but it was ignored anyway.
Germany attacked into the Alfold (great Hungarian plain) in the most dramatic battle of the game. Army Group North moved first. It attacked 5th guard army and exploited the line from Bratislava to Transylvania destroying many weak units plus South Front HQ and isolating. 8th army in the Carpathians was now isolated and finished off by regular combat. South Front was the next chit pulled and had tempting targets in the form of 2 panzers in an exposed salient but the Soviets were paralysed because the HQ had just been overrun. Army Group South picked up a 3rd panzer rebuilt from the West and attacked on both flanks of 13th mechanised corps. 13th mech was kettled. The infantry with it died in exploitation though the 13th itself escaped without a scratch.

Russia finally got to move with an attrition chit but she couldn’t envelop anything as that only allows 1 hex to be attacked and no exploitation. He pulled the 13th back and attacked anyway causing a few more losses. Then he removed all 6 tank corps and 10 TAC as their supply line was jeopardised. They will be expensive to rebuild and it effectively surrenders Romania and leaves Yugoslavia in the lurch but it’s better than losing them out of supply and never to return and Russia still has oodles of BRP. Maybe he could have rebuilt his infantry losses and railed them up to hold the line or maybe that would have just caused an even bigger pocket. Jon was a bit shocked and possibly even demoralised by witnessing an apparently good position ripped apart. Double envelopments with whole armies kettled are the very essence of war on the eastern front. To me it’s even better than amphibious assaults and sea control battles.

West. Carriers and heavy bombers sank the last German battleship. The carriers split up to allow losses from the western med to be rebuilt quickly. The Netherlands was gradually cleared of Germans but they crept back in as I didn’t have enough force to extend my line. I wish I’d shipped in 30th armoured and eliminated the garrison in Rotterdam. Infantry railed into Strasbourg which had been emptied by my advance last winter. The French armour was pushed out of Stuttgart but promptly retook it and destroyed 3 infantry corps. 2 panzers and 10 infantry can’t hold 6 armoured corps, 10 infantry and 20 TAC for long and the cracks are beginning to show.

French infantry struck out of the Alps destroying a weak Italian infantry though failing to gain any ground. Neither side has much strength in the Pyrenees but both probed across the frontier and Barcelona fell to the French.

We stopped at 4am but I think it’s a good game to carry on because it still looks quite balanced. Russia has suffered a heavy defeat and lost a lot of territory however Italy could surrender any time, the Rhine is crossed and the axis are poor*.

Thanks to James (Germany and Italy) and especially my ally Jon (Russia) for an interesting game.

*Italy has 46 BRP for the rest of the year, Germany 62, France 100, UK 101 and Russia all of 162.

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