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Subject: Playing through my Victory Point Games titles rss

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Paul Dodds
United Kingdom
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"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."
I was playing the base game with expansion Adventure cards and no optional rules

Captain Nemo began his adventures determined to free all subjugated peoples from the yoke of the Imperial Powers. Realising that he would need money to help sow the seeds of revolution Nemo began his adventures scouring the seas for treasures. He had heard stories of a fabulous Arcane Library that would help reveal the location of priceless treasures and decided that he must have this Library brought to the Nautilus. To that end the Nautilus captured ships in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic for their salvage value. This did come at some cost as Professor Aronnax was found to be missing after a particularly tough battle with an Ironclad, and another fierce fight with a Frigate left Nemo questioning the wisdom of his chosen path. Nevertheless, with salvage from the captured ships Nemo was able to finance the construction of the Arcane Library aboard the Nautilus!

The Arcane Library greatly assisted Nemo in locating treasures, but he seemed unable to use them wisely to fund his attempts to stir up revolution amongst the subjugated peoples of the world. Despite his previous concerns he remained steadfast in his cause. The Nautilus was starting to show signs of wear from the searching of the deep seas for treasures and Nemo was forced to spend a couple of weeks repairing the hull of his vessel. On completing his repairs Nemo heard rumours of a rich treasure fleet that had been shipwrecked somewhere in the Indian Ocean, so he quickly set sail in the hope of finding the fleet and using its riches to help his cause. His hopes were well fulfilled after locating the shipwrecked fleet, and stories of the great risks he was taking to assist the subjugated people stirred up much unrest among them.

Unfortunately Nemo was unable to capitalise on his successes in recovering the treasure fleet and his further attempts to incite rebellion proved to be increasingly ineffective. Perhaps he just wanted cut out to be a revolutionary hero? Despite his lack of success the Imperial Powers were starting to be alarmed by Nemo's campaign and increased their efforts to hunt him down. As more warships began to appear in the seas Nemo decided to start capturing vessels in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans in order finance the strengthening of the Nautilus' prow to make her more effective in combat. This he managed to achieve over the course of many weeks without significantly further antagonising the Imperial Powers.

This precaution ultimately proved unnecessary as Nemo was not to encounter another Imperial warship. The Imperial Powers organised a very effective anti-Nemo propaganda campaign amongst their subjects, and Nemo found his chosen goal harder and harder to achieve. While he achieved some success on the surface world he never really became a serious threat. Eventually a lack of will amongst those he was trying to help and increased Imperial pressure forced Nemo to abandon his campaign and he last seen sailing south towards Antarctica, never to be heard of again....

Final score:
3VP - sunk warships
6VP - sunk other ships
7VP - adventure
55VP - liberation
35VP - seas
40VP - Nemo, crew, Nautilus
-9VP - Professor missing
137VPs = Inconsequential Result

Analysis: I got extremely fortunate with the ships I encountered. In filling the North Atlantic track and salvaging for the Arcane Library and Strengthened Prow I only increased the Notoriety Track by 10, thus was able to avoid the nasty Blue warships appearing on the seas. Capturing/sinking these ships enabled me to remove just enough ships to stop the seas ever filling up, although an encounter with an Ironclad when in the North Atlantic with all the other seas full and only one empty sea box remaining in the North Atlantic forced me to use Professor Aronnax in order to sink it. I couldn't risk leaving it and having the last box filled the following turn and thus ending the game. As it transpired the 9VPs I lost from using him would not have any made any difference to the final score. I also got extremely lucky in that I didn't have many events - I rolled a stack of 3s and 4s when the marker was on the 7+ side - which meant that I could keep the three Nautilus tracks in good shape. Where I was unlucky was in my Incite rolls. No end of 2s kept on appearing! I managed to roll the maximum advance from the Treasure Fleet card (an increase of 4) which really helped, but ultimately my lack of decent rolls and a couple of doubles turning up towards the end of the game were enough to keep me from a Successful outcome. However, I can't just blame poor dice rolling! Using the ships I needed to remove to stop the seas from filling to purchase the Strengthened Prow proved to be unnecessary and would have earned me 18VPs if I had placed them on the Sunken Ship Track instead. Before attacking the ships my thinking was that Notoriety was very close to 14 and the Blue ships appearing, and that by clearing South Atlantic of ships I was bound to knock the Notoriety to 14. In the end I only increased Notoriety to 13 and the replacement ship rolls did not place any more ships in the South Atlantic before the end of the game so there was no danger of the seas filling. Still, it will prove useful in breaking the ice as Nemo disappears towards the South Pole!
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