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Subject: Campaign Mode - RE: RPG rss

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Travis Morton
United States
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[Daytrip Gaming]
Campaign Mode

Characters Selection:
-You can either use random or normal selection.

-Optional Setup:
Characters can start with their Mercenary load-outs (custom 10 card decks).
This will facilitate a quicker start and more rapid success.

-Alliance’s Partner Rules are eligible.

-The NPC (non-player) Partner follows the same rules as it does in Alliances.

-Players can partner and receive the same bonuses, but not ‘Attach’ weapons.
-It has been tested, but being able to attach to both physical players is degenerate. It makes it a matter of scoring a good weapon and just packing a deck with ammo.
-May want to ban attaching the Gatling Gun, it gets sickening.

Leveling Up:
-Merit accrual is the same as the base game.

-Merits stay on a character, even when updated with a newer version

-Merits are discarded when the character dies and cannot be passed to a partner.
This is mostly so Player to PLayer transfers of Decorations cannot happen.

NPC Partners share the same Decoration (Merit) as the Player controlling them.
If the Player's main Character dies, the Decorations can shift over to the NPC as they become the new Primary character.

Gaining Teammates:
-Optional: Recommended, and the rules are in the Alliances manual. There are no specific 'Partner' enabling cards, just cards that benefit/hinder those with partners

-You ‘encounter’ NPC characters shuffled into the mansion; they are flipped like Infected.

-When flipped they are eligible to join your team, upgrade/update your character, or be discarded.
-Rules can be adjusted to keep identities unique, so if another player has a character, their alternate self cannot be taken on by another player till that character dies.

-Only the active player can chose what to do with the NPC.

-If a NPC joins a player it will replace the existing teammate.
-The current NPC will be discarded
-Player partners just ‘disband’ and are no longer partnered.
-Optional: You may have the attached weapon be 'handed over' and attached to the new NPC, or they can start fresh and be assigned a weapon as per the normal Attach rules in Alliance's partner section

-If another version of either your Partner or your Character is flipped, it can simply be placed over top of the same character, retaining deck and levels; thus 'updating' their version.

-If a character is 'discovered' during an additional Explore action, the Infected need not be defeated for the character to join. However, if your character dies during the engagement, the NPC will not join unless you have a Partner. Strangers tend to not take on quests for dead fools.

-There are two versions: Standard and Scavenger
-The regular setup for each mansion is followed as outlines in their individual manuals

-->Scavenger (random):
-All of the Items, Actions, Weapons, and other purchase-ables are shuffled together.
-It could just be Actions are shuffled alone, weapons alone, etc.

-Each player ‘visiting’ the merchant flips a predetermined number of single slot cards (e.g. 8-10, or roll a d10); those are what are considered ‘in stock’.

-After each visit the unpurchased merchandise is either shuffled in or discarded to a merchant discard pile that will be shuffled once the merchant draw pile is depleted; that is a choice for the group.

-This is far harder to plan for and makes the campaign longer, but more ‘realistic’.

-->Trashing items can either be returned to the 'Merchant' Discard, or removed from game forever.

-Optional Scavenger:
-Shuffle some of the Actions, Weapons, Items, or whatever you choose into the mansion to be 'found'
-This, like XP, rewards Exploring.

Attacking players:
-This can either be followed by the normal rules, disallowed or require a special timing as determined by the group.

-Optional: see Outbreak manual for rules
-Because it would be possible for an Infected Primary Character to exist with a NPC non-Infected Parter, treat the Partner as a second Primary Character
-Each 'Character' would then take actions as if they were a separate entity. Meaning a Player would actually have two turns as it were, one for each Character to execute.
-Players cannot take on new Partners while they control a Zombie (Infected Player), once that threat is handled they can take on a new Partner.

-Optional: Skills can be drafted once at the beginning of the Campaign; at the start of each mansion; or when a new character is taken as the primary for a player.

-The rules, and Skill cards, are in the Mercenaries expansion.

-The XP system, skills, and things associated with a character would be discarded when that character dies or leaves (in the case of an NPC).

-Unlike normal Story play, when a player dies, they do not get resurrected with less health.

-If the player dies without a partner, they are eliminated.

-If a player dies with a NPC partner, they take over with that character as their primary.

-If a player dies with a Player partner, they wait until that partner takes on a NPC partner and then gives control of that to the other player.

-The game is essentially a chain of Story modes where the skill, decks, and levels of a player do not reset between Mansions.

-The Campaign can be played as a 'total campaign' game shuffled together or in phases (Expansion exclusive Mansions).

-If played individually, each scenario would have exclusive weapons, actions, etc. However, the cards in a player’s deck will carry over even if they are not in the expansion being played.

-Scenarios end when the ‘Boss’ is beaten.
-Optional: there can be a reward system for whomever beats the boss
1) Choice of weapon from outside the expansion
2) Extra buy phase, with or without extra gold
3) Chose a character from outside of the expansion to join your team (or upgrade)

-Once all Mansions have been beaten, the campaign ends.
-Winning can be determined on level of merit for each team.

-For ‘Total Campaign’, when the final boss is beaten the game ends

-The game can also end when there are no living players.

Sleeves and Implied Knowledge
-There are a few ways to keep the Mansion lively when the cards are sleeved.

1) Sleeve everything in the same (non-clear) sleeves, this is keeping things truly random and is more of an 'expert' mode.

2) Sleeve certain types of cards in different color sleeves.
-Example: Actions in Blue, Weapons in Black, Characters in Purple, etc.
-This subscribes to the knowing something is in a room, but the specifics are random.
-It could be as simple as Mansion cards are in one color, Characters in another, and the 'Merchandise' in a third color.

This makes the mansion's risk taking measured and might even encourage Co-Op or PK'ing (Player Kills by other Players)
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