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Seelah and Lem Harask

Seelah and Lem Solo session trying it 2

Mission one good nothing much to write about one good combat was Lem finding the bandit and pulling out all the stops to kill it only to then have to kill it again to close the water front which he lost and was badly beaten, it was fun,

Mission 2…

Pillbugs Poison traps, after a cracking start the duo take on the corrupt alchemist,

they start at the general store which is quick to explore, Lem his amulet of fortitude seemed magnetically drawn to a Magic half plate! Seelah was pleased! Seelah found a magic Remembrance trinket lem would like, the duo swap there gifts, and out of the blue a skeleton attacks even with sharp weapons its easily dispatched,

a battle seems of brew in the village as the sheriff runs over and says trouble at the gates! Seelah moving on with the help of her god seelah makes sure the store is closed and safe before going to city gates,

Lem leads the way to the gates scurrying around tipping over a few stalls scattering goods to no good effect,

at the gates Goblin warriors and dogs seem to be cause a distraction, Lem uses his force spell and uses it again with remembrance! To dispatch the groups!

Pillbug is seen at the gates and the hero’s give chase!

Seelah head down the path the town square and falls fowl of a trap! But shrug of the worse effects,

Lem heads to the village house, Pillbugs known abode, expecting only poison traps was a mistake, as he crept though the door, runes around frame flare and explode!

the Halfling is sent sky high and in several different directions!

So end the chronicles of Lem..

If only Seelah handnt trade the Magic plate! Seelah sought revenge!

Snakes escaped the village pet shop the mayor cried for Seelah to hurry and find Pillbug, Seelah ignores both and caught pillbug in the square alas with out her comrade she could not corner him! So the battle continued ask the villain slunk off to the village house!

Pillbug had learned casting from a scroll he made Lem rise and attack Seelah distracted by the Zombie pillbug ran, shuffling though the house Seelah ignored great magic items found and triggered another vile trap but though the trap bit her constitution was sound and fought the poison off, Lots of villagers came to her aid and kept her on the trail of Pillbug she had him cornered now,

and the villain was brought to justice

3 hp left, 7 turns left, Fun little game, I like the challenge of 2 solo it means you’re probably going to be missing a skill or a card type, also it’s a little easier to manage!

I choose these 2 characters for the story aspect a Knight and a scribe! and the fact they can both cure was a bonus, alas the story was not ment to be...

I decided to continue with Seelah and have Harask turn up,

Harsk was traveling to Sandpoint hearing rumours of the great deathbane crossbow a bow sought by any one skilled in the arts of ranged combat!

He knew was close and whispered a prayer that he should end this night with it….
Meanwhile at the temple Seelah consoling the death of her lost companion Lem,
the priest bring her a great artifact the Deathbane crossbow!

“Death you mention death to me now! This accursed item this weapon of skulks’ and thieves! She take the cross bow and brakes its its quiver its arrows & stave,

At that point Harsk walks in “Noooooooooooo…….”

Sheelah continues her rampage of destroying Items of worth elfish boots force wands! and Such arggh,

The rest of the game turns out rather quickly! A few turns on and Harask finds Blackfang filling the air with volleys of arrow so the dragon flies off, Seelah calms down after losing several good item that all required Dex to obtain, the other 2 locations seemed skeleton infested but the party are well prepared and cut them down, leaving the dragon the throne room,

its quite hard to hide a dragon in throne room and he’s quickly dispatched,

Even his acid is no match for these 2 hero’s fortitude.

Thoughts again different pace not much loot grabbed in this one and due to a found healing potion and cure it was healthy ending, and swift maybe 4 critters killed and encounter mostly henchmen for very quick closes, so the locations powers didnt become apparent.

What i liked:-
Quick set up time and fun to work though,
I didn’t track the stats on the 2nd game,
I had my 1st death this session which was anoyign i liked the combo of lem and sheela and was just thinking how good lemsswitch ability woudl have been!,

so my pervious write of as the perils quest as a easy tutorial might be a little premature!

But then playing with 2 is a bigger disadvantage as your probably going to be missing a major card group or skill type.

I like the scaling and the game flow and time.

I can see this being a good game to brake out quite often, to scratch that adventure type challenge really looking forward to more,

I like the Barriers they add a lot more peril but are quite rare in the current locations,

now to find which i like path finder micobadge i want..

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