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Subject: Game Gumshoes Presents: Stop 'N Go by Talicor rss

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Chris Game Gumshoes
United States
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Stop 'N' Go

MFG: Talicor
#of Players: 2 - 6
Age Range: 4+

Overall Construction: Stop 'n Go is very simple to describe because it is a card game. The cardstock isn't bad but untrained card shufflers run the risk of bending them as there are 120 of them to shuffle.
They come in a sturdy box, but you may want to put a rubber band around it when transporting the game as the cards have a tendency to slip out of the really cool plastic card tray that comes in it.

The rules are simple and come on a small sheet of paper folded in half like a booklet.

Gameplay: So the gameplay in this game can be fast and furious. It's fast because you only have to empty your hand of cards. As long as you don't get hit with too many special cards you should be able to empty your hand quickly as you only start with 15 cards.

The way you empty your hand is by playing them against the discard. First card played out after the shuffle is the discard. Then each player is dealt 15 cards, one at a time. When the cards are dealt out each player stacks their cards into a pile, then the youngest player says “Go”. At that players draw cards one by one. If the card you draw has a color match with the color or one of the colors on the card in the discard pile.

You can also play special cards. They are the “Zap” card. It looks like a lightning bolt & whomever plays it gets to deal out 2 cards to each opponent that go to the bottom of their deck. There are “Stop “n Go” cards. They make all of your opponent/s have to Stop discarding cards until you've discarded 3 cards. And the final one can be a lot of fun if your opponent has fewer cards in their hand than you. This card is the “Pass” card. If you play this card you get to choose which direction you get to pass your hand and where you're cards are passed from.

If at any point play should come to a Stop, the youngest player again must say “Go” again. When “Go” is called proceed to play as before. Just remember that there is no set turn order unless a Special card tells you to.
Ideally you will play until one player reaches 30 points. You will want to have as few points as possible at the end of the game. The way you acquire points is by having cards in your hand when someone goes out.

Yes/No Recommend: This can be a fast, quick, & energetic game that everyone can enjoy. Feel free to give it a try. If you want to work on Colors and/or recognition of similarities, then this game is very helpful.

Where To Get It: As this is a Talicor Game you should be able to be found at learning stores, but don't be afraid to check your local game and/or hobby shop. I have not seen a copy of this game in a Big Box retailer but that doesn't mean you won't find one there, but I do know you can find a copy at their website at .

Hope you enjoy.
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