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Subject: Dancing on Ruins - my fourth Solo Conquest rss

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Peter de Boer
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Me: Norowas, D: Goldyx

The first day was very short, I cycled through my whole deck in just four turns! In the first night I moved back and forth a few times between some Ruins and a Mage Tower, but still explored two new tiles. I found the first city on day 2, but spent half the day just moving to a Monastery. In night 2, I conquered the first city. I spent most of the third day assaulting the second city, but lacking the most powerful spells, I could just not succeed in conquering it by the end of the day. At the start of the last night, the freshed up units had no problem defeating the last enemy though.
Here is the detailed report!

S: white, red, green
Units: Herbalists, Guardian Golems, Utem Crossbowmen
AA: Ice Bolt, Ice Shield, Refreshing Walk
Spells: Whirlwind, Wings of Wind, Call To Arms
Hand: March (2), Stamina, Crystallize, Improvisation
Tactic: Great Start-5, D: Planning-4
Great Start: Determination, Noble Manners

Day 1.


D: 3 (13)

On the east side I see some weak Prowlers, which do not seem useful to me. They would just give 2 fame which is not enough for a quick level up. No, what I see in the west side is more interesting. Cursed Hags, which give 3 fame, and a village where I could recruit my first unit. The only problem is that the village lies in a swamp, so I need really many move points. The extra cards from Great Start are just enough though, and I spend all seven cards in my hand in this turn!

March + March + Stamina + Crystallize-sideways: move 7.
Move to village.
Noble Manners + white(S) + Improvisation + Determination: Influence 7.
Recruit Utem Crossbowmen.
Fame + 1 (1), Reputation +1 (0+).
S: gold, red, green.
Hand: Swiftness (2), Tranquility, Concentration, Threat.


D: 5 (8)

Now that I have used so many cards already, I try to be more efficient now. So I just challenge the Cursed Hags to combat, where I could also provoke them by moving one field forwards using a Swiftness card. But I want to keep the option open to use that card for another battle later.

Challenge Cursed Hags to combat.
Concentration + green(S) + Swiftness: Ranged Attack 5, defeat Cursed Hags.
Fame+3 (4), Reputation+1 (1-).
S: gold, blue, red.
Level up.
Skill: Inspiration (discard Day Sharpshooting, D: Green crystal craft)
AA: Ice Bolt (new: Mana Storm)
Hand: Swiftness, Tranquility, Threat, Ice Bolt, Mana Draw.


D: 5 (3)

I am just a few steps away from Ancient Ruins, with a keep enemy and a city enemy, but they seem too hard to take so early in the game. I take the opportunity to enter the Monster Den and gather some fame and crystals. I need both Ice Bolt and Swiftness for attack, but other move cards are lacking, so I plunder the village first, just to draw extra cards for moving.

Plunder village: draw Stamina, Rage
Reputation -1 (0+).
Stamina+Threat-sideways: move 3.
Move to Monster Den, and enter it.
A Minotaur shows up.
Swiftness + gold(S) + Utem Crossbowmen: Ranged Attack 5, defeat Minotaur.
Fame+4 (8).
S: black, red, blue.
Reward, roll 2 gold: get red and white crystal.
Level up: 3-5.
Hand: Tranquility, Ice Bolt, Rage (2), Mana Draw.


D: 3 (0)

Time to move forward, and the easiest way seems through the Plains in the north-east.

Tranquility + Mana Draw + Rage + Rage, all sideways: move 4.
Move to north-east, and explore map tile nr. 11.

This is nasty, my way forward is blocked by a lake and a mountain field, so I will have to move through the forest, which will be costly the next night. Should I have ignored the Monster Den last turn and just have moved forward?

Ice Bolt: get blue C.


D: E/R

In four turns, I have used all my cards, so I cannot do anything anymore.

Night 1.

S: white, red, gold
Units: Foresters, Utem Guardsmen, Peasants
AA: Blood Rage, Mana Storm, Ice Shield.
Spells: Flame Wall, Whirlwind, Wings of Wind.
Hand: Threat, Rage, Tranquility, March, Stamina.
Tactic: Mana Search-3, D: Long Night-2


D: 5 (12)

At least I have the move cards to pass through the forest. I have chosen the Mana Search Tactic just to have a chance to get blue or green mana for March or Stamina.

Reroll gold, red.
S: white, blue, black.
Stamina + blue + March + Threat-sideways: move 7.
Move to field with Ruins (3w for 7 fame), do not enter.
S: white, red, black
Hand: Rage, Tranquility, March, Swiftness, Determination.


D: 4 (8)

The Ruins are interesting, but I cannot get three white mana. With several block and attack cards I have a good chance to successfully assault the Mage Tower though and gain a spell card.

March: move 2.
Assault Mage Tower, Reputation -1 (0).
Illusionists shows up.
Illusionists summon Gargoyle.
Reroll black, red.
S. white, black, black.
Determination + blue C: Block 5, blocks Gargoyle.
Utem Crossbowmen + Rage + Tranquility-sideways: attack 6, defeat Illusionists.
Fame+4 (12).
Reward: spell Whirlwind (new: Burning Shield).
Hand: Swiftness, Whirlwind, Improvisation, Noble Manners, Mana Draw.


D: 3 (5).
Reroll black, black.
S: white, blue, blue.

Unfortunately, there are no units to recruit in the Mage Tower. But I have just drawn Mana Draw, so now I can gather enough white mana to enter the Ruins.

Swiftness: move 2
Move to Ruins.
Mana Draw + w(S): put blue die on white, get two white mana.
Enter Ruins: spend 2 white mana + white C.
Fame + 7(19).
S: gold, white, blue.
Level up.
Skill: Bonds of Loyalty (discard: Motivation, D: Red Crystal Craft).
Additional Units: Peasants, Guardian Golems.
AA: Mana Storm (new: Decompose).
Hand: Whirlwind, Improvisation, Noble Manners, Mana Storm, Crystallize.


D: 4 (1)

Interestingly, the Units that were added due to Bonds of Loyalty, included the Guardian Golems which can be recruited in the Mage Tower. So I return there, finishing a four-move dance between the Ruins and the Mage Tower. In order to move, I discard Whirlwind (with Improvisation). Pity, but I think I will not have a big battle anymore this night anyway.

Reroll gold, blue.
S: white, red, blue.
Improvisation + red (S) + Whirlwind: move 5.
Explore map tile nr. 10.
Move to Mage Tower.
Noble Manners: Influence 2.
Recruit Guardian Golems under Bond of Loyalty token, for Influence 7-5=2.
Fame+1 (20).
S: blue, white, black.
Hand: Mana Storm, Crystallize, Rage, Stamina, Swiftness.


D: 1 (0)

I have been hanging around the Ruins and Mage Tower long enough. I move forward as far as possible.

Move to Hills (north-east), and explore map tile nr. 3 (one move point left).
Rage-sideways: move 1, total 2.
Move to village.
S: white, green, black.
Hand: Mana Storm, Crystallize, Ice Bolt, Concentration.


D: E/R.

And now there is nothing better than just gathering as many crystals as possible.

Ice Bolt: get blue C.
Mana Strom: choose green die, get green C., reroll die to gold.
Concentration: get white mana.
Crystallize: use white mana to get white C.

Day 2.

S: white, white, green.
Units: Northern Monks, Peasants, Herbalists.
AA: Frost Bridge, Decompose, Blood Rage.
Spells: Mana Bolt, Burning Shield, Flame Wall.
Inventory: blue, white, green, red; D: white (2), green(2), blue.
Hand: March, Swiftness, Threat, Concentration, Whirlwind.
Tactic: Early Bird-1, D: Mana Steal-3.


A fresh day, and I just contine moving forward and exploring.

Concentration + green + March: move 6.
Move to Plains next to Keep. (Golems show up).
Explore map tile nr. 7.
Monastery: add AA Blood Ritual to Unit offer.
S: white, white, white.
Hand: Swiftness, Threat, Whirlwind, Ice Bolt, Rage.
D: 4 (14).


The new map tile contains a dungeon, a nice opportunity to improve my deck.

Swiftness: move 2.
Move to Dungeon, and enter it.
A Minotaur shows up.
Whirlwind + white(S): Minotaur does not attack.
Guardian Golems (can join because of Bonds of Loyalty) + Rage + Threat-sideways: attack 5, defeat Minotaur.
Fame+4 (24).
S: white, white, green.
Reward, roll gold: spell Burning Shield (new: Expose).
Level up: 3-6
Hand: Ice Bolt, Burning Shield, Improvisation, Tranquility, Noble Manners, Stamina.
D: 3 (11).


First I explore another tile. Then I realize that the next tile, a core tile, cannot be explored next to the Monastery, since that would be at the coast line. The most logical place for the next exploration is just straight ahead, so I just move there and defeat two rampaging enemies.

Stamina + blue C.: move 4.
Explore map tile nr. 1.
Tranquility-sideways: move 1, total 3 left.
Move to Magic Glides.
Inspiration: Ready Guardian Golems.
Challenge Ironclads and Cursed Hags to combat.
Block Phase.
Burning Shield + red C.: block 4, blocks Iron Clads.
Guardian Golems absorb damage 3 from Cursed Hags.
Attack Phase.
Burning Shield: Fire Attack 4, defeat Iron Clads.
Utem Crossbowmen + Guardian Golems: attack 5, defeat Cursed Hags.
Fame+7 (31), Reputation+2 (1-).
S. white, white, green.
Hand: Ice Bolt, Improvisation, Noble Manners, Mana Draw, Determination, Stamina.
D: 5 (6).


Stamina + gold: move 4.
Explore map tile nr. *8* (red city).

Ok, So I have found the first city. But what now? I think that I am not prepared yet to conquer the city. I still would like to enforce myself somewhere, but the only logical place in the neighbourhood is still the Monastery. So I decide to move in that direction.

Move back to Dungeon.
S: white, white, green.
Hand: Ice Bolt, Improvisation, Noble Manners, Mana Draw, Determination, Crystallize.
D: 3 (3).


Ice Bolt: get blue C.
Crystallize + white (S): get white C.
S: white, white, green.
Hand: Improvisation, Noble manners, Mana Draw, Determination, Mana Storm, Rage.
D: 3 (0).


Rage + Determination, both sideways: move 2.
Move to Plains next to Monastery.
S: white, white, green.
Hand: Improvisation, Mana Draw, Mana Storm, Noble Manners, March, Swiftness.
D: E/R.


Finally I arrive in the Monastery, and can recruit two units.

March: move 2.
Move to Monastery.
Noble Manners + white (S): Influence 4.
Mana Storm: choose green, get green C., reroll to gold.
Improvisation + gold + Mana Draw + Influence 5.
Reputation: Influence 1, total 10.
Recruit Northern Monks + Herbalists.

Night 2.

S: blue, red, black.
Units: Amotep Freezers, Illusionists, Altem Guardians, AA: Pure Magic
AA: Intimidate, Frost Bridge, Decompose
Spells: Restoration, Expose, Mana Bolt
Inventory: green(2), white(2), blue; D: green(2), white(2), blue, red.
Hand: Concentration, Swiftness, Noble Manners, Threat, Determination, Rage.
Tactic: Sparing Power-6, D: Midnight Meditation-4.


With Noble Manners in my hand, it does not hurt to stay one more turn in the Monastery to add an advanced action card.

D: 5 (14)
Put one card under tactic card.
Noble Manners + w.C. + Threat + Reputation: Influence 7.
Buy AA Pure Magic.
S: red, blue, black.
Hand: Concentration, Swiftness, Determination, Rage, Pure Magic, Mana Draw.


But now it is time to move on. Between me and the city is nothing but swamp, forest and wasteland, so the move costs are high, but I have no choice.

D: 4 (10)
Put one card under tactic card.
Pure Magic + blue(S) + green C. + Swiftness + Mana Draw-sideways: move 10.
Move to Forest next to Fire Dragon.
Challenge Fire Dragon to combat.
No Block.
Damage 9, take 3 wounds in hand.
Northern Monks + blue C: Ice attack 4.
Determination + Rage + Utem Crossbowmen = Attack 7/2 = 3.5.
Total attack 7.5, defeat Fire Dragon.
Fame + 8 (39), Reputation +2 (2-).
S: blue, red, black.
Level up:
Skill: Whisper in the Treetops (discard Forward March!; D: Freezing Power).
AA: Initimidate (new: Ambush)
Hand: Concentration, Wound (3), Intimidate, Stamina.


A quiet turn, just make one step towards the city and remove some wounds.

D: 4 (6)
Put one card under tactic card.
Stamina + blue (S): move 4
Move to Wasteland next to City and Ruins.
City: Crypt Worm, Monks and Altem Guardsmen show up.
Whisper in the Treetops: get white C. + green.
Herbalists + green: Heal 2, remove 2 wounds from hand.
S: blue, red, black.
Hand: Concentration, Wound, Intimidate, Rage, Improvisation, Mana Storm.


D: 5(1)

And now it is time to gather all the cards from Sparing Power and sweep the city.

Take all cards from tactic card: Crystallize, March, Burning Shield.
Inspiration: ready Utem Crossbowmen.
March: assault City, Reputation -1(1+).
Block phase.
Altem Guardsmen:
Mana Storm: choose red, get red C., reroll die to black.
Exploding Shield + red C. + black(S) + Rage: Block 6, destroy Altem Guardsmen.
Improvisation + Crystallize+ Guardian Golems: Block 5.
Damage phase:
Crypt Worm (brutal): damage 12.
One wound on Guardian Golems (3 absorbed), 2 wounds in hand.
Attack phase.
Concentration + green C. + Intimidate + Utem Crossbowmen: Attack 12, defeat Crypt Worm and Monks.
Fame + 17 (56)
Reputation -2 (0) because of Intimidate.
S: blue, blue, black
Level up: 4-6
Hand: Wound (3), Tranquility, Whirlwind, march, Swiftness, Stamina.


D: 1(0)

I am in the city, but I do not have enough Influence for recruiting here. I just spend my last two turns this night to gather crystals in the Ruins nearby, so I can hopefully recruit next morning.

Stamina + blue(S) + march: move 6.
Move to Ruins and explore map tile nr. *6* (blue city).
Monastery: add AA Regeneration to Unit offer.
S: blue, blue, black.
Hand: Wound (3), Tranquility, Whirlwind, Swiftness, Ice Bolt.


Clearing the Ruins is a bit painful. In the level up I pick up the Frost Bridge advanced action, which will enable me to easily move to the blue city.

D: E/R
Enter Ruins. Wold Riders ans Orc Summoners show up.
No Ranged Attack.
Orc Summoners summon Crypt Worm.
No Block.
Crypt Worm (damage 6): one wound on Herbalists, one in hand.
Wolf Riders (damage 3): one wound in hand.
Whirlwind + white C. + black: destroy Wolf Riders
Swiftness + white C. + Ice Bolt-sideways: attack 4, defeat Orc Summoners.
Fame+7 (63).
Tranquility: heal 1, remove wound from Herbalists.
Reward Ruins: four crystals.
Level up: Bright Negotiation (discard Leaves in the Wind, D: Glittering Fortune)
AA: Frost Bridge (to te able to cross the lake) (new: Diplomacy).

Day 3.

S: white, white, green.
Units: Amotep Freezers, Utem Crossbowmen, Fire Golems; AA: Path Finding, Heroic Tale
AA: Into the Heat, Diplomacy, Ambush.
Spells: Tremor, Restoration, Expose
Inventory: red, green, white, blue; D: green(2), white(2), blue(2), red.
Hand: Wound(2), Burning Shield, Swiftness, Crystallize, Ice Bolt, Determination, Threat
Tactic: Rethink-2, D: The Right Moment-6.
Rethink: discard Burning Shield, Ice Bolt, Determination (attack and block cards I need later), draw: Wound, Rage, Pure Magic.


In the mean time, a few fantastic spells have shown up in the spell offer, like Tremor and Expose. Unfortunately, I do not see a site nearby where I could get them. But at least I can recruit a strong elite unit now.

Swiftness: move 2
Move to City.
Herbalists + green(S): heal 2, remove 2 wounds from hand.
Bright Negotation (3)+ City(3) + Reputation(0) + Threat(2): Influence 8.
Recruit Amotep Freezers.
S. gold, white, white
Hand: Crystallize, Rage, Pure Magic, Wound, Stamina, Frost Bridge, Improvisation, Mana Draw.
D: 4(16)


I stay one more turn in the city, to spend my Influence for an artifact.

Bright Negotiation(3) + City(3) + Reputation(0) + Pure Magic + blue C. + white(S) (7) = Influence 13.
Buy Artifact Amulet of Sun (discard Emerald Ring).
S: green, white, gold.
Hand: Crystallize, Rage, Wound, Stamina, Frost Bridge, Improvisation, Man Draw, Amulet of Sun.
D: 4(12)


And now in one big step towards the other city.

Frost bridge + gold(S) + Improvisation + Crystallize: move 7 (lake costs 1).
Move to Monastery next to City.
City shows: Ice Mages, Fire Golems, Altem Guardsmen, Freezers.
S: green, green, white
Hand: Rage, Wound, Stamina, Mana Draw, Amulet of Sun, Noble Manners.
D: 5(7)


It is not the greatest hand ever, but enough for the first assault on the city. It will be a bloody fight.

Inspiration: heal Guardian Golems.
Stamina: assault City, Reputation -1 (0).
Mana Draw + white(S): put green die on blue, get 2 blue mana.
Amotep Freezers + blue: Freezers do not attack (and get Armor 4).
Guardian Golems + blue: Ice Block 4.
Utem Crossbowmen: Block 3/2=1.5, total 5.5, block Fire Golems.
Ice Mages (damage 7): two wounds in hand.
Altem Guardians (damage 6): one wound on Guardian Golems.
Amulet of Sun: get gold.
Northern Monks + gold: Ice Attack 4, defeat Fire Golems.
Rage + red C.: Attack 4, defeat Freezers.
Fame + 12 (75).
S: white, blue, green.
Hand: Wound(3), Noble Manners, Whirlwind, Intimidate.
D: 4(3).


I have defeated just half of the enemies in the city, but my hand is full of wounds, so I rest. In hindsight, I think could have healed them since I am in a Monastery.

Rest: discard Noble manners and 3 wounds.
Hand: Whirlwind, Intimidate, Stamina, Mana Storm, Wound, Determination.
D: 3(0).


Second assault on the city. Unfortunately, I cannot defeat both opponents.

Stamina: assault City, Reputation -1 (0-).
Whirlwind + white(S): Ice Mages do not attack.
Altem Guardians (damage 6): Wound on Herbalists and Utem Crossbowmen.
Intimidate + Determination: Attack 6, defeat Ice Mages.
Reputation -1 (-1+) (due to Intimidate).
S: black, blue, green.
Level up: 4-7
Hand: Mana Storm, Wound(2), Burning Shield, Ice Bolt, Concentration, March.
D: E/R.


And now I cannot even defeat the last enemy! I cannot conquer the city in four turns! Now I really see the difficulty of a four-enemy city if you do not have some killers spells like Tremor/Earthquake.

Ice Bolt: get blue C.
Whisper in the Treetops: get white C. + green.
Bright Negotiation(3) + Reputation(-1) + March, Mana Storm, Burning Shield, Concentration, all sideways (4) = Influence 6.
Buy heal 3, heal Guardian Golems and Herbalists.

Night 3.

S: white, black, red.
Units: Ice Mages, Utem Crossbowmen, Ice Mages; AA: Agility, Swift Bolt.
AA: Crushing Bolt, Into the Heat, Diplomacy.
Spells: Energy Flow, Tremor, Restoration
Inventory: blue, white(2), green; D: white(3), green(2), blue(2), red.
Hand: Wound(2), Amulet of Sun, Rage, Frost Bridge, Intimidate, Tranquility.
Tactic: From the Dusk-1, D: Preparation-5.


With fresh Amotep Freezers, now the last enemy is not a problem anymore.

Frost Bridge: move 2, assault City, Reputation -1(-1-).
Amotep Freezers + blue C.: Altem Guardians do not attack (and get Armor 4).
Intimidate + red(S) + Rage: Attack 9/2 = 4.5, defeat Altem Guardians.
Fame + 8 (88).
Whisper in the Treetops: get white C. + green.
Tranquility + green: heal 2, remove 2 wounds form hand.
S: red, white, black.
Hand: Amulet of Sun, Rage, Concentration, Mana Draew, Determination, Improvisation, Pure Magic, Stamina, March.


I have an incredible amount of Influence (potentially 24), and could get 7 fame by buying two spells and recruiting Ice Mages. But still I can get more by simple defeating the High Dragon.

Inspiration: ready Amotep Freezers.
Concentration: get blue.
Amotep Freezers + blue: High Dragon does not attack (Armor 6).
Improvisation + red(S) + Stamina + Rage: Attack 7, defeat High Dragon.

Fame 97
Knowledge 7
Loot 4
Leader 9
Conqueror 2
Adventurer 8
Beating -6
Cities 35
Dummy deck 21
Not E/R 5

Total 182

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Scott Douglass
United States
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One thing I noticed; on your last turn, Freezers can't affect a High Dragon with their freeze ability. I didn't read most of your session report, but that stuck out to me at the end.

I applaud all of the work that went into making your session report so detailed and thorough. That must have taken quite a bit of time to write up.

Your session sounded fun, and it makes me wish that I got to play Mage Knight more often.
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Peter de Boer
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sdougla2 wrote:
One thing I noticed; on your last turn, Freezers can't affect a High Dragon with their freeze ability. I didn't read most of your session report, but that stuck out to me at the end.

You are right. I forgot that not only blue mana action cards but also blue mana unit abilities have no effect on enemies with ice resistance.

sdougla2 wrote:
I applaud all of the work that went into making your session report so detailed and thorough. That must have taken quite a bit of time to write up.

Thanks! I find it fun and also very useful to make notes during my sessions. Makes me sort out my thoughts. And it does not take that long to write it. My first session report took much longer: I have the German version and made all my notes in German, so I had to spend considerable time afterwards to translate it. That is why I created a translation list (Mage Knight English-German Card Translation List). Now I have a copy lying around when I play and make all my notes directly in English. Saves a lot of time!
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New Brunswick
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Great session.. was fun to read

I'll have to try do one too
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Mr G
United Kingdom
Hatfield Heath
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Great report, well done. I really liked the snippets of tactical commentary in conjunction with the photos.

Good system for the actual detail too.
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