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Subject: my second POT deck rss

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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
Yeah, I went and made a new deck, even though I have a Plasma Occupied Territory deck, somewhere...

Anyways, I used cards from 2 UE precons as a starting point, took out the cruddy cards and put in stuff from my collection. It's not quite done yet, but here's what I've done so far:

Base: 8
b1-1 military outpost
b2-1 ancient ruins
b3-1 heavy planetary shield
b4-1 planetary phaser base
b5-1 penal colony
b6-1 hospital
b7-1 POT Centaurian base
b8-1 POT Tequan base

crew: 11
c1-1 boarding party
c2-1 helmsman
c3-1 boarding party
c4-1 lieutenant
c4-1 marine
c5-1 captain
c6-1 commando
c6-1 damage control team
c6-1 rogue couple
c7-2 saboteur

equipment: 17
e1-1 explosive mine
e1-2 terrain attack shuttle
e2-2 transporter
e3-1 shuttlecraft
e4-1 main bridge
e5-4 defense grid
e6-1 heavy weapons refit
e7-2 shield penetration device
e8-1 assault fighter
e9-2 plasma stream accelerator

luck: 8
l1-1 lucky crew action
l2-2 phaser malfunction
l3-1 lucky targeting
l4-1 cursed alien artifact
l5-1 defensive override
l6-1 distress beacon
l7-1 anomaly portal
l7-1 alien artifact

monsters: 9
m1-1 sextaaran web crawlers
m2-1 planet gouge
m3-1 scandig blob
m3-1 shield fiend
m4-1 vymezies matter
m5-1 tectonic burrower
m6-1 vasilikiiy's eye
m7-1 trilateral textangula
m8-1 tectonic marauder

occurrence: 6
o1-1 illness
o2-1 gold vein
03-1 illness - aldibrik ailment
o4-1 flood
o7-1 capital revitalization
o7-1 quantum occurrence

ships: 31
POT: 25
s1-1 POT patrol launch
s2-4 POT escort
s3-1 POT star frigate
s4-4 POT minesweeper
s5-4 POT command cruiser
s6-3 POT fighter carrier
s7-3 POT battlecruiser
s8-2 POT dreadnought
s9-2 POT battleship
s10 POT flagship

Garshain: 6
s7-3 command cruiser
s8-1 battlecarrier
s9-1 dreadnought carrier
s10 garshain battleship

terrain: 28(before supercharging)
t1-1 planetary storm
t/h2-1 plasma field
t2-1 populated moon
t3-1 crystal planet
t3-2 repair moon
t4-1 forming system
t4-1 planet - muckstra
t4-1 planet - nrutas
t4-1 small moon - aldibrik
t4-2 small planet - bolaar IV
t5-1 storage moon
t5-1 planet - atoll
t5-1 planet - zambarez prime
t5-1 small system - cremannerak
t5-1 moon system
t/b5-1 vektrean asteroid outpost
t6-1 asteroid field
t6-1 oversized moon
t6-1 gorgochok system
t7-3 quantum black hole
t8-1 planet - POT element capital
t8-2 plasmatic nebula
t8-1 custom system (garshain)

economy: 18
supply: 31
energy: 48
ammo: 27 x2, x2 (this sucks)
research: 7

supply: 36
energy: 74
ammo: 114

terrain: 28(after supercharging)
t1-1 planetary storm
t/h2-1 plasma field
t3-1 repair moon
t4-1 small moon - Aldibrik
t/b5-1 Vektrean asteroid outpost
t6-1 oversized moon
t6-1 forsaken planet
t6-1 garbage planet
t6-1 planet - Nagir XII
t6-1 virgin planet
t6-1 star cluster
t6-1 sun - craft site
t6-1 Gorgochok system
t7-1 massive asteroid
t7-1 free trade zone
t7-3 quantum black hole
t8-1 8-ball
t8-1 massive pre planet
t8-1 planet - POT element capital
t8-2 plasmatic nebula
t8-1 custom system (Garshain)
t9-1 Blookerak gas giant
t9-1 custom system Vinciennes
t9-1 Vektrean asteroid starbase
t10 Stefania

economy: 18
supply: 33
energy: 53
ammo: 50 x2, x2 (much better)
research: 5

supply: 34
energy: 74
ammo: 116

Not quite what I was hoping for in the resource spread but POT has a weird resource spread.... and Garshain matches it...
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
hmm needs an 05 and 06
o5 Breakdown
o6 Cessation of Engagement
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