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Subject: [WIP} Fustercluck! - a wild dice throwing game rss

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Clark Kingston
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A wild game of luck and a (chicken) little bit of strategy.

Chicken Coop (Square dice box with a 1/4" lip)
Hen, Booster & Fox Dice
Egg tokens

The game can be played by 2-6 players. Each player will receive a flock of 6 hen dice (white, brown, barred, red, black, buff). Each hen has a chance to produce (1,1,1,1,1,2) eggs each day.

You will look after your flock and watch your hens produce eggs. But, there have been reports of a pesky fox lurking about.

After each day (round) any hens remaining in the coop produce eggs. The goal of the game is to have the most eggs at the end of day 7!

Each new day starts out peaceful until the fox shows up and starts a fustercluck!

All players simultaneously toss their hen dice into the coop and the player with the current lowest egg total then tosses the fox die into the coop. For day 1, choose a player to toss the fox die.

Any hens that "flew the coop" and did not stay in the dice box are out of play and can't produce eggs or be eaten while out of the coop.

Now since the lowest egg total player threw the fox, starting from the second lowest egg total player, each player gets to throw 1 more booster die into the fustercluck. NOTE: the current lowest egg total player ALSO gets to throw a booster but goes last.

Strategy: being the lowest egg total has the biggest advantage because a) you get to throw the fox into the coop and try to keep it away from your hens b) you get to observe the coop situation and throw the last additional booster die (or the fox again) into the coop.

The Fox
The fox is a larger d6 than the hens and is orange. Each side has a number (2,2,2,3,3,4) on it to indicate how many hens are in his "sights". At the end of the fustercluck, the closest number of hens in proximity of the fox are taken away.

Booster Dice
A player has several choices of booster dice to throw

A) rooster booster, if the rooster is thrown into the coop and happens to be one of the targets in the fox's sights the rooster scares the fox away and all hens are safe. But beware, this protects ALL hens to include your opponents
The rooster is great to use if most/all of your hens are the ones in sight of the fox

b) Chicken feed, chicken feed has sides of (1,1,1,2,2,3). The side equals the number of closest chickens it will feed. Any hen that eats the feed will produce 1 additional egg. But, this feeds ANY closest hens even your opponents so throw wisely. The closest hens that eat the feed are calculated BEFORE the fox takes any away so feed could be wasted.
Great to use if your hens are clumped together.

c) Sick chick, this chicken might have bird flu and has the sides of (0,0,1,1,1,2). The side equals the number of closest chickens it will infect. Those chickens cant produce any eggs that day.
Great to use against a clump of opposing hens.

d) any opponent's hen that has flew the coop. Why would you want to do this? IF you can get that chicken to knock your hens into safety so theyll produce eggs or fall into the sights of the fox their hen will be taken away! But, if that hen is safe they WILL produce an egg.

e) The fox if it was knocked out of the coop by the previous player

If any of your hens were taken away they are removed from play for the rest of the game. Add up all the eggs that your hens produced and collect all your hen dice.

Ahh, they have lived another day...

Looking for ideas on how to make this better and feedback on the initial theme and mechanics.

I feel the core idea is solid but the execution may still be a bit clunky with the booster dice. I want a fast paced, crazy game where arguments ensue over who is closer, why that player keeps targeting this players hens, chaos and the sorts.
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