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Subject: The Hoth Challenge - Two against an army. rss

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Joseph Woodworth
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Two Rebel Star-fighters armed to the teeth take on an army of ties.

Things you will need:

2-3 sets of asteroids
1 planet token
(You can use a small plate for this, Star Trek attack wing has a great planet token)

2 B-wings
8-12 tie fighters
0-8 tie interceptors.

The Setup

Rebels - 2 Heavy B-wings (See special rules) (Alternatively, you can play with 120 points of regular b-wings following normal rules)

Imperials - 200 points (Interceptors and Fighters only, maximum of one named ship, that ship may not be named howlrunner)(no more than 12 tie fighters or 8 interceptors)


. O oO O O
. o O o o O o

I use a 3x5 table, but you can adjust to use 3x3, though 2x4 would work quite well. (the ... above are to keep spacing, because grr...., i'll try to add a photograph at some point)

The Imperials can set up anywhere within range 3 of the imperial edge
The Rebels can set up anywhere within range 2 of the rebel edge.
The planet token should be bisected by the range 2 line from the rebel edge, and in the center of the playing field (left/right)

Asteroids are set up minimum of range 1 of the planet outside of the rebel edge, and must be placed within range 2 of eachother (They may be placed within range 1 of eachother). Players alternate placing asteroids, starting with the rebel player.

The Imperial player sets up all of his ships before the Rebel player decides where to place his ships.

Special Rules

The Planet Token
"Any ship that overlaps the planet token at the end of it's movement must move backward along it's template until it no longer overlaps the planet token - Skip the ship's perform action step that round. A ship may, however, move completely through the planet token the same way that it would another ship, without suffering any penalty.

The planet token is considered a complete obstruction for firing purposes. When measuring range during combat, if any part of the range ruler between the two ships overlaps the planet token (Measured nearest corner to nearest corner), the attack is considered completely obstructed and the attacker cannot roll any attack dice." (as per star trek attack wing)

Heavy B-wings.
Heavy B-wings come equipped with the following
Ion Cannon
Heavy Laser Cannon
Fire Control System
Advanced Sensors
Sensor Jammer
1 Advanced Proton torpedo
1 Proton Torpedo
(Yes, All three cannons and all three systems upgrades)

You may equip 4 points of modifications and or elite pilot talents per b-wing (Note, you must have ibtisam or ten nunb to equip elite pilot talents) Ten and Ibtisam are recommended for this mission - though to increase the challenge you can fly blues or daggers.

Imperial Reinforcements
If you do not have access to enough miniatures to run this mission - or want to play on "impossible mode" - then whenever an imperial ship is destroyed, the next turn the imperial player may place a ship of the same type that was destroyed onto the imperial edge during the end step.
up to 200 points worth of ships. (Impossible mode ignores the point limit)

Scoring Points
While a daunting and nearly impossible task, the rebel player can score points for destroying ships - 2 points per tie fighter, 3 points per interceptor, 4 points for the named enemy ship. The Rebel player also scores 1 point per ship destroyed by collision with an asteroid or by a ship that flies off the map.

The imperial player likewise scores points in the same manner - for each remaining tie fighter or interceptor at the end of the match.

Imperial complete Victory - No tie fighters or interceptors are lost
Imperial victory - Both heavy b-wings destroyed (or all b-wings)
Imperial modified victory - The named pilot survives.
Rebel modified victory - All interceptors and the name pilot are destroyed
Rebel victory - All imperial ships are destroyed

Advice and notes
This match is heavily tilted in favor of the imperial navy - it's a test of maneuvering skills, and using the planet and asteroid field in your favor.
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Gabriel Velasquez
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When I finally get my B-wings I will have to try this and let you know how it works.
Though I can say I really appreciate that you are using the larger B-wings.
I have to suggest that you add a crew slot if you mean B-wing/E.
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