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Kid Loki

Common 1
Card Name: Trust Me
Team: Young Avengers
Card Type: Covert
Recruit: 3
Power: n/a
Card Text: Covert: You may treat one Villain as if it had the Bribe keyword this turn.
Cost: 4
Origin Idea: Loki has always used his Silver Tongue to get what he wants before he stabs people in the back. I thought adding his ability to add Bribe to someone played up that concept well.

Common 2
Card Name: How Many Times Are You Going to Fall for That?
Team: Young Avengers
Card Type: Covert
Recruit: n/a
Power: 2
Card Text: Whenever you would KO a Hero you may instead discard this card and draw two cards.
Cost: 3
Origin Idea: A master illusionist Loki has used Illusions to save him from mayhem and death plenty of times before, also the card name calls back to the movie.

Card Name: Empowered by the Norn Stones
Team: Young Avengers
Card Type: Ranged
Recruit: n/a
Power: 3
Card Text: Covert: All other Heroes played for the rest of this turn get +1 Power.
Cost: 6
Origin Idea: The Norn stones were used to empower all the Avengers during the Marvel Siege event so they could fight against the Void.

Card Name: The God of Mischief
Team: Young Avengers
Card Type: Covert
Recruit: n/a
Attack: 5
Card Text: Each player shuffles their Victory Piles together; then you draw one card from this new Victory Pile for each player and then starting with the player on your right each player draws one card from this new Victory Pile; everyone continues to draw until this new Victory Pile deck is empty. Whenever it is your turn to draw, you draw two cards instead of one.
Covert: Each player KOs one of their Heroes. You may draw one card for each Hero KOd this way.
Cost: 9
Origin Idea: I figured Loki has mucked things up for everyone so many times and I wanted to try and do that idea justice.
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