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Subject: 5 player prototype sesion of Burning Suns (almost finished) rss

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Rocy7 POL
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Rocy7 explaining the rules. Everyone is listening...

On Thursday (Real date 3/10/13) evening 5 players showed up to battle for dominance in the galaxy.

We setup The Settlers of Galaxy one of the five player maps from the Setup Guide (which can be found in the Burning Suns file section).


We randomly choose what we would be playing.

I drew The United Templars of Outer Rim (know later as Templars)
Paweł drew Assassin Cyborgs of the Eclipse (know later as Cyborgs)
Marta drew Merchant Insektoids of (I simply don’t remember because structure has more meaning to player who plays it that opposing player) ((know later as Insektoids)
Bartek drew Psionic Changelings of (identical situation as above) (know later as Changelings)
Mariusz drew Imperiar Terrans (identical situation as above) (know later as Terrans)

The game about to start

Star date 03.09.13 XXX Century

We started quietly from the strengthening of the ours position explored and colonized the uninhabited worlds neighboring us, earning artifacts (mainly Templars) and agents.

Then the game started diplomacy. Templars easily persuaded surrounding inhabited system for alliance. Changelins and Insektoids tried to convince the world inhabited alliance between their capitals. Unfortunately, none of them without success (a total of only at the end of the game was able to get it: P . Terrans gathered a fleet, and Cyborgs do not play with the diplomacy only took inhabited system by power (so true rebellion erupted there).

Although Terrans tried to set off into the fleet to Insects space but it Insektoids performed successfully pre-emptive strike.

System after the system was occupied until finally the galaxy began to run out of space.

The Burning Suns requires a lot of table space

Finally, in the center of the galaxy was discovered an aggressive system, defended by a fleet of ships, and the mass of militia but it gives one of antimatter per turn.

This was attractive target that everyone wanted.

But firstly we had to protect themselves. Templars signed firstly trade then trade-war alliance with the Cyborgs, the Terrans signed alliance with the changelings.

Artifacts come into play. Black Fleet Beacon was used by Terrans to eliminated the Insectoid fleet, but the Stargate used by changelings allowed them to take over a system Terrans (even if it meant breaking the alliance: P)

Templars after securing their territory with space station, building the fleet and the creation of Titan moved to the center of the galaxy to have try get Aggressive system.

After a heavy battle fleet (vessels Templars are junk: P) land attack was an easiness (fortunately their infantry has no equal).

Exposure to this planet Colosusas make difficult to get this system by all potential interested “visitors”. (A insectoids and changelings just waiting around with their fleets until someone roll away the dirty work for them: P).

Just before the final battles.

Eventually they moved to attack, Changelins fleet wiped out Templars fleet of their hard-won planet but because Colosus was in a pinch. In the meantime, Cyborgs easily finished off the Insectoid fleet.

The game ended with the victory of the alliance Templars - Cyborgs.
(Although they lacked the two points of antimatter to win but unfortunately the players had to finish).

Spyre wrote:
Initial thoughts and comments after the game (in no particular order):
1. There is a lot of depth to the game.

2. There are a lot of choices to make and always something to do.

3. Turns were usually quick (usually under 5-7 minutes each) once we were familiar with the rules.

4. The Action Sheets adds a great timing of actions mechanic to the game.

My co-players will be agree with that 

Our comments:
1) Systems could be a little larger (but it might matter to the printing units take up more space)
2) Mision are basically useless a lot of interesting options for leaders to waste them on missions.
3) Could use more artifacts agents giving bonuses to diplomacy. (Especially so Bartek says that the seven times trying to get a deal: P)
4) In this game great importance is the sequence of actions, sometimes there were mistakes when someone forgot eg. that it will not colonize if there is no previously jump there with Dreagnought. (Any ideology allow ignore the sequence of actions would be interesting).

There was a lot of fun and we can’t wait for play finished game.

Time of play 210 minutes or 42 minutes per player
we used "longer" side of Antimater Track (victory track) and medium size Galaxy.

Reviews of my fellow players after the session of the prototype "Burning Suns - very cool-and it's still a prototype board and collecting materials like Nexus Ops, many combinations of races available as Smallworld, the ability to form alliances with like Rex (but alliance can break at any time -for what the truth is a punishment, but a small, and of the action selection system similar to that in the Cyclades. not bad mix with 5 players already have to combine that action is chosen (and the leader) as the first that you do not clean it other the next necessary to implement the plan "

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