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What is End of Atlantis: Revised Edition?

Yes, End of Atlantis is back in print, coming to Essen 2013! And that’s not all, this time it’s a full English edition, with language-independent components, an English rulebook and some revisions to the rules to boot.

End of Atlantis: Revised Edition is a highly thematic and very competitive game for 3 to 5 players. As the leader of one of the ruling houses of Atlantis, it falls to you to save your people from certain doom. For Atlantis is truly doomed, the portents are obvious to everyone, but the blind and the mad. Unfortunately, that are common afflictions amongst politicians. To put it simply: too few ships have been built to accommodate all the citizens of the Great Island.

And so you must use all of your resources and guile to win, bribe, intimidate and trick your way to victory. You will turn to the mighty Factions for help, try to influence the Senate, and acquire the services of shape-shifter spies, telepaths and saboteurs. All for one cause: the salvation for your people.

How does it play?

End of Atlantis: Revised Edition is what I’d call a hybrid game, that is, a game with fair and balanced mechanics (like a euro), but still with a ton of player interactions and a rich thematic setting. There’s very little luck involved, and yet the game is mostly player-driven, in that you need to have a feel for your opponents and predict the actions they are going to make - that way you can “hitch a ride” on their success. In fact, End of Atlantis: Revised Edition has at its core an exciting duality: most of your plans need more than one turn to pan out, so you have to plan ahead. At the same time, it’s all about moment to moment gameplay, decisions you must take in reaction to other players moves, to either ensure your strategy is successful or to change it completely, so it better suits the current situation on the board.

What's in the box?

- A large round beautifully-illustrated board
- A supporting tile for placing cards and decks
- 115 cards
- 110 wooden cubes (influence/refugee tokens)
- 18 bonus points tokens
- 10 wooden markers
- 5 player screens
- 5 double-sided ship tiles
- 5 player points markers

What’s new in the Revised edition?

- The rules have been extensively rewritten and streamlined
- Some new rules and fixes
- Completely language independent
- New Faction abilities
- New types of Politics cards
- New Event cards

In the coming days I’ll be posting designer diaries about the game mechanics and setting, so stay tuned, visit this profile often and come see us at Essen ’13!

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