Danny Stevens
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Myself, Anoss and Edwina

Play started out cautious enough but we had lots of lucky dice rolls. The other guys picked up a few trophies fast while I collected lots of bullets, had a fire axe and a shotgun. Butter fingers caused me to lose the axe.

The town stayed small for the first hour as we dashed around through about 6 tiles smacking zombies and slowing each other down a bit. Edwina played Alternate Food Source and we all picked up stuff and got to various edge tiles. We ended up at three separate corners of the map, but the map was more or less complete in the middle with two city blocks well defined.

Then Edwina and I began to frenzy. Two zombie master plays saw plenty of zombies to deal with and the helipad came out. I placed it right next to me with a frenzy up my sleeve.

Anos came my way but a "Where did everybody go" shewed him off and "This isn't so bad" transferred the Uber Zombie from the helipad onto Edwina. Then Edwina played brain cramp on my as I went into a frenzy so I ran away from the helicopter, naturally, at full speed. I did take out enough zombies to frenzy again next turn.

Anos became a zombie. Edwina was surprised by the Uber Zombie but she happened to have a shot gun and lots of bullets and took it out.

I played alternate food source. I figured I could pick up the bullets on the way to the helipad and the turn after get there. The zombie would wake up and I would take it out and win. I forgot something.

Edwina frenzied again. Her normal move was 8 points (5 life + 3). She also had 7 frenzy tokens that could all be used for movement (14 points). 22 was enough to get her to the helipad.

I got there too and the alternate food source ended. That meant Edwina got first crack at the normal zombie there, took it out and flew away, waving bye as I jumped to try and catch the helicopter skids while it took off.

Poor Anos didn't get a chance to do anything as a zombie which meant I was in real trouble after the helicopter left. zombie
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