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September 14th 2013: “There are two possibilities that exist. Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” –Arthur C. Clarke

We learned the truth of that statement when Aliens revealed themselves and permanently altered the geography of our version of terra firma in the previous war. Die Mechaniker, led by Ambrose, razed the world and became king of the ashes. As his reward, he commanded his Alien allies to scar South America and it now holds but a glimmer of its former glory. However, this has come at a cost. The aliens now act independently and seek to establish dominance over the world. They have brought with them powerful new events and scars that cripple factions themselves. Ambrose’s 2nd victory triggered the presence of missions, specialized tasks that if completed, would place that player that much closer to victory. Ambrose now has two missiles and the possibility of deploying 3 missiles in a combat is now within our grasp and looming above us. This war marks the midpoint of our campaign and only time will tell how our earth will continue to evolve.

This war featured:

Aaron as Khan Industries with 2 Coins, 2nd Turn, 5th Placement, 8 Starting Troops, the Unpopular weakness scar and starting in Western Europe.

Ambrose as the Aliens with 0 Coins, 1st Turn, 1st Placement, 6 Starting Troops, a mercenary scar and starting in Scandinavia.

Eric as Imperial Balkania with 1 Coin, 4th Turn, 4th Placement, 10 Starting Troops, the Primitive weakness scar and starting in Northwest Territories.

Nate as Die Mechaniker with 0 Coins, 3rd Turn, 2nd Placement, 8 Starting Troops, the Short Sighted weakness scar and starting in Argentina.

Tim as Enclave of the Bear with 1 Coin, 5th Turn, 3rd Placement, 10 Starting Troops, a biohazard scar and starting in Central Africa.

The 1st turn was set-up to be eventful, as Ambrose snatched Aaron’s major city away and was poised to complete a mission on the 1st turn (control 6+ cities). He does so, and immediately claims a victory point. Aaron, in response, captures Ambrose’s HQ, granting him a victory point and potentially giving him additional reinforcements if he can hold it until the start of his next turn. This however triggers a “Join the cause” event that allows Ambrose to reinforce two of his cities. Eric is able to claim an extremely valuable 5 coin Kamchatka and triggers a “Resistance” event, which knocks Ambrose out of the game for now. Tim and Nate expand and fortify their borders, while drawing resource cards for future use.

Turn 2 brought about another world altering cataclysm. Ambrose joined the war in Western Austrailia and expanded where possible. Aaron played unpopular on Eric, in order to make it costly to attack him in Europe as it would cost him an additional troop per city to attack him. Aaron also triggers the “Mysterious Island” Event, which allowed Eric to draw a face up territory card. On Eric’s turn, he played primitive on Aaron in retaliation and cashed in his sizable resources. Tim also played Biohazard on NW territories to try and weaken Eric, opening a new packet and revealing mercenaries that could be recruited in the next conflict. Eric quickly mopped up Ambrose, knocking him out again. He then turned his eye towards Nate in South America, and played a missile when attacking Argentina to help with his assault. This aggression would doom them both. The aliens, fittingly led by Ambrose, launched two missiles to “help” Nate defend and triggered a nuclear bomb.

Peru was obliterated and only left an irradiated husk where it was thought no living thing could thrive. Eric’s force was wiped out and Nate was left barely alive with one troop in Brazil. The nuke also revealed that those obliterated by the nuke became mutants and would be a draft able faction in the next war. After reading their abilities, Ambrose placed his mercenary scar on Brazil, in order to make it difficult for the mutants to claim their private mission. In the end, only Tim and Aaron remained unaffected by Eric’s attack and everyone was in a race to capitalize on this massacre.

Tim quickly knocked Nate out of the war and captured the vacant headquarters. However, he neglected to deal with the troops Aaron had in the Middle East, leaving him an opening. Ambrose rejoined the war and Aaron struck. Using his initial two coins and two territories, he cashed in for a victory point and earned himself a victory point and a missile power. He chose the “EMP” power and reinforced the Middle East, and used his new power by spending his missile to prevent any additional missile interference in his attempt to take Tim’s HQ in Central Africa. This allowed him to succeed and claim his 2nd victory.

The aftermath of this war has left the world with a gaping wound that will never heal. Peru is a wasteland and this essentially makes Nate taking his major city unviable. As he was eliminated at the time, Nate did not get to reinforce a territory. Ambrose, Eric and Tim chose to reinforce Alien Island, Indonesia and North Africa, giving us two more potential candidates for placing the world capitol. Aaron chose to name Europe Valhalla, giving him and him alone an additional troop if he manages to take Europe. Khan Industries now has a wide variety of powers and a weakness while Imperial Balkania has been crippled somewhat by having a weakness and only their starting power to offset it. Though this was perhaps the biggest change to our world yet, we still have the world capitol to place and the do not open ever packet still awaits our judgment. This is our world and as screwed up as it is, we will fight to the death to claim it.

Game 7 was a refreshing change of pace after the marathon that was Game 6. The presence of missions and Aliens help speed the game up considerably. I was honestly surprised the Nuke went off in South America. We all knew ahead of time what was in the packet and I was certain that either Europe or Africa would get the bomb dropped on them. Instead, Eric’s lucky draw allowed him to rampage and caused the Nuke to go off in an unexpected area. Ambrose’s initial push got him a victory point but also spread him too thin and allowed Eric and I to wallop him and never giving him a chance to recover. He more than made up for it by triggering the nuke however. I don’t know how to handle the new geography. Ambrose has shown that the Aliens could potentially thrive in Valhalla by taking all the cities and Nate is now a bit of a wildcard as we do not know where he will start from here on out. I’m happy that I won, but I do not know what dynamics around SA essentially being a no-man’s land. Still, this is why this game is so awesome and why I am always looking forward to the next game.
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