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Subject: First game : Some questions rss

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Paul Toderas
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Hey guys,

We played the game for the first time and here are some general questions.

Why is XP good? If I got 1 XP I can spend it to buy a new Skill card yes? Same for Overlord?

No reward when killing a monster?

Best way to track wounded monsters?

Is an Open Group a Monster type I can select based on what kind of Monsters does that quest allows?

After you use a Search Card (Healing Potion) is that potion lost forever and you keep the card only for the coins?

When it comes to Stun: If a hero is stunned he gets that card. But if a monster is stunned, he gets a token. So what is the meaning of the stun token? What does it do and how to get rid off?

Thank you

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Bryce K. Nielsen
United States
Elk Ridge
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1. XP is only good if you are playing the Campaign. In a single game, XP doesn't do anything for you. In the Campaign, between quests, heroes and overlord can spend XP for upgrades (Heroes on their class cards, Overlord on his overlord cards). See pg 19 in the rulebook for the Campaign rules.

2. Nope, no reward other than it's out of your way. But beware, the Overlord will immediately respawn the monster on his turn (depending on the Encounter).

3. We just put the wound markers next to the base (or on the base for large monsters) of the figure. When the figure moves, the wound markers need to be moved with it. Sometimes, if there's just one of those monsters on the board, we'll put the wound markers on that monster's card.

4. Open Monster groups are identified by a Trait icon. Every monster has two Traits. When the Overlord sets up the map, if he has any open monster groups, he can pick according to the icons in the corner of the quest. Look at the first page or two of the Quest Booklet for instructions on how this works.

5. Shopping is done either in Epic Play or Campaign play, before the actual quest (see pg 19, 20, 21 of rulebook).

6. After you use a potion, flip it face down. You cannot use it again during this Quest (either Encounter). At the end of the quest, *if* you are playing Campaign Mode, count all the gold of all the Search Cards you found (face up or face down, doesn't matter). The heroes as a group earn all that gold, and then all Search Cards are returned to the Search Deck and reshuffled for the next quest. If this is not campaign mode, the search cards don't do anything at the end of the game.

7. The Condition tokens on monsters are the exact same thing as the card. The overlord should have one of each condition card in front of him for reference. Whenever his monster gains a condition, the token goes by the monster figure and the Overlord can refer to his card to see what the effect is. Basically, it's unwielding to put a card by every monster, so you just put a token. See pg 15 of the rulebook.


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