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Subject: Monsters & Magic Game Log 10/13/13 rss

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Players: 3
Game Length: 5 hours
End Card: Thieves Guild
Winner: Shawn

Adam - Chivalric Knight
Paul - Dragon Priestess
Shawn - Gypsy/Troll

Well, where to start? With the beer of course!

Shawn brought over a nice selection of Imported English Ale from WYCHWOOD Brewery in Oxfordshire, England. They were aptly named, Hobgoblin, Wychcraft, Scarecrow and KingGoblin. Let me tell you now - they were amazing and I highly recommend them - especially the KingGoblin. But, that’s enough about the beer - onto the game!

For some reason, though they had better choices in their hands Paul and Shawn both elected to play characters that had never been played before. Namely, the Dragon Priestess and Gypsy. I followed suit and picked the Chivalric Knight, which, although had been played once before, it wasn’t by me!

We were all very anxious to see the Gypsy in action as her ability to pick up any discarded spells after they were cast meant strategically speaking, this was going to be a very different type of game. However, the Gypsy only got to use this ability once since less than 30 minutes into the game Death was set upon her. Shawn rolled a 1. Not to be deterred by the Grim Reaper, Shawn smugly paid a fate an re rolled stating “Hah! What is the chance I will roll another 1?” Well I guess he tempted fate because another 1 he DID roll! The gypsy was instantly killed. Wow. Too bad he couldn’t cast any of his spells from beyond the grave...but more on that later.

His replacement character was the Troll and Shawn knew he had an uphill battle to try and build any Craft counters. His strategy seemed to be get as rich as he could to head into the City and go shopping: when all else fails you can always fall back on this plan! In the meantime, Paul and I were just doing our thing, searching out whatever we could to get some kind of advantage and slowly building ourselves up.

Shawn had drawn a Warlocks Quest to Gain One Craft and just couldn’t seem to get one no matter what he tried. Paul headed into the Highlands, and ended up drawing Stream Of Knowl- edge, Well of Life and Pool of Fortitude. Plenty of goodies for all and so this was Shawn’s chance to gain a craft finally! He headed into the Highlands, as did I with the Chivalric Knight. We both got what we wanted and moved on. Paul spent the remainder of the entire game simply trying to land on one of these pools. He also had 6 or 7 gemstones to trade so he would have been happy to just land on the prospector, trade them in and then head to the city but i’ll be darned he never got to do this! No matter what he rolled he just couldn’t land on anything he wanted and spent almost the rest of the game in there trying!

The Chivalric knight, of course, had a riding horse and so as soon as I was strong enough I sped through the dungeon, defeated the Lord of Darkness and gained the Cloak Of Feathers. I had plans for that which we’ll come to soon enough.

While Paul was faffing around in the Highlands, and I was in the City spending money, Shawn (who still had no craft to speak of but had 10 strength) all of a sudden decided to try and break down the door and head into the Plain Of Peril... Paul and I couldn’t believe it since it was still fairly early for us (only 4 hours in!) But he got through and started making his way around the inner region. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I sped through the City to the Wharf, transported to the Portal of Power, broke down the door and once in the inner region ditched the cloak of feathers and telelported to the Crown of Command! Paul and Shawn were stunned since, this tactic has never been deployed before.

When I drew the end card it turned out to be an ending we have never experienced either - Thieves Guild. Shawn was in the inner region and racing toward the Crown of Command. We all had plenty of Gold and objects so time was on his side. He reached the Crown and we both enjoyed the view from the Wizards tower while Paul went into the City. I am not sure what he was hoping to achieve but it certainly wasn’t what happened as it was a surprise to all of us. On one of the Street Spaces Paul drew the Wizards Chess card and was able to summon one of us to him! Of course, he picked the Chivalric knight and off I trounced bewildered! What a game changer!

Shawn was still stealing objects and gold and was smart enough to make sure the Talismans were the first to go. This protected him somewhat from us trying to enter the inner region again so we really only had one option; head back into the dungeon and try again. The riding horse made this easy and I went through three times thanks to it but with losing objects fast was never strong enough to defeat the Lord of Darkness by enough points to get back to the Crown. Not only that but Shawn had the Amulet which meant he was unaffected by any spell so we really had no other hope at all. Once the Dragon Priestess was down to one life I mentioned to Paul that he may want to cast his healing Spell (he wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping his spells secret) and the debate over when you are able to cast the healing spell commenced.

The best part of it was when it was pointed out to him that you needed to actually be alive to cast any spell he said with admirable justification:

“It doesn’t say anything about needing to be alive!”


The rule book proved the deciding factor and on went the game. For four more rounds that is when Shawn’s Troll took all our remaining lives and won the game!

Second win for Shawn. Will he be as lucky for the 30th Anniversary Celebratory Game next month? We will have to just wait and this space.
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