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Subject: Battle at Mesa Verde rss

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John Ward
United States
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We were playing on Mesa Verde, a scenario we build to let fliers and melee types have a little more fun. It's full of high steps (3 levels) so that non fliers and non-vipers can go up a total of one large level per activation.

The goal of the scenario is to hold the glyphs at the end of round six or later. In our draft, my plan was to ignore the scenario for four rounds and decimate as many figures as possible. My opponent's plan was to take and hold the objectives with defensive models and eat my figures with Grimnak.

I won the draft, so the picks went like this:
A Venoc Warlord (Good even if my opponent takes the vipers away)
B Grimnak (to eat people) and Zettians (defensive) B toyed with drafting Vipers defensively, but they didn't fit with the defensive plan
A Both squads of Vipers (Hisssss!)
B Two squads of Marro Drones (That ought to take care of the Vipers!)
A Knights of Weston and Finn (Nice complementary bump and bonding)
B Krav Maga (more defense, plus shoot vipers) and Raelin (defense)
A Minions of Utgar (Flying monkeys!) and Vikings (my opponent let me go 10 points over)
B Swog rider to use up last points

(Note: we used a variant draft for two person where each picks two after the first pick.)

Turn 1
The Marro drones (D) roll well enough that all six move out. They advance to protect the slower units. The Berserkers (B) move forward but fail to charge. The Krav Maga move up next to the drones, but are too slow to get up on the ledge next to the southern glyph. That's the one they'll defend. The Knights and Finn move up one mesa towards the center of the board. The Zettians move up to get a shot. The Minions fly to the high cliffs nearby.

Turn 2
The Zettians moved uphill and took pot shots at the minions with no results. The vipers moved a ridiculous 9 spaces, putting the southern group next to the southeast mesa. The Zettians moved again, rolling really badly but protecting the glyph. The vipers leapt up on the mesa and ran over to the kravs, killing one krav and a drone. The kravs return the favor, killing both vipers they target. The vipers move. Two vipers from in back move to one activation away and the one viper from the first group kills a krav.
The vipers frenzy! All three vipers get into position and whiff an attack but they frenzy again, killing the remaining krav and a drone. This really made the game work roll my way. The drones don't bother rolling (only three are left) and move up to the hill. The drone in contact with a viper doesn�t score any hits.

Turn 3
Mighty Grimnak runs forward and eats a viper, then spears another on the southern mesa. The remaining vipers move, one killing his drone and the other missing but tying him up. Raelin moves up to protect both Grimnak and the remaining drones. She was insufficiently high, blocking the center hex. Finn and the knights move up with champion bonding. Finn attacks Raelin, wounding her badly. A knight tries to move past her, but she skewers him dead. Another knight gets by Raelin and kills a drone. The third and four knight stop just below Raelin and kill her dead. Grimnak forgets the puny viper and goes after Finn, swallowing a knight next to Finn, but not wounding Finn himself. Finn and the remaining knights turn as one and cut the dinorider to ribbons. My opponent had the last of the really bad luck this turn. Raelin rolled no shields herself and was thus no longer able to help the others.

Turn 4
The minions take wing, heading right for the Zettians. Refusing to allow cowardice to enter their electronic hearts, the Zettians unload on Finn, realizing the heartening effect he is having on his troops. Finn twists aside, the shots missing him entirely. The minions come to the same mesa as the Zettians, but are still out of contact. The Zettians pigheadly continue to shoot Finn, burning him badly (1 wound left). The minions make contact, failing to kill a Zettian. I think this killing of Finn might have worked, but it was foolish to let the minions get into contact. I think my opponent was really afraid that Finn would move up behind the minions, giving them 3 dice doubled. I would have killed the minions, myself!

Turn 5
The Zettians split their forces, one shooting Finn while other faces off against the minions. Neither one does any damage. The minions reshuffle, moving one down to engage the remaining Zettian. They attack wildly to no effect. (Darn 7 defense dice!) The Zettians kill a minion below. The remaining two minions finally kill a Zettian and a drone (all they can reach). The last Zettian shoots to no effect. The knights and Finn move up into support to kill the remaining drone.

Turn 6
The minions move up, failing again to wound the Zettian. Deprived of its partner, it flailed helplessly, unable to kill a minion. The minions refocus and wipe out the last Zettian. The Zettian dies surprised, and the Swog rider stands and looks stupidly (action 2 was the Zettian).

Afterview - my minions were ridiculously lucky, surviving much more than I ever thought they would and keeping pressure on the Zettians. My opponent helped me by taking revenge on the forces that hurt the most instead of hitting the minions as they approached. It all goes back to that fantastic double frenzy in turn two that really made my opponent feel overwhelmed and outnumbered. After that, luck helped me and the enemy never really recovered.

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Read the rulebook, plan for all contingencies, and…read the rulebook again.
United States
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An excellent report!
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