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As promised, played tonight so first reaction.

First things first we had a great time, we won.

Took a bit to explain and setup but the game was played in 2hours and a bit. Did make some mistakes mostly about how many items you can have(we just threw away something when i noticed it) and i think i forget a terror dice a few times after a search with two same icons.

I probably used to much walls in my setup(just did it random) but at the endgame this worked in our advantage.
We had two cameras on the board 9 locks or something around that maybe bit more.

We had trouble getting our equipment out at the start and took a few hits. We ran into dead end but managed to get away while killing most of the zombies. Equipment started getting better and a few skills where developed. Untill we met the zombiedog.
The dog gave us a nice fight but nothing that we could not handle at the expense of some bullets and health
After that we finally got into a corner room, the one with the sprinkels. With my ability and some passing of codechip i was able to put in three code chips to unlock the antidote room. Doing so i did have to put us all in sight of the camera, but luck was on our side someone had picked up a smoke grenade earlier on.
Time passed by but we still needed to get the antidote out of the room, so we had to start and hurry a bit.
We let one of us rush inside to get the antidote. Lisa mortimer was not glad with that. Luckely for us she was only interested in destroying the mansion. She only had one way to run to the next room and let that just happen to be the room where the three other daring souls waited for her.
While lisa rushed over we emptied our clips on her. When she entered the room she was caught by suprise with the mine i had setup for her. She stopped and attacked us all but we got lucky and canceled all her attacks. Next round we tried to hit her with all we had but still she was standing. As a result she destroyed the room and attacked us which costed us a big chunk of our healt. I had two action left barely the other two one and both close to die. The fourth person with the antidote was just staying put in the other room so the antidote would be secure.
Next round lisa was prepared to run, but we could react first. With a nice shotgunblast we took away her last bit of life.

All in all a great experience tainted with a few mistakes that probaly made the game a bit easier. The endfight seemed a bit to easy, however we did plan for it nicely knowing all she wanted to do was come to that one room where we all waited for her. We stood ready guns blazing and my baseballbat wiffing.

Still some question remain.

If you roll pushback do you have to use them.
Can you use pushback with ranged.
Can you pushback a nemesis.
Do codechip count as equipmentslot cause that would have made the game much much harder.

That last one is the most important cause there was only one way into the room so if we could push her out she would have to come in each time, attack(which is doable to resist)and she would never be able to destroy the room.

We played that we pushed her back in the other direction against the wall cause we had no clue if we could push her out.

Few other questions where asked but i think i can find most in the links already posted.

Excuse me for the english mistakes. Its late and its not my forté.
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Here are what I think are the answers to your questions:
1) I'm not sure on this one. It was my belief that if a die result could be resolved it had to be, but I'm not entirely sure if that is just true for the creature die.

2) A knockback can occur with a ranged weapon. Think of it as the opponent being shot and then staggering backwards from the surprise and pain.

3) I did not see anything in the rules that makes a Nemesis immune to any of the die rolls for combat. I would say yes, they can be knocked back.

4) Code chips do not count against the equipment slots.
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