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Subject: Transformer Army rss

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Leon Corona

San Diego
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Hello all, has anyone ever thought about trying to include the transformer army as a possible addition to the game? I have been thinking about it for some time now but am in the need of a little help.

+1 to defense die
+1 to attack die
Immune to all scar affects and does not gain population bonus from cities

Option A
Using 2 different colored armies to simulate separation between autobots and decepticons. Start the game with 50/50 split of colors. Draw reinforcement cards to determine reinforcement numbers and colors to simulate lead up to civil war on Cybertron. Example: being “Add 2, 3, or 4 blue / red (autobot / decepticon) armies.” Random card in reinforcement deck declaring that the civil war on Cybertron has began and either
A) You are aligned to the dominant army color you have on the board
B) You decide which faction to align
Either way you must fight off (as the attacker) against the other faction in any territories with mixed armies. Example being if Russia has 3 blue and 2 reds and you align with blue you roll the attacker dice to fight off the 2 red defenders. It is to the death battle and you must roll until all armies of either color are dead.

Decepticon Powers
Reinforcements based on territories like normal factions but no continent bonus. Gain 1 extra troop per city to represent exploitation of humans and resources.

Autobot Powers
Reinforcements based on territories and cities like normal factions to represent working alongside humanity instead of exploiting. Troop numbers are a minimum of 2 a turn instead of 3. Territory / population count divided by 4 instead of 3. Continent bonuses apply.

Option B
No civil war occurring in any way. Simply choose which faction to align with to determine bonus powers. Those listed under decepticon and autobot or just the 3 overall powers listed at the very top.
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
What about Barricade? I loved his General power.

Maybe make it something you can only use once per turn? then again, his was the best of the 4 leader abilities.

In case people forgot:
Optimus(red) could relocate himself during redeployment. (separately from your actual redeployment)
Bumblebee(yellow) would run away instead of dying. (If the force he was in got completely wiped out, instead of being destroyed, BB would move to an adjacent territory where you had troops, and could only die if he was cut off from your other forces.)

Barricade(purple) forced the defense to defend with one unit while he attacked with 3.
Megatron(black) could do a solo attack on an enemy position. Not a very good power since he had to do it ALONE. (Megatron's vehicle mode in this game was a jet.)

It'd be fun to make Risk Legacy faction powers out of these.
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