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Subject: Playtest of the Rohan Scenario rss

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Kevin Chapman
United States
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Axis & Allies Developer and Playtester; War of the Ring Editor and Playtester
My wife and I played a Rohan test game with me playing the FP. The game was won by the FP on turn 11 with the Fate Track at 18 and the Shadow holding 6 Victory Points (Edoras (4), Thrihyrne (1), and Folde(1)).

Turn 1 - Saruman paced the Palantir Room, plotting the downfall of Rohan. The Fate Tile draw of 1 brought the FP to a slow start. Isengard attacked the garrison at West Fords and destroyed it, then occupied the Fords. Both sides mustered and positioned, and Rohan was boosted by "Where Now the Horse and Rider" (place one reinforcement in each of two Rohan Settlements).

Turn 2 - Saruman continued to brood in the Palantir Room, while a Fate Tile draw of 3 bode well for the FP. Treebeard stirred in Fangorn as Saruman raised more troops and advanced. Rohan positioned armies to defend Helm's Deep.

Turn 3 - Saruman moved to the Balcony to spur on his troops. A Fate Tile draw of 2 (and an Ent) put more pressure on Isengard. "Merry and Pippin, Hasty Folk" (place two Ents in the Entwood and activate the Ents) enabled an Ent attack, severely damaging an army in Westmark and slowing the Shadow advance. Eomer appeared with a small force at West Entwade.

Turn 4 - Saruman moved back the Palantir Room in an attempt to slow the progress of Fate, resulting in a draw of 1 (with an Ent). "Huornwood" added more Ents, and the Ents attacked again, destroying another advancing army in Westmark. Eomer rode west to take advantage of the Shadow losses and pushed them back toward Isengard.

Turn 5 - Saruman remained in the Palantir Room, but a lucky Fate draw of 3 made a mockery of his scheming. A Shadow attack from the south enabled by "Orders from the White Hand" (attack with a chance to eliminate a Rohan Character or Leader in battle) took Thrihyrne, killed Theodred at East Fords and forced his army back. The Rohan army regrouped at Deeping Coombe, but a Combined attack by the advancing Shadow armies forced them back into Helm's Deep and took the Settlement. Eomer returned to West Entwade.

Turn 6 - Saruman continued to plot in the Palantir Room. This time it paid off with a Fate draw of 1. "It Is the Will of Theoden King" (cancel all FP Leadership modifiers) dampened Rohan spirits, and Eomer's army was pushed back to South Westemnet by a Shadow Combined Attack. Gandalf the White appeared in Derndingle.

Turn 7 - Feeling emboldened by his recent victories, Saruman reappeared on the Balcony. The Fate draw was 2 (with an Ent). "Westu Theoden Hal" (accelerate Theoden's appearance in the game) placed Theoden on the Fate Track, and Aragorn entered the game. "You Do Not Know Your Peril" (reduce Shadow Leadership) gave Eomer a little breathing room as 4 armies advanced on him. He made a pre-emptive strike in West Entwade and relieved more pressure. Theoden entered the game courtesy of Gandalf's "Enemy of Saruman" ability, and Aragorn joined Eomer in South Westemnet.

Turn 8 - Saruman remained on the Balcony, resulting in a Fate draw of 2 (with an Ent). The Ents attacked again, destroying an army in Onodle, but Eomer was forced out of South Westemnet and back to Edoras, giving the Shadow another Settlement. Undefended Westfold followed shortly. "You Have No Colour Now" added a favorable tile to the Fate Pool for Rohan.

Turn 9 - With his armies closing the noose around Theoden and company at Edoras, Saruman retired to the Palantir Room, and the Fate draw was 1 (with an Ent). Edoras was surrounded by 3 full armies with 3 Leaders each (as a result of Character die rolls and "Captains and Champions of the White Hand"). A Combined Attack ensued, but the brave defenders won the day, resulting in the complete destruction of all three Shadow armies.

Turn 10 - Saruman sulked in the Palantir Room, and the Fate draw was again 1 (with an Ent). Rohan armies rode out of Edoras and Helm's Deep to recapture Deeping Coombe and South Westemnet from the tattered Isengard armies, but Dunlendings mustered in Westfold and marauding Mordor orcs took Harrowdale and Folde. A Rohan force out of South Westemnet then retook Westfold, and the garrison left in Edoras moved to retake Harrowdale, but the Denlendings escaped and took the now undefended Edoras.

Turn 11 - Seeking to stem the tide of Fate, Saruman remained in the Palantir Room, but a draw of 2 brought the Ents to Isengard and it was destroyed.

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