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Subject: Intro Game for my friends: Session Report rss

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Al Villeneuve
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Ghosts of Creuss - Played by Al - Orange
The Naalu Collective - Played by Beau - Yellow
Universities of Jol Nar - Played by Braek - Green

Strategy Cards used:
1) Leadership
2) Diplomacy II
3) Assembly II
4) Production
5) Trade II
6) Warfare II
7) Technology II
8) Bereaucracy

Optional Rules:
-Distant Suns
-Racial Techs
-Shock Troops
-Space Mines
-Wormhole Nexus
-Tactical Retreat
-Custodians of Mecatol Rex
-Voice of the Council
-Preliminary Objectives
-The Final Frontier
-Mechanized Units
-Political Intrigue

It was a special time in the known galaxy. It had been years since there were any conflicts and the member races of the Galactic Council were in agreement on virtually all agendas. It was a golden age... but it wouldn't last long.

The professors from the Jol Nar Universities were livid. "It's pronounced 'Raroh' not 'Raron'!! the 'N' is silent!" Professor Braek had just about enough of the terrible mispronunciations of the simple names of his galaxies systems. These blasphemies cannot stand, he decided. It's time to bring this galaxy under one rule and teach these plebeians the proper way to speak!! Little did he know his galactic neighbours had plans of their own.

"THIS GALAXY DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH RULES!!" stated Beau, the Queen of the Naalu collective. Too long have these systems been governed by simple laws... "We need MORE laws! MANY more! And they need to be complex!" the Queen argued. She then set in motion her plans to take over the political scene of the Galactic Council in an attempt to flood the Universe with law after law after law...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Universe... The Ghosts of Creuss said: "Lets F**k $hit up!"

After a slight "mishap", causing a huge production setback, the Naalu decided they needed to take a strangle hold on the political scene to get their plans back on track. In order to do so, they would require the support of Mecatol Rex. And since they wouldn't participate voluntarily, the Queen had to get their participation by force with a surprise attack from the Naalu homeworld. Neither the Jol Nar nor the Ghosts saw this coming. Both factions immediately began to reinforce their positions around Mecatol Rex as they both knew that the Naalu couldn't be allowed to retain control of this powerful planet.

Wanting to flex her newly acquired political muscles, Beau put forth an agenda to prevent any future warfare on the surface of the planet Mecatol Rex thus preventing any other races from taking control of it by military means. Both the Ghosts and Jol Nar were strongly against this. But both were also able to be convinced, by the right means, to change their point of view. By promising to cede the Galactic Throne to the Ghosts should there be a struggle of power in the future, the Naalu were able to purchase the support of the Creuss Ghosts and secure their political power.

The Ghosts were not going to stop there however... They wanted to show the Naalu that although they captured and secured Mecatol, they weren't as powerful as the great Ghosts of Creuss. And so, the Ghosts captured a planet just outside the Naalu homeworld.

This caused a great rift in the balance of the galaxy as it was the first military conflict to fall upon the galaxy in some time. This angered the Jol Nar as well as the Naalu. And they both set their immediate plans towards retaliation against the Ghosts. Their joint efforts successfully removed the Creuss occupation of the Naalu planet.

Still intent on showing the galaxy their might and maneuverability, and with the rest of the Council focusing on the Ghosts first conquest, General Al of the Ghosts of Creuss commanded another planet be taken from the proximity of the Naalu. They succeeded.

Now that the Ghosts have demonstrated their strength, and the rest of the galaxy admittedly were unable to route them from their new acquisition in short order, they decided to peacefully retreat from Naalu space. They also helped enact several laws that further demonstrated their future intentions of remaining peaceful.

Although the Jol Nar have remained out of recent conflicts, they weren't planning on staying that way for long. With their supreme intelligence, they researched, year after year, new and deadly technologies, until they found the ultimate technology: the War Sun. They took their newly developed stars of death towards Mecatol with intentions to wipe the skies of any vessels not carrying the mark of the Jol Nar. They were able to do this, and in short order.

However, while the Jol Nar were busy fighting for the center of the Universe, they left a prized artifact undefended. The Ghosts were able to mobilize and take it from them. This, combined with the promise that was made to them by the Naalu, allowed the Ghosts of Creuss to secure their place as the Supreme Leaders of the Known Galaxy!
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