Tommy McArdle
United States
New Jersey
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Am just getting started on the scenario CROSSFIRE HURRICANE and have several rules questions.
1. Weather what is the visibility range for overcast weather ? Clear is 8 hexes and rain and fog 2 but I see no mention of overcast. is it 8 hexes ?.

2. Chits, I see that as the British player I pick 2 chits. There are four remaining 1 Para Bde, 4 Para Bde, 1 AL Bde and ! Para Div Indp. I have to pick 2 of these correct. I assume that the Indp would not be picked and probably the 1 Para Bde also. So if I pick 4 Para Bde and 1 AL Bde then the 1 Para Bde can only activate under the Direct command and Division Activation correct ?.

3. Command breakdown. I see this rule in SSR so all units can activate if within the range of 4 Para Bde and 1 AL Bde if I draw that chit, correct ? (see above)
Say it is the 0900 turn and I rule a 1, now only the units of the formation drawn can activate, correct ?

4. Set up. Can the German SS HOHENSTAUFEN units set up on or within 1 hex of SDPV since this is East of Hex row 35, or must they set up East of the British units at 4527 ?. As technically The SDPV is North East of the START line.

Would appreciate some insight as to what hexes to place these German units in. Am playing the game solo.

Thanks to all those who respond.

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