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Subject: Two OP 2 events this weekend rss

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John Webster
United States
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Both days only had three participants so everyone got one bye.

Negh'var class

Negh'var class
Advanced Weapon Systems


First match I had the bye. Got pizza because the judge said the bye person could not hang around.

Second match I played against a Klingon / Romulan fleet. two Klingon Ships and Two Science vessels and Piccard + GenCon Khan. This match started out really well - I was putting some hits on the Klingon ships THEN he dropped cloaked mines. Since we were coming up the edge of the board and we had placed three of the four debris fields on that side I was kind of stuck. I turned toward the OWP but the mines hit my one Negh'var and my Gr'oth really bad. He was able to get in behind me and finish off those two ships. Time was called. He lost a science vessel and I lost Krell's ship and Gowron's ship.

Lessons learned: do not get yourself in a position when you can not avoid mines if they are dropped. Take that darn Bonus die - it really hurt me.

Third match I played against a Federation / Romulan build: Ent-D, Reliant and Valdore. My opponent split his fleet - Federation lined up facing my fleet and the Romulan was on the other side of the board. We came right at each other. The OWPs weakened his Federation ships and I finished them off. The rest of the match I chased around his Valdore, trying to kill it. Time was called. I had everything in tact and he still had a liming Valdore.

I was given a ship for second prize / sportsmanship because I reminded my second opponent to use his bonus damage die during our game.


Sunday: I knew I had to fit the Bonus attack die into my fleet this time. I also realized I never used Gawron's ability, so I decided to yank him. I picked up the K'T'Inga Class on Saturday, so I thought I would work that into the list.

Negh'var class

Negh'var class
Advanced Weapon Systems

K't'inga Class
Donatra (Somehow the Klingons got her to defect)

Attack Die

First match I played against a pure Klingon fleet: Negh'var, Two D-7s all tricked out with upgrades and Martok.

I inched toward my opponent who came at me much faster. I cloaked he didn't. He started taking hits from the OWPs. I had target locks on all of his ships. I really pummeled his uncloaked ships. After he lost the D-7s he tried evading me with the Negh'var and cloaking but it was too late. I won this match handily.

Note: Donatra was totally worth it.

Second match I played against a straight Klingon fleet. I forget exactly what he ran, it was all named ships with good captains. This fleet was designed to overcome cloaking fleets. Again this was another head to head joust down the side of the board. He took out Donatra on turn three when we first engaged and it looked like his theory of taking down cloaked ships with focused fire was going to come true. During that same turn it looked like I was going to take out his Gr'oth, when he pulled out his Admiral token and re-rolled to save the day. The next turn was crucial - He guessed we were both going to come about and I only moved forward an inch which left me on his tail. Two full turns of me on his tail was too much to take and I finished him off before time was called.

The Special Attack Die is very worth the 5 points.

This second match could have gone either way. My cloaked ships were a huge gamble with him rolling 7 attack die from his Negh'var.

I am glad that November will require some actual pilot skills.

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