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Heroes vs Warlords

First Turn Example:
Start: Armies are bought for a total of 20 Gold:
Sir Rondrian’s army consists of:
3 archers (9 gold), 3 squires (6 gold) and 5 peasants (5 gold) for a total of 20 gold.
UGH’s army consists of:
3 archers (9 gold), 4 warriors level 2 (8 gold) and 3 warriors level 1 (3 gold) for a total of 20 gold.
Initiative die roll (use a die with numbers 1-20 abbreviation ”D20“) :
Sir Rondrian: D20 = 3
UGH: D20 = 13
Thus UGH won the Initiative for the first of three impulses. One turn consists of three impulses.
UGH has 4 movement points (MP) available and uses his first MP to enter a yellow bordered hex,
which indicates a resource (mine). UGH likes to take control of this hex. Now the Defender Strength
Table was consulted to determine the defenders strength.
A 2 is rolled which results in 4 defenders level 1 appearing on the mine hex.
UGH may decide between battle or retreat. For UGH its out of question, he attacks!!
Order of Combat:
Defenders first and thereafter the attackers approach each other. Each stack of a force has to conduct a
offensive action (for example close range with the enemy or range combat with archers).
Ranged combat: UGH`s archers are not in range to attack, so they have to move towards the enemy.
Ranged combat units cannot do both: fire and move.
UGH’s level one warriors can reach the enemy, so they attack. One round of melee starts now for units
adjacent to each other:
1st Combat Round:
Attacker (UGH):
The sum of attack rating of the stack plus number of soldiers plus attack rating of the hero result in the
attackers total:
3 (stack`s attack rating) +
3 number of units +
4 hero’s attack rating
Resulting in an attackers total of 10.
Defender (Rondrian):
The sum of defense rating plus number of soldiers result in the defenders total:
2 defense rating +
3 soldiers
Resulting in a defenders total of 5.
Now subtract the defenders total from the attackers total. This results in final advantage of 5 for UGH.
UGH rolls a “3” with a D20 and adds 5 (the determined total above) for a total of 8.
Defender rolls 17.
The result of the first combat round:
UGH’s warriors suffer hits!
17 - 8 = 9 hits, taking effect at once. Warriors level one can absorb one hit maximum, so they are
eliminated, excess hits are ignored.
The Defenders takes no hits. Only inflicting 4 hits or multiple results in one attrition hit for the other
2nd Combat Round:
UGH tries to get the initiative with an Initiative roll to move first now.
By rolling a 9 with an initiative of 7 this fails. This can be tried only once per combat.
The defender goes first and attack UGH´s archers.
2 attacker rating +
3 soldiers =
5 attacker total
3 defense +
3 number of units +
0 hero’s defense rating (works in close combat only) =
6 defender total.
Attacker rolls: “20”
20 minus 1 see above =19
Defender rolls: “19”
POOH! Some luck for UGH finally!
UGH withdraws his archers which cannot fire once again.
Now UGH’s warriors go for melee.
5 attacker rating +
4 number of units +
4 hero’s attack rating =
13 attacker total
2 defense rating +
3 number of units =
5 defender total .
Attacker rolls:
15 die roll + 8Bonus = 23
Defender rolls:
6 die roll +0 Bonus = 6
UGH and his warriors score17 hits, eliminating all defenders.
The combat is over. UGH won the battle and scores 3 Experience points. (Number of units = 3
multiplied with creatures level 1 = 3).
The mine is marked with a control marker to indicate UGH’s conquest.
Now UGH moves to the next resource and tries to conquer it as well.
3 of his 4 MP are used now.
A die roll of 3 results in 5 enemies with level 1 for defense.
Combat Phase:
Defender goes first.
Again the defenders clever move does not allow the archers to fire.
The melee units cannot approach the enemy in one move either.
3rd Combat Round:
UGH tries to gain Initiative and fails again with a 15. (8 points too much)
Neutrals go first.
2 attacker rating +
5 number =
7 attacker total
4 defense +
4 number of units +
2 hero’s defense rating =
10 Defenders
Attackers rolls:
16 die roll + 0 Bonus = 16 modified total
Defenders rolls:
10 die roll + 3 Bonus = 13 modified total
This results in 3 Hits against UGH’s soldiers.
This results in the death of one soldier and one soldier gets hurt (place a red marker)
Now its UGH turn .
The archers are now in range and conduct fire. This is different than melee. Simply roll a D20 and add
the result to the attacker rating to receive an attack rating. Now the defender rolls a D20 (evasion). If
he rolls more or equal than the attack rating, nothing happens, if he rolls less, he receives as many hits
as the attacker has archers (in this case 3).
Attack roll
12 die roll + 5 Bonus = 17 modified total
Evasion roll (defender)
3 die roll + 0 Bonus = 3 modified total
This results in three hits and three defenders are killed.
UGH’s Melee attack:
5 attack (the wounded soldier also keeps his full combat value) +
3 number of units +
4 attack value of hero =
12 attacker total
2 defense +
2 number of units =
4 defender total
Attacker (UGH) rolls:
13 die roll + 8 Bonus = 21 modified total
Defenders rolls:
15 die roll + 0 Bonus = 15 modified total
That results in 6 hits by UGH. Because there are only 2 creatures left, they will be eliminated, the
combat ends and UGH receives 5 experience points.
Also one control marker will be placed at the resource hex.
UGH moves one stack to enter a new map tile with his last movement point. He has to announce it,
before he executes this move. Then the map tile will be flipped. If he enters a resource hex, he may
decide to attack here or retreat. Lets assume in our case nothing else will happen.
This finishes UGH’s actions and its Sir Rondrian’s turn.
Sir Rondrian moves units towards a resource hex to conquer it too. The die roll of the defender is 6,
which results in the appearance of 8 creatures with level 1.
These neutral units move first, but without reaching the attack range of the enemy archers. Sir
Rondrian moves now, but was also unable to fire with his archers. Instead one of his other units has
the possibility of a melee.
2 attack value +
5 number of units +
2 attacker rating of hero =
9 attacker total
2 defense value +
8 number of units =
10 defender total
Attacker rolls:
20 die roll -1 Bonus = 19 modified total
Defender rolls:
10 Die roll + 0 Bonus = 10 modified total
Defender receives 9 hits, but can absorb only 8 hits and is eliminated. Because more than 4 hits were
achieved Sir Rondrian’s units suffer attrition. Every 4th hit results in one attrition hit for the victor (i.e.
the 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th hit and so on). In our case Sir Rondrian suffers two attrition hits.
Finally Sir Rondrian gets 8 Experience points due to this combat and a control marker on this
Now Sir Rondrian move to the next resource hex for conquest. Unfortunately it is defended by 6
The defenders move, but are unable to avoid range attack by enemy archers.
Range Combat:
3 die roll + 6 Bonus = 9 modified total
Evasion Roll:
16 Die roll + 0 Bonus = 16 modified total
Sir Rondrians archers missed the target.
4 attack value +
3 modified total +
2 attacker rating of hero =
9 attack total
2 defense value +
6 numver of units =
8 defense total
Attacker rolls:
10 die roll + 1 Bonus = 11 modified total
Defender rolls:
3 Die roll + 0 Bonus = 3 modified total
Sir Rondrian’s soldiers achieved 8 hits. The defenders consists of only six units and will be destroyed.
Because only 6 of 8 hits achieve a result for the purpose of attrition hits the result will be a 6. That
means Sir Rondrian takes only one attrition hit.
damit haben 8 Hits gelandet and die Defenders besiegt.
This time the attackers were squires with level 2. One hit will hurt one soldier but not kill him. After
combat all wounded soldiers will recover from their injuries and be healed.
Furthermore Sir Rondrian gains 6 experience points for this combat for a combined total of 14 points.
Now he has reached the next level and he may improve one of his basic values permanently. Instead
he chooses to improve his attack rating by one for a total of 3.
Sir Rondrian uses his last movement point to explore a new map tile, which must be announced
beforehand. Lets alos assume, that nothing else will happen.

Excuse for clerical
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