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Subject: After months of trying, I get a game of this in... rss

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Dave Heberer
United States
Lake Stevens
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Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.
I had bought ED about a year and a half ago when I was trying to pick up a few of the Sid Sackson games that were printed long long ago. However, the completely dated box and picture on the front stopped many people from playing this game with me, and I was sure I would never get a game in. However, I just needed to be a bit sterner with the people in my group and basically force this game on them, and lo and behold the game got played.

It was John, Phillip (not Phil), Steve and I starting kind of late in the evening for what turned out to be a long game. I had read the rules and it seemed fairly simple. I figured we could knock out the game in an hour maybe 90 minutes tops. The actual game length was a little over 2 hours, much longer than a game of this simplicity needed to be.

Anyways, the game. Phillip bid high enough to be the only purchaser of X-Fine goods in the first month, and actually picked up 6 of them and 3 Fines. Everyone else tried to cut it too close on the various goods and ended the month with a few Fine and Standard materials out there. No one built anything.

For the next several months, Phillip kept requesting 9 XF goods at prices that could never be satisified (something like 3 dollars per good or something), driving the price of these goods up by 6-8 dollars a turn and denying us these goods. Steve took on the approach of bidding inefficently to ensure success at getting the goods he wanted and at least turning some profit. John and I were guessing to close, and with Phillip's antics, couldn't seem to net any goods. This came to a stop when I decided I guessed some absurdly high value for the XF goods and got 3 or 4 of them to make some B goods (the prices for goods was incredible given that no one but steve was making any goods).

As it came down to the end of the year, John had been hoarding Fine goods (and managed to pick up a few standard and XF along the way). In the last month he sold everything for monster profit and came within 2 dollars of winning. Steve's buy and sell for any profit, never mind the craziness made him just over 1100 dollars. John's buy very early and hold until the end idea got him just shy of Steve. Phillip's strategy of denying others XF goods until mid game might have hurt him, who knows? He came in last, but only because of a math mistake that prevented him of turning another 80 dollars profit. My riding the line as close as possible for maximal profit didn't work so well, Phillip and I had in the neighborhood of 850 dollars.

It was a decent game, I want to play the printed variant (if you bid off by a dollar or two you aren't completely screwed, there is a sliding scale of screwage) next time. People might have just been being nice, but I think they had an ok time with it. The theme is terrible, practically non-existant.
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