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Lieutenant Jason
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Seven sleek starships poised for action were positioned at the command post of a new sector. The Excelsior, Enterprise-A, Reliant, Equinox and Yosemite were right behind the Yeager, commanded by Worf and McCoy while the flagship, the Prometheus, was under Admiral Cartwright and Chief Miles O’Brien.
On the bridge of the flagship, O’Brien reported to the acting captain. “Admiral, long-range probes indicate the Klingons are in the sector and have established an outpost,” Miles alerted. “Also, the Romulans are advancing rapidly toward our position and have a strongly established colony.”
“We will advance,” Cartwright declared with a slight smile. “Send the Enterprise ahead to clear a path to the Romulan flagship.”
O’Brien looked surprised but complied swiftly. “It is done, sir. We have a direct path and can reach the target if you choose to attack, but it would be dangerous.”
“I know what I am doing. We will try to humiliate them there. Charge in at Warp 11!”
The Prometheus shook as it leapt forward at maximum speed. Suddenly, the mighty vessel decelerated. “Khazara in range!”
“Prepare the bridge for battle! Target and fire with full power to phasers!” Cartwright ordered. The Khazara was rattled by the blow as it tried to peel off. “Report!”
“The ship is undamaged, sir,” O’Brien detected. “A Romulan apparently sacrificed himself to enhance their shields temporarily.”
“Open fire again by coming up to port!”
“You are a legendary captain, sir! Firing phasers at full power.” Lightning seemed to bolt out from the Prometheus. “Target hit!”
“Excellent. Now we can relax a little,” Cartwright allowed. “Dispatch the Reliant to explore.”
“Done, sir. The Reliant has found two Class M planets, which may be of use to us and it has picked up some Latinum.”
“Send the Yeager and Excelsior to the Reliant’s position and colonize the location.”
“They have completed your mission, sir,” O’Brien related.
“Let the smaller vessels explore and do what they can.”
“The Equinox is bogged down in a Dark Matter Nebula. The Yosemite has completed Stellar Cartography and successfully explored a planet in a subspace rift, encountering only a massive tachyon pulse.”
“You can be sure that things are about to get interesting, but this is a good beginning,” Cartwright surmised.
On the bridge of the Yeager, Worf was uneasy. “The Klingons are up to something and often strike with fury,” he warned. “We must be ready for them.”
McCoy looked concernedly at the officer in command. “Sir, your experience with the Klingons goes without question, but we must avoid their tactics of death,” McCoy asserted.
“Do not fear and you will be able to face them. War is inevitable. There are too many factions vying for power and resources and the admiral has already engaged the Romulans.”
“This is madness, man! We are talking about universal Armageddon! How can we fight both factions at once?”
“We will not do so unless necessary. Man that station and assist me, doctor,” Worf directed.
“What? There is a Klingon ship coming in at Warp 9!” McCoy practically screamed.
“Identify! What is its heading? All ships, evasive maneuvers!”
“It is the T’Ong. It is firing on the Reliant with phasers and a photon torpedo!”
“Prepare to intercept. Excelsior, stand by!” Worf commanded. The lieutenant commander watched as the Reliant was pummeled with fire.
“The Reliant’s weapons are offline. Another ship is coming in at Warp 8. It is the Klothos! She is firing phasers and a photon torpedo against the Reliant!”
“That is not a surprise.”
“The Reliant is coming around to bring the enemy to us. The Reliant is down,” McCoy moaned.
“It was a dramatic defeat. The Klingons have made an aggressive move here and an attack run. Stand by to engage!”
“Commander, the Bortas is warping through at Warp 9 to engage the Khazara or the Prometheus!”
“They are displaying dominance, but the admiral will be ready for them,” Worf assured.
“The Bortas has blasted the Khazara, the Prometheus reports.”
“It struck the wounded first. The admiral knows what he is doing.”
“Kronos One is moving at Warp 9 to the other Class M planet and has established a foothold by building an outpost,” McCoy noted.
“What have the Romulans accomplished thus far?”
“Our data indicate they have sent out a nebula probe in addition to building a colony.”
“Do we know who the enemy commanders are?” Worf wondered.
“Communications thus far have established that Donatra commands the Terix and Martok commands the Bortas.”
“Keep reporting.”
“Yes, sir, but I really should be at the medical station. I am a doctor,” McCoy reminded.
“We are short-handed,” Worf said wryly.
“A Romulan spy has boarded the Bortas. Donatra has built the Romulan starbase. Another Romulan spy has reset the shield harmonics on the T’Ong. The Terix is coming in at Warp 9!”
“Stay alert but she will probably target the T’Ong,” Worf predicted.
“The Terix is firing disruptors and full phasers at the T’Ong but to no effect!”
“The Klingons are often honorable warriors who know how to fight.”
“The Talvath is coming in at Warp 7 and is at battle stations! The T’Ong is hit!” McCoy shouted as the viewscreen seemed to convulse with explosions again.
“That was courageous for a smaller ship. The T’Ong now has a battle scar.”
“The T’Ong is returning fire but missed! The Talvath is doing a hit and run and has now cloaked.”
“What is happening elsewhere?” Worf inquired.
“Toreth has taken command of the Khazara and has trapped the Enterprise. The Khazara is also attacking!”
“What has happened?”
“Q has appeared and brought diplomacy,” McCoy replied, amazed.
On the bridge of the Prometheus, Cartwright monitored the entire situation. “Well, that was some diplomatic solution,” he commented. “I see Picard’s hand in this; therefore, I expect to see him arrive shortly.”
“The fleet is awaiting your orders, sir,” O’Brien hailed.
“Prepare for heavy action.”
“As our legendary captain again?”
“Yes. Have the Yosemite continue on course and tell the Enterprise to hold fast,” Cartwright decided.
“Sir, the Yosemite has found a dead colony at an M-Type star and completed a stellar survey.”
“And William Riker has taken over the Excelsior,” O’Brien followed up.
“It’s good to have him back. Warp into the next parsec where all the action is.”
“The Bortas may fire on us as we pull away.”
“I am well aware of that. Execute,” Cartwright demanded.
“Sir, the Bortas is moving to attack position. But something is happening. Someone has boarded. It is an Orion Slave Girl!”
“She is my gift to them. She will keep them busy for a while.”
“The Bortas has broken off the attack,” O’Brien saw.
Just then, the bridge turbolift opened and an officer appeared. “Lieutenant Tasha Yar reporting for duty, sir,” she announced.
“Welcome aboard,” the admiral greeted. “Please take over the weapons station.”
“Captain Picard has now boarded the Excelsior,” O’Brien related.
“As anticipated. Now, advance!”
“Sir, we have entered the area!” Yar warned. “Enemy ships are directly ahead, Klingon and Romulan.”
“Prepare for a death blow. Fire full phasers at the T’Ong’s bridge!”
“Aye, sir. We have Weapons 30!” Suddenly, the T’Ong burst into debris in the viewscreen. “Target destroyed, sir. Admiral, that is a new attack record for a single Federation ship.”
“Yes, indeed. We can be just as strong as the toughest Ferengi explorers. Now prepare for a coordinated attack against the Klothos. Fire on that ship!” Cartwright commanded.
“Target locked. Firing!” The Klothos abruptly exploded as the Prometheus bridge watched. “Sir, it was blown from undamaged to debris in a single burst,” Yar commented in amazement.
“Now send the Yeager and Excelsior out of here to the Class T planet nearby. They should be able to get clear.”
“Captain Picard and Commander Worf have successfully withdrawn.”
“Tell them to do what they can,” Cartwright directed.
“Aye, sir. The Yeager has taken advantage of the location and Captain Picard has ordered the Voyager to reinforce us.”
As the Prometheus crew continued to monitor the situation and prepare for continued conflict, they noted the inability of the Bortas to engage in combat due to a previously deployed Romulan spy. The Negh’Var and Rotarran came in to reinforce the Klingons but did not get far due to a supernova and a small dark matter nebula.
“Admiral, the Qhondoq is warping in and so is Kronos One,” O’Brien reported.
“They are moving in to take us together,” Yar detected.
“Stand by to return fire at my command,” Cartwright ordered.
“Sir, we have the power to boost shields further. That may prevent us from taking a hit.”
“I realize that, Lieutenant. Prepare to fire on the Qhondoq.”
“Sir, if we take a hit, the Terix is still here. We may take another and then we will be unprepared for the next mission,” Yar resisted.
“My order stands,” Cartwright insisted.
“They are firing full phasers.”
“Evasive starboard!”
“We withstood the blast!” Yar cheered.
“Excellent! Now we have a chance to wipe out their ship. Fire!”
“We have Weapons 30 again!” The Qhondoq was raked by heavy phaser blasts as it arced away from the retaliation.
“She was wary and that saved her but she is heavily damaged,” Cartwright knew.
Reports continued to come in. K’mtar took command of Kronos One and K’ehleyr deployed to the Negh’Var to give it Warp 11 capability when uncloaked. The Khazara withdrew from the Enterprise. The Talvath left the Prometheus, the Qhondoq and the Terix and built an outpost. The Terix cloaked and uncloaked and removed Federation control from its colony and then used defiance to take the colony.
From the Excelsior’s bridge, William Riker commented on the Romulan movements. “They are working to build their influence but isn’t it too late for that?” he mused.
“Indeed, Number One,” Picard concurred. “Their logistical redundancy is helpful but not nearly enough.”
“Commander Worf reports that there is a spy on his ship.”
“The Romulans have even corrupted Worf’s own son, but we will emerge victorious.”
“The Romulans have just made sensor echoes and carried out stealth intimidation next to our command post,” Riker alerted.
“Hmm. Take us in with the flagship and the Terix.”
“Aye, sir. Captain, the Prometheus and the Yeager are warping over to the Romulan starbase. Admiral Cartwright is pushing them to the limit to blow it. They have succeeded in a massacre but Tasha and Worf had to rest after that struggle.”
“The admiral adds a lot of power when he is up against enemy ships but not against installations,” Picard noted.
“I believe we are just short of securing the sector.”
“That is why the admiral only sent two ships instead of three. Do a planetary survey, Number One.”
“Wouldn’t you rather blow the Qhondoq?” Riker questioned.
“No. I thought the Terix would, but it is not guaranteed that we can. It is certain we can do the survey.”
“Done, sir. Also, the Voyager has explored and controlled an uninhabitable planet. The Equinox is trapped by the Bortas. The Yosemite took over the colony it found and has avoided a particle fountain while exploring further. Word is now coming in that Donatra and Martok are surrendering the sector to us. We have done it!”
“The Federation shall be formidable when intelligence is in command,” Picard allowed.
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Jeff Dunford
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"I think this... belongs in... the Sessions forum," Kirk suggested.
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Glenn Darrin
United States
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iNano78 wrote:
"I think this... belongs in... the Sessions forum," Kirk suggested.

A logical conclusion, captain. Our sensors fail to indicate any life in this quadrant. Perhaps a move to the sessions forum would indeed be wise.
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Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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"Make it so, number one!"
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I am BGG's official honey trap

Moved from General to Sessions.
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