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Having received my copy of Paradise Fallen (Published by Crash Games) and now having played it a few times I thought a quick review might be nice. Note: that this is not an explanation of how to play the game.

First off - I had to put the 20 stickers on the tokens. I was OK with this. Not as satisfy to me as punching cardboard, but wooden tokens are always a nice touch.

and now the review:

1. Artwork. The artwork for this game is beautiful. Seriously I cannot overstate how happy I was when I opened this up and took a look at all of the artwork. Grade: A

2. Rulebook. This is my only real gripe with this game. The rulebook leaves a bit of confusion here for me. I pride myself on being able to decipher and study a rulebook pretty well. While the rulebook was plenty to get my group up and running - it definitely was unclear on some thinngs and led to a few issues during first few plays. Grade: C+

3. Components. I had no complaints with this (other than having to put twenty round stickers on, which does not hurt the score). The cards are high quality linen. The upgraded Island cards are very nice. (Note: I do not know that this will be in the non Kickstarter version) The Outrigger Meeples are wonderful! Grade: A+

4. Setup Time and Play Time: Setup for this game was exactly what I expected - almost no time. You can be up and running with a game in the time it takes to shuffle a deck of cards. Play time for this game is listed on the box as 20-30 minutes. Through a few plays we found this to be pretty darn accurate. The setup/play times of this game make it an ideal game while traveling, lunch breaks or a nice warmup or wind down game night game. Grade: A

5. Gameplay. The first game or two can be a bit of a confusion for new players. This is really due to the heavy use of iconography in the game. I highly recommend at least one experienced player in a group who can quickly explain what a card means. There are Player Aids for each player, but we still found that there were questions. Crash Games however must have realized this and included an explanation of the different cards in the back of the rulebook which can be referred to. Personally this does not bother me, but I can see how heavy use of icons could be a put off to some casual gamers. Once you have played a game or two though this should no longer be an issue. The flow of the game is smooth with each player doing everything they can during their turn and play progressing to the next person. Interaction in this game however is minimal. You can mess with your opponents during your turn through the use of Aberration Cards, but there is nothing you can do during your opponent(s)' turn(s). We found that a single player's turn did not take that long even for new players so the downtime wasn't bad enough to warrant a knock against the game. I personally hope for a future expansion that might add a few options to players out of turn (crossing to that island? surprise Kraken!) This game can be as heavy of as light as you wish on strategy. You can just focus on exploration or you can really try to anticipate the other player's moves and adjust throughout. There is a fair amount of luck in this game simply due to the random drawing of cards. Grade: A-

Conclusion: A fine release by Crash Games indeed. This game will appeal to all types of gamers. Light and fun - does not require too much over-thinking. I anticipate this one hitting my table more than I had originally expected when I backed it. I am hoping for a revised rulebook and perhaps an expansion down the road. Overall Grade: A-
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