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(Reproduced from my report on

The game was far more exciting than I had expected. I had let my son choose and was unimpressed when he chose this map and made me play the Scythians. He played well and narrowly missed wining when he just missed on taking or routing units.

The Macedonians started by moving the LB and LS out of the way of the HWM and started a ranged attack. Scythians fought back with LBC and push back the HWM on the Macedonian left and eliminated the HWM on the right.
Then Macedonians moved forward with all light troop and focused on the MC with Satraces reducing to one unit and pushing back.
Scythians held ground with both flanks using ranged fire to reduce numbers of Macedonians.
Macedonia decided to push in the centre with the foot troops and moved towards the river. Scythians held at the river for as long as possible and finally fell back in the centre, loosing the last MC unit and Satraces. However the LBC on the left flank attacked the Companion cavalry reducing it to one unit and causing caution to be exercised with them and Alexander.

With the loss of the river in the centre, Macedonia pushed on the Scythian left flank and they folded, moving to the centre near the baseline. The Scythians held on elsewhere with ranged attacks and took further units through attrition with ranged attacks.
Finally with the left flank collapsed, the Scythians pushed into the right corner and the Macedonians already having forded the river, they pushed forward in the centre to end the battle. Narrowly missing routing a Scythian LC and claiming victory, the Macedonians left a Aux unit with a single figure on the hill C6. The score was 4 all and the Scythians played a mounted charge! That was all that was needed and the Scythians won 5-4.

The other interesting thing was that as the Scythians, I had terrible cards. At one point (after my MC had been eliminated), I was holding a Heavy and a Medium Order card as well as THREE Line Command cards! To balance this I was also lucky enough to pick up "Darken the Skies" early and 2 counter attack cards along the way, as well as the aforementioned coup de grâce card - Mounted Charge.
Overall I feel both sides played well, cards for both sides hindered and helped, and a few key die rolls went for and against both armies. It was a very exciting and thrilling game that at the end could have gone either way. Asymmetrical warfare can be so interesting - but mainly when the little guy wins!
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