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This is the fourth in a series documenting games of Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game using Advanced Solo Mode rules. All games are constructed randomly using the Legendary Wheel of Fate tool.

The Setup
Heroes: Captain America, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist
Mastermind: Apocalypse
Scheme: Bathe Earth in Cosmic Rays
Villains: Enemies of Asgard
Henchmen: Savage Land Mutates

The Strategy
I wasn’t excited when I first saw this trio of heroes. In order to take down Apocalypse, I was going to need a strong team, and I wasn’t sure this was it. Invisible Woman and Iron Fist don’t get along well. Iron Fist likes a bunch of different recruit costs in his deck, while Invisible Woman’s cards all cost 4. On the plus side, Captain America likes a lot of different colors in his deck, and while most of his cards are Strength, Instinct or Tech, Invisible Woman is all Covert and Ranged. My plan was to focus on Captain America and Invisible Woman, while only grabbing Iron Fist cards if I felt I had to.

How Did it Work?
The plan was a good one, but Apocalypse’s Master Strike ability plus the twist effect of Bathe Earth in Cosmic Rays combined to make my deck very slow to start. I was fortunate that a number of Scheme Twists came immediately after a Master Strike, making it so I only lost three non-grey heroes to the KO stack, and only two of those came from Scheme Twists.

Invisible Woman and Captain America gave me plenty of recruiting power, and I was able to snare all three characters’ rare cards. Apocalypse’s The End of All Things tactic had the misfortune to knock the rare Living Weapon Iron Fist out of the game before it ever hit my hand — something that make Apocalypse even more brutal when playing in Advanced Solo Mode, you can’t avoid his fight effects by being the one to fight him.

The game’s most memorable turn involved racking up 23 attack, taking down an Apocalypse tactic, and then fighting an Enchantress in the city, pulling my attack back up to 9 after drawing three cards off her fight ability, then fighting a second Enchantress in the city. That Enchantress let me draw two Perfect Teamwork Captain Americas, each of which added 6 attack, allowing me to defeat another Apocalypse tactic.

Near the end of the game, I was fortunate to have fought Apocalypse three times and not run into his Immortal and Undefeated tactic, so I felt good when there were still three cards in the villain deck. I drew a hand of six non-grey heroes only to flip up the final Master Strike card, basically ending my turn as I had to return all of them to the top of my deck and burning through two villain deck cards in one turn. I redrew my hand, flipped up the final villain card, and dropped Ancient Legacy Iron Fist, hoping that I’d draw something that would bump the 9 attack I had in my hand up to 12 attack. I drew Perfect Teamwork Captain America, which gave me 4 attack and bumped my total to 13, allowing me to take down Apocalypse on the last turn.

Victory. The team's adjusted score was 30 points. It endured six Scheme Twists and five Master Strikes.

The Final Deck
2x SHIELD Agent

2x Avengers Assemble! Captain America
3x Perfect Teamwork Captain America
1x Diving Block Captain America
1x A Day Unlike Any Other Captain America

2x Disappearing Act Invisible Woman
2x Four of a Kind Invisible Woman
1x Invisible Barrier Invisible Woman

2x Ancient Legacy Iron Fist
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