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Subject: Quest for the Dragonlord! rss

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This variant could be played with or without the knowledge of "Quest for the Dragonlord".

Players: 2-4
Material needed: Only the location cards from Defender, all the cards with birdie icon will not be used. 4 color Units from Defender as well.
Some coins or chips as curreny in this game. For 3 players only use 3 colors.

Victory condition: become the one and only army left, or get $50 to win.
(the victory condition could be lower to have a faster game)

Setup: Randomly pick one location card of each color as the starting terrain and put 3 unit of their color on top of it. These 4(if 4players) will be the starting location of the 4 colors.
Shuffle the location and each player draw 5 cards and you may now start.

1. Play a card from hand.
2. Movement
3. Combat
4. Income
5. Reinforcement
6. Draw cards back to hand size

1. Play a color to enlarge the board size. You may use any of the 4 color terrain which is not in play. Usually it is better to play a color of your own, because it will enlarge you resources. If you don't have your own color in hand, too bad, you still have to pick one of the other color and play it. Play the card joining next to the same color in order to enlarge the board.

Criteria: Same color joining each other. For basic Stone Gate icon there is no constraint. You may put in on top, bottom, left or right of the same color. If there is a Horse icon(2 spaces) on top of the card, you must join 2 area together in order to legally play it. So, it is how the 4 separate color will join together becoming one big area as a result.
What to do if you find the card already on the table?
a. you may use them during combat to boost.
b. reveal the card and play it face down as sea border next to any place on the board.

2. Movement: Each unit may move one space to adjacent horizontaly or vertically, not diagonally. If there are others' units, it means a combat will occur.

3. Combat: Attacking player roll for each unit 1d6. A 4,5,6 is a hit. And than Defending player roll as well for each unit a 1d6. A same 4,5,6 is a hit. Finally each player remove casaulties. Either player may retreat at this moment to adjacent friendly area. If not, combat continue until only one side unit left.
You may discard any card in hand to boost the dice rolling. The card must be the same color as the combating area. For 1 card, the rolling become 3,4,5,6 and discard 2 cards it will be 2,3,4,5,6. Either player card do this to boost.

4. Income: For each area of your own color with your own unit on it, claim $2, for each area of other color with your unit on it, claim $1.

5. Reinforcement: You may buy new unit on any area with your own unit for $4 each. No limit.

6. Draw cards back to handsize 5.

So, this is it. As you see, it is a simple combat card game. Now, the following will add the "Quest for the Dragonlord" to it.

The best part of the "Quest" game in my opinion is the quest part. It gives you a chance to send somebody to go for an impossible quest and then find some big treasure or artifact or even become superhero themself and save the universe. (like Frodo...)

All you need is the materials from the game: Scroll, Chips of treasure, and Quest card.

During the game, add a Quest Activity phase after playing a area card. Any unit may claim to go for Quest in any place which is not your own color. These one or more crew unit will leave the board area and go for quest. You may place a marker on it to let player know where they will be coming back, if they survive the quest. If someone else have your area, your team need to fight back the way. Or if you are a new dragonlord, just fly away to any place.

If you have any questing unit, roll a dice 1d10 to see where they go:
1-3 Village, 4-5 Witch Den, 6 Shrine, 7-9 Quest, 10 DragonLair.
Following exactly what the original quest game tell you to do. You may find treasure, gold, scrolls, or other specialties.

The things you find during quest will help win the game, or not. But i am pretty sure it is a very fun part of the game.

Options could to be used in this variant:
1. Start with a King for each player
2. Start with a Wizard for each player
3. Racial ability:
Barbarian-$3 to ship(as spell) from border to border
Elf- sneak attack in own color area
Dwarf-$3 gold income in own color area
Orc- $3 per unit

Just a small different during combat. In "Quest" game, they have a combat score know as T.A.S. which is usually 3. It means to hit roll you need 1.2 or 3, which is exactly the same actually.

Dragonlord may fly(teleport), and bring along 5 unit with it to fight. It may not be very powerful, but it is fun to play.

All the scrolls are one use only and need wizard to use. So, a starting wizard is a good idea.
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This looks very interesting, can't wait to try this out.

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