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Wow, what I game I just got to play!

Here was the setup. We were playing a game to Kobol (we had a new player and one not overly familiar with the game). We were including the cylon fleet board, cylon leaders with the new motive cards, and pegasus.

Four players, in order:

New Apollo
Cylon Leader Boomer (me)
New Baltar

My initial motives were for the humans to win and 4 or more vipers to be damaged or destroyed, along with the cylons winning and food being 2 or higher.

The game got off to a fairly rough start. The humans wound up going down to 4 morale before the sleeper phase (I think they were at 5 before the first jump, we went around the entire board once with only 1 jump prep icon).

We also wound up losing a 2 or 3 civilian ships, with quite a few more on the board.

Our first jump was 3 distance. I wound up brigged before sleeper due to a crisis card that the other players deliberately failed for -1 morale and the current player is sent to the brig. I was not pleased by this (had nearly a full hand) as I had been (mostly) helpful. 1 viper had been destroyed - I had nothing to do with it, but had made my contempt for those pesky vipers perfectly clear with some "poorly" timed evasive maneuvers.

Mutiny cards were very abundant in our game. And president Apollo made a brief visit to the brig to check up on me due to mutiny. Apollo's 2nd mutiny card would allow him to make a deal and get out of the brig. I also drew a second mutiny card during my stay that allowed me to head over to sick bay while I participated in some peaceful protests.

Before we were able to leave the brig, however, we made another jump. Our Admiral was spending time in one of our new combat ready raptors during the jump, and took us to a 2 distance location. We all drew new loyalty cards, and I lucked out with one of my motive cards:

Human allegiance, reveal this card when another player is in the brig and you have a mutiny card. Hello Apollo! Lets be friends!

My other motive was cylon allegiance, reveal this card at the end of the game if population is 4 or greater. Perfect, I can win with either team!

It was shortly after this that the trap was sprung. With a massive cylon fleet about to jump in in front and behind of galatica, our Admiral chose to hop out of his combat ready raptor and send some terrible orders to the civilian fleet.

He wound up sending every civilian ship except 1 (which wasn't on the game board) into the path of the oncoming cylon fleet. We were about to lose on population.

I let that fracking skin job know that I didn't appreciate his tactics, and next time he should check in with the leaders before making a decision.

Fortunately, we lucked out when a treachery card in the crisis check caused 2 raiders to appear in front of galatica. While they would activate that turn (and take out 3 population and another morale) they prevented the cylon fleet from jumping in... for now.

The rest of the game played out (over multiple hours) painstakingly close. We lost all but 5 of the civilian ships, and our resources crept down as low as 1 fuel, 1 morale, and 2 population.

We did manage to inch our way back up in morale to 2 and 3 at points during the game. I had managed to get out of the brig, but would wind up visiting it again.

Well time treachery cards (by me) allowed a admiral's quarters check that on our dear CAGmiral to be bombed by the human players, but let our president make the CAGmiral take a 2nd mutiny card and visit the brig.

In all, every character made at least 1 appearance to the brig (and got out of the brig at least once, if you count Kara's reveal as an escape). I wound up in the brig twice, and never made it out the 2nd time (they offer to get me out was made, but there was nothing useful for me to be doing, so I suggested that I sit tight and just do the best I could from the brig).

We went through the entire mutiny deck (I discarded a lot of treachery cards that forced mutiny draws) and had to reshuffle it.

Our cylon opponent had two rolls on the cylon baseship that set our jump prep track back when we were on our final jump. At that point we were down to 1 fuel, 2 population, and 1-2 morale. That was incredibly nerve racking!

We had a brutal fight to protect the civilians. At one point we were attacked by 6 raiders with only 2 ships to defend. The first - an Mk 7 - was damaged in the 1st hit. But the piloted assault raptor was able to make 3 successful evasive maneuvers, and a number of regular maneuvers that kept it alive and prevented any civvies from dying.

We faced 2 *extremely* close crisis that would have instantly lost the game for the humans. Both came down to just a few points between winning and losing.

It all came down to a series of 3 turns. Baltar got a jump prep icon on his turn that moved us to -3. Knowing we'd likely have to use FTL (which was damaged), Apollo XOed Baltar who moved to repair FTL control. His crisis card (which was one of the crisis we had to pass to win) provided another jump prep icon and we were at -1.

I, incredibly, had an XO in my hand that I played on Baltar to jump the fleet. We did not lose the -1 population and won the game.

Our Admiral had been a cylon from the beginning of the game, and had really bided his time until the perfect moment. If those 2 raiders hadn't appeared, it's very likely we would have lost the entire game much earlier.

Overall, probably the best game of BSG I've ever played. Very interesting character make up (3 characters that could pilot, no military leader), and I was really happy how prevalent the mutiny cards were. They had their intended affect of being difficult to manage and sending players to the brig. But weren't so over powering as to make it impossible for the humans to win. It struct the perfect balance.

I liked the opportunity to win with either team as a cylon leader, even though it got trampled almost right away (by the time we had brigged the Admiral, which was only 2 turns after he revealed, we were down to 3 population and my chances of winning with the cylons was lost).

The best part of the game was how close both sides were to winning. It really came down to every last card we could put into a skill check, and everyone did their best. Great fun!
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Joe Trigiani
United States
New Jersey
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By Boomer you mean Athena right? Unless you are playing some variation on Boomer as a cylon leader. (I would like to see that).

Maybe make her skill set: 1 Piloting and 1 Tactics/Engineering and change her negative to
If you are infiltrating during the sleeper agent phase, you are moved to the brig. You cannot return to the resurrection ship unless you are in the brig or you are executed.
Also, her starting location is the same so no avoiding going to the brig by starting on a cylon location.
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It was just Athena.
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