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Subject: “Hunt for the Arc” Session report. rss

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Andy Pickard
United States
Kansas City
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Tonight I decided to give my solo story, Hunt for the Arc, a try. (You can find the story in he Variants section of the forum.) Here’s how it went:

Nandi, Captain of the Bonnie Mae, decided that the time was right. For years she had dreamed of the Joan of Arc, floating out in Border Space, just waiting for someone to put the clues together and take the leap into the black to find her. The obsession took control of her life, and her former career as a Companion had allowed her to cajole secrets from men and women who knew their own small piece of the puzzle.

Once she had stashed away enough money and secrets, Nandi orchestrated her own dismissal from the Guild, a drama only she fully understood. She bought a ship, a Firefly class hauler, tough but anonymous, and named her Bonnie Mae.

She put together a crew, her charm drawing to her just the right people she needed for the task. There was a tough pilot, Jesse, with a cold eye and a ready gun hand. Billy, the Mechanic, would keep Bonnie Mae humming through the black. And two scrappers, Vulture and Leech, would be just the team she needed to breach the Arc.

But time is short. If her calculations are correct, Nandi knows that within 21 days the Joan of Arc will be beyond the range of her ship, and not orbiting back near the 'Verse for another century.

Day 1
Nandi began her adventure at the Space Bazzar, where she hired a gun hand for ship security and stocked up on fuel. Nandi quizzed her contacts about acquiring a hacking rig, but none was to be found on the station. Leech spoke up about a low-life he knew on Persephone that might have the necessary gear, so Jesse pointed Bonnie Mae’s nose in that direction and soon broke atmo over the Eavesdown docks as pretty as you please.

Day 2
At Persephone, Nandi bought a Cry Baby, just in case, and Leech came up with the hacking rig, for a pretty penny, that’s sure. After so many years, Nandi can wait no longer. She goes over her maps with Jesse, and the Bonnie Mae heads for the black. But the Alliance exists to get in a body’s way, and the Bonnie Mae is hauled up in the Gonghe sector for a Customs Inspection. Nandi charms the purple bellies socks off, but the lost time is costly.

Day 3
The Bonnie Mae is flying along just fine and then phhttttt! A busted fuel line and Billy flies into action. Luckily Nandi took his advice on what parts to stock and he put Bonnie to rights. That evening they spot a scrapper ambush, but Leech and Vulture scramble them deceivers’ sensors and Bonnie sails on by like they were nuthin’.

Day 4
Nandi lays out a map for Jessie with a search plan. Bonnie Mae slows to a mosey, and the scrappers twiddle dials and listen hard for clues from the black. Nuthin’.

Days 5, 6, 7.
Still searchin'. Nuthin’.

Day 8
Everyone gets a might tense when Vulture hears what he thinks is Reaver noise up ahead. Nandi decides to search that sector later and has Jessie burn around ‘em.

Day 9

Day 10
After a slow mosey into the Silverhold sector, Leech gets a ping, good and strong. All hands that have any tech savvy get to work and soon they are sure. It’s the arc ship Joan, for certain. In a few hours the Bonnie Mae is siddled up to the huge ship. Nandi is just as joyful as she knows how to be.

Day 11
The scrappers hook up the hacking rig to a hatch on the Arc and after some more twiddling’, hit the button. The hatch slides open like a rich girl’s dress after a shindig. They spend the day aboard among the wonders of Earth-That-Was.

Day 12
Nandi has them lock up and burn for Alliance Space. It’s not long before they are hailed by the Alliance Cruiser and are forced to stop for the day.

Day 13
Another day of flying, but this time no Alliance or Reavers get in the way. Nandi has in mind to get solid with Patience, and then fence the Arc to her. Giving it to the Alliance for a museum piece is a chump’s play, she says. She has a job Patience needs doin’, and it means breaking atmo at Ithaca, which Jesse does like it’s nuthin’. Pretty soon Bonnie’s hold is packed with contraband heifers.

Day 14
Billy yelps that fuels getting low, so Nandi orders a side trip to Regina, where she fills up the tanks. After sending Billy and Vulture on an errand, she tells Jesse to skedaddle. Those two don’t have the skills she needs to finish this job.

Day 15
A peaceful day in the black, out of the main shipping lanes.

Day 16
Jesse sets Bonnie Mae down on Londinium, where the crew must misbehave a mite to deliver the goods. They succeed at disguising and proceed on to getting paid. Nandi is now solid with Patience, so she has an in toward negotiatin’ with the ole biddy.

Day 17
Time is running out, and Nandi knows that she needs more negotiating power to convince Patience to fence the Arc. She heads to Osiris, in the hopes that she can find what or who she needs. The Alliance tries to stop her, but she throws out the Cry Baby and gives ‘em the slip. On Osiris, Nandi is in huge joss, because Inara shows up from the pack, ready to ship out. Also realizing that Patience is not so well named when it comes to shooting folks, Nandi hires a medic.

Day 18
The Bonnie Mae keeps flyin’ all the way to Athens.

Day 19
It takes all the persuasion Nandi and Inara can muster, and it looks like Patience might bushwhack them, but she finally sees sense and agrees to the deal. Nandi and her crew fence the Arc and become insanely rich.

I win with a Major victory, with only a couple turns to spare.

The final die roll was a 4, which added to the five Negotiating skill of Nandi and Inara barely did the trick. This one came close, because I did not find the Arc until late due to crappy die rolls, and I only had time to get solid with one Contact.

I think this solo Story works well, but if you have trouble finding the Arc, and only get solid with one contact, it’s probably safer to go for the minor victory and deliver the Arc to Harken.

When called to move the reaver or Alliance one space, I always moved the vessel in the direction of the Bonnie Mae, which hurt once or twice.
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Jon Snow
United States
New York City
New York
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arrrh Good narrative, and I notice you didn't make any changes to the scenario. I've got it printed out to give it a try some time.

I also have Nandi captain the Bonnie Mae, and would like to make up an all female crew for her eventually!
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Austin Crow
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In a recent solo game, I also used Nandi; without realizing, the 4 crew I chose were Inara, Kaylee, River, and Zoe. Pretty awesome stats for an all female crew under the $1000 limit!
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