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Subject: Lost Mob (because Scrap Happens) rss

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This Lost Patrol variant is played using Orks instead of Marine Scouts, and uses the very nice looking “Alien Canyons” tiles found in the Patrol: Lost Files section. Any suitable Beasties can substitute for Lurkers. The setting is the Skid on GorkaMorka. The Orks are after valuable scrap. The rules have been changed to reflect the different participants, environment, and objectives (relax, this is a streamlined variant of the base game, and is actually easier to play).

The Old Prospector

“Ladz, if’n I say there’s scrap here, there’s scrap here! I is a Scrap Prospector, ain’t I? You'z hired me to find scrap, and find it I done did! Yer lot is practically standing on it right now!”

With that, the grizzled old Ork Prospector draws his ancient shoota and fires a few blasts into the ground at the feet of the 5 Orks. The thin crust of rock and shale supporting the ledge the Boyz are standing on gives way, and they tumble into one of the many fissures that riddle the Skid. Tangled up with each other and covered with sand and shale bits, the Boyz look up to see the Old Prospector five meters above them, peering over the edge of the ledge.

“Sorry, me Ladz. As they say in Mektown, ‘Scrap happens.’ Now that you are down there, have a look about and find that scrap. I’ll be waiting here to toss you a line so we can pull it out of this crack. Oh, and mind yerselfs, they’s probably hungry Beasties about down there.”

Lost Mob (because, Scrap Happens)

GorkaMorka Ork Mobz search the Skid for pieces of their crashed Space Hulk. The scrap they find is worth plenty back in Mektown. Some choice scrap is occasionally found in narrow fissures that riddle the rocky bottom of the Skid. These are inaccessible to the Mobz in their vehicles. So, search on foot they must. Of course, some fissures are occupied by terrible Beasties.

The Lost Mob Game contains:

5 Orks (Nob, Heavy Support, and 3 Boyz). OK, these DO NOT have to be GorkaMorka Orks, Orks of any flavor will do.

30 “Alien Canyon” tiles (23 regular tiles, 1 clearing tile, 6 Scrap Tiles). Scrap Tiles are the path tiles with mechanical artifacts.

18 Beasties counters (Squigs, Whip Scorpions, etc.).

6 Scrap Tokens (from GM, homemade counters, pennies, pocket lint, etc.)

3 Dice.

ALL Lost Patrol rules apply. Yes, ALL rules except where noted.

Apply the following changes:

For Set Up--Place the “clearing” tile on the table. Put all 5 Boyz on the tile. Shuffle all the rest of the tiles, including Scrap Tiles, and place them face down. There can never be more than 3 Orks in any tile except the “clearing.” Orks and Beasties are never forced to retreat, so Orks never over-stack, and if more than 6 Beasties are placed on tiles, the excess are immediately eaten by their kin.

Treat Orks like Scouts (Nob=Leader, Heavy Weapon Ork = Heavy Trooper, Boyz =Troopers).

Though dangerous, the “Alien Canyon” is not an “intelligent, malignant entity.” Tile placement is unchanged except unseen tiles are NOT removed as the game progresses. Therefore, Orks cannot be cut off or divided by the canyon. Ignore THE JUNGLE GOT THEM rules.

5 Tiles contain defensive gun turrets (the tiny twin barrel boxy things). For these, use the Tangleweed rules. Beasties ignore them.

Speaking of Beasties, there can never be more than 6 on a tile. Extras are immediately eaten by their brethren. Remove them immediately.

Orks never retreat, so Ignore REMOVE OVER-STACKS rules for both sides.

Beasties must always Ambush, they are too hungry for lurking.

Speaking of Ambush, those rules remain the same, except:

--If Orks loose an Ambush, one Ork is killed. The remaining Orks do not retreat, the Beasties are too busy feasting on the Ork’s lost comrade.

--If Orks win an Ambush, then (1D6)/2 Beasties are killed (rounding up). The remaining Beasties do not retreat, they are too busy feasting on their former comrade(s).

--In the case of a tie, nothing happens to either side. Yawn.

When a Scrap Tile is placed, put one Scrap Token on that tile.

Turn Sequence…A game turn is made up of 6 phases:

1. The Orks take actions.

2. The Beastie player places new tiles.

4. The Beasties take actions.

5. The Beasties spring Ambushes.

WINNING THE GAME… When an Ork ends a turn on a Scrap Tile with a Scrap Token, the Ork Player collects that Scrap Token. Place collected tokens in front of the Ork Player. If the Ork player collects all 6 Scrap Tokens, the game ends and the Ork Player wins. If all Orks are killed, the Beastie Player wins.

FAQ (Figment[of my imagination]Asked Questions)

Dimwit: Why Orks?
Answer: Shut up.

Dimwit: Why doesn’t this incorporate your Bound-to-Win-a-Pulitzer-Prize Lost Patrol game balance found! variant rules?
Answer: The changes here balance the game for the Orks.

Dimwit: The Orks are treated just like Marine Scouts, that’s not very creative or in keeping with the 40K background.
Answer: Shut up.

Dimwit: Some of these Lost Canyon tiles have very subtle paths, do you have any recommendations to help players discern the proper path?
Answer: No. If in doubt, Players should decide the shape of the path as the tiles is placed. If playing solo, the player should cheat, who’s gonna know?

Dimwit: I’m confused about Scrap tokens. 1) Can the Orks collect them if Beasties are in the same Scrap Tile? 2) Do the Orks “carry” the Scrap Tokens with them after collection? Or, 3) are the Scrap Tokens simply removed from the board and possessed by the Ork player (instead of the Ork models?). 4) How is that even possible?
Answer: 1) Yes. 2) No. 3)Yes. 4) Shut up.

Dimwit: BTW, was this variant play tested?
Answer: Yes, extensively. To ensure absolute play balance, I repeatedly tested the variant against myself.

Dimwit: What did your play testing reveal?
Answer: I found myself to be lewd and crude, yet witty and charming. The rules seemed OK. The Ork Player can greatly increase his chances if he sneaks the Scrap Tiles to the top of the stack when the Beastie player is cleaning up the beer the Ork player just “accidentally spilled.”

Dimwit: Why not post this on the cleverly named, fan-created Patrol: Lost forum, you hijacked the Lost Canyon tiles from there?
Answer: Those tiles are public domain, NOT an infringement of any company’s IP. I think they are cool, so I used them. Patrol: Lost uses a variety of settings. Lost Patrol is set in the Warhammer 40K world, so this forum seemed more appropriate.

Dimwit: Speaking of 40K, doesn’t it smack a tiny bit Fanboy-ish that you created a variant of a long out of production 40K board game, based on a setting from an even longer out of production 40K board game. I mean you just discovered Lost Patrol, you never actually played GorkaMorka, and you haven’t played 40K in over five years.
Fanboy: No! Shut up. Besides, this didn’t take all that very long.
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