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Subject: DragonDice Rampage variant rss

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NT. Hong Kong
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2 to 5 players
25 minutes

This variant pays homage and credit to Dragon’s Rampage.laugh
Objective of the Game
You are a group of heroes looting a Dragon’s Treasure. But all of you forgot to put on the invisible ring, so she awoke and you guys are doomed.
You have to run for your life to be the survivor who leave the dungeon with the most treasure and claim to be the Hero of the day. Coward of the day if the Dragon was killed by someone else.
Or, you have to kill the dragon and claim to be the killer of the Dragon.
So, you want to be the dragon killer or the sole survivor is up to your playing style.

Prepare 10 pieces of 1 health units for different color character. Each character is represent by the 10 dice, which is the 10 hit point of the would be hero.

If you have DragonDice magic items, you can prepare a group of level one item. Player can pick one if they find them in the game. If you don’t, you can still use magic item, don’t worry. Roll a dice and see the icon, just assign a +1 to the future roll of the group of that icon is ok.

Other things you might need but not necessary:
a. For the dungeon track: use any card you can think of to act as the track. In my example, I am using Warhammer Quest’s dungeon cards and treasure event.
b. A Dragon figure or marker represents the Dragon. I am using the big one from D&D boardgame. And of course, a Dragon from DragonDice.

c. A board for the dice allocation in each round. In my example, I simply drew one. You may use any cards or things to represent these, let me know if you have any good idea.

d. Some color markers as the heroes attack and the heroes themselves. In my example I am using standup marker and cubes from the Return of the Heroes.

Game Play:
Each turn consists of the following steps:
Randomly pick a starting player to roll his 10dice. Next turn, the player running closest to the exit is the starting player.
Stack the dice on the proper location or reroll any unwanted dice.
Next player do the same until all have placed their dice.
The Dragon rolls and sees the result. Assign damage.
End turn.

The sequence of the game is the same as the original Dragon Rampage, with slight alteration.
Players take turns to place their rolled dice on the appropriate places of their function. The highest number of dice in group will go to the 1st place with the best function. The dice with less stacking will be pushed to the right and they might be pushed out of the line.

You can always reroll the dice until you get your ideal result. Put the entire same group of icon to the appropriate location in line. Only if you see your character ID icon, no reroll allowed. ID icon in this variant is the same as the Dragon icon in Dragon’s rampage. Because the Dragon SEES your face, you are very scared and FREEZE, no move and wait for your doom…

Places on the Board:
Shield: 3 spaces: 1st – 1 shield blocks 1 damage
2nd- 2 shield block 1 damage
3rd- 3 shield block 1 damage
Dragon: 5 spaces: 1st – 2 damage
2nd to 5th – all 1 damage
Melee: 2 spaces 1st – 2 attack = 1 hit on dragon
2nd – 3 attack = 1 hit on dragon
Missile: 2 spaces 1st – 3 attack = 1 hit on dragon
2nd – 4 attack = 1 hit on dragon
Magic: 2 spaces: 1st and 2nd = unlimited casting provided you have enough magic power
Run!: 3 spaces: 1st – Roll and +1 move
2nd – Roll and move
3rd – Move 1

Except the Running Dice, all the above dice no need to reroll to see the actual attack or defense. What you roll in the first time is the number of hit you get. E.g. If you roll and put total 5 melee on the melee 1st place, you will hit the dragon 2 wound. The extra melee is loss. But still, the extra dice roll will help you gain the 1st place.
You need to reroll the running dice you place on the Running location to see how far you really sprint.

Dragon Attack:
Before the basic Dragon attack, you roll the dice for her:
Jaw: 1st unit in Melee group take 2 damage, remove 2 dice from it
Breath: Ignore all shield this round
Claw: 1st unit in Melee group take 1 damage, remove 1 dice from it
Wing: Ignore Melee
Tail: Last place in Running group take 1 damage, remove 1 dice from it
Belly: All hit in Melee, Missile and Magic count as 1 success hit on dragon

Dragon will always give the players wounds on the track of the Dragon Face, and then add the extra damage result from the Dice roll.
For example, the 1st player in line remove 2 units (dice) from the Face group. Though you can block with 1 shield icon(not dice) for 1 damage, provided you also gain the 1st place of the Shield group.
If the same player has any extra shield icon left, it could be used for any damage by Dragon Claw or Jaw as well.

Dungeon Track:
By running out of the dungeon, the player may assure he or she gets the chance to win the game. He removes all his dice from the dungeon and counting any treasure and wounds he has. If he is the sole survivor, he is the winning and he can tell the villagers his version of the heroic story.
In my example of the game I used about 15 dungeon cards and treasure represent the point they run. The cards could be arranged with more or less, shorter or longer. It is all up the players if they want a long or short game with more or less loots.
We don’t need to read the words on the cards. (Or we don’t even need the cards, you can think about any other way to represent it) A treasure spot will give the player one magic item. A potion spot can heal his party, regain 1 unit. A dungeon spot is just a corridor.

Players can cast spell with 2 magic power each. The spells here are found in the original DragonDice game. But since the hero teams are rather small in size, not much spells are really useful in this variant. The following is a list of the most common spell player will use during this variant:
Cost 2 – Hailstorm/Firebolt, inflict 1 hit to the dragon.
Cost 2 – Breath of Life, restore 1 health worth of unit.
Cost 2 – Dwarven Armor, gain 1 shield icon (add it to the shield stack when rolled)


For Elf – they don’t have any shield icon, so their main strategy will be run and shoot, and do some healing.
Missile and Magic – it is hard to aim and hit the dragon, but it is rather safe to do so.
Strength – the strength of the party is decrease when unit got damage, so watch out..
Monster: what if you have a Dragon in your collection? No problem, Wyvern or even Monster can be our substitute. I don’t see why not.

Why Not?! We don't have the original Crafty stealing concept in this variant. But we can do some trick with our spells maybe.
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NT. Hong Kong
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I forgot to mention,the dragon hitpoint equals 10 x number of players.
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