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Subject: Deep in the Heart of Texas, 4th Place in San Antonio PiT rss

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Joel Von Helvee
United States
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Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future (Core)

Total Cards: (49)
Agenda (11)
Accelerated Beta Test (Core #55) x3
Efficiency Committee (Creation and Control #5) x3
Project Vitruvius (Cyber Exodus #51) x3
Gila Hands Arcology (Creation and Control #23) x2

Asset (11)
Jackson Howard (Opening Moves #15) x3 ■
Eve Campaign (Humanity's Shadow #92) x2
Adonis Campaign (Core #56) x3
Private Contracts (Cyber Exodus #59) x3

ICE (20)
Eli 1.0 (Future Proof #110) x3
Enigma (Core #111) x3
Chimera (Cyber Exodus #60) x2
Ichi 1.0 (Core #62) x2
Wall of Static (Core #113) x2
Rototurret (Core #64) x3
Tollbooth (Core #90) x3 ■■
Heimdall 1.0 (Core #61) x2

Operation (5)
Biotic Labor (Core #59) x3
Archived Memories (Core #58) x2

Upgrade (2)
SanSan City Grid (Core #92) x2 ■■■

Total Agenda Points: 20

Influence Values Totals -
NBN: 15

After disappointing results with my HB deck in Austin I knew I needed an overhaul for the following day in SA. I spoke with Joe briefly about his first place Austin HB deck ( )and he told me about how he opted not to use burst economy (no Hedge Fund) and instead used assets that have a high trash cost. The runner could either go broke trashing assets or let the economy flow, a win-win scenario for the corp. I had made the mistake of not having any ice that did not tax the runner too heavily while Joe threw in Heimdall and Tollbooth. Seeing how Tollbooth made my Gabriel deck sweat all day I decided to include it as well. Archived Memories made having Biotic Labor accessible when I needed it. Thanks for the advice , Joe. On a quick note, the FFG website seems to have 4 cards missing from Joe's Runner list and also incorrectly lists his 10 barrier ice as 7.

Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional (Core)

Total Cards: (45)
Event (25)
Account Siphon (Core #18) x3
Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control #52) x3
Emergency Shutdown (Cyber Exodus #43) x2
Forged Activation Orders (Core #20) x3
Inside Job (Core #21) x3
Special Order (Core #22) x3
Sure Gamble (Core #50) x3
The Maker's Eye (Core #36) x3 ■■
Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow #87) x2 ■

Hardware (4)
Desperado (Core #24) x2
Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead #9) x2

Program (10)
Crypsis (Core #51) x1
Femme Fatale (Core #26) x2
Ninja (Core #27) x1
Sneakdoor Beta (Core #28) x3
Corroder (Core #7) x2 ■■
Gordian Blade (Core #43) x1 ■■■

Resource (6)
Daily Casts (Creation and Control #53) x3
Kati Jones (Humanity's Shadow #91) x2
Same Old Thing (Creation and Control #54) x1

Shaper: 11
Anarch: 4

Nothing out of the ordinary except I opted not to use Yog, which caused no issues. Typical Gabe strategy, make tons of creds and run the hell out of your opponents weak spots. If the corp cannot ice up RnD well then Maker's will make them pay. One copy of Same Old Thing so I can play 4 Maker's if I need to. My limited testing had Daily Casts edging out Armitage since clicking for Armitage creds meant less running.

I write crap notes (or no notes)so here is a not-so-good summary of the tourney:

R1 vs Fred from SA playing Andromeda and Weyland: BaBW
Fred got 1st place at the San Antonio Regionals so I was not too thrilled about facing him round 1. He admitted he had not played very much since then so that may have helped a bit. He runs first but his deck seems to stumble mid game since he got Datasucker going a bit too late. The second match I had an early Plascrete which kept me in the safe zone but I kept digging hard for the Maker's I needed but they showed up far too late.
Corp - Win
Runner - Loss

R2 vs Adam from ? playing Andromeda and HB: EtF
Adam surprised me by facechecking me with Viktor 2.0 when I ran his HQ on my first click. He rezzed another after I Forged him on RnD, he may have been going for a Brain Damage theme as I was told he was playing Scorched Earth afterwards but I never confirmed this. He scored 4 points before I sealed the game. The second game my Ice and assets came out strong and I won before any agendas were stolen.
Runner - Win
Corp - Win

R3 vs Jim from Austin playing Chaos Theory and HB: Cerebral Imaging
Jim ran first and mid game had a TON of cards on the table... workshops and programs all over the place. He dropped an early Scrubber (WTF?) which pretty much messed up my economy for the game. I do not remember much other then 2 RnD Interface put me on a clock which I did not have an answer for. Game 2 I knew his HB hand would be enormous so running RnD would be my path to victory. Oddly, I was able to score an agenda out of his HQ early in the game before he had 15+ cards in hand. Time was called when I had 6 points vs his 2 (maybe 4?). CI is a cool deck and something I want to explore in the future. Jim went on to get third place.
Corp - Loss
Runner - Timed Win

R4 vs Scott from SA playing Chaos Theory and HB: EtF
Scott had already gotten top 8 at 2 PiT events so I knew this was going to be good. Game one started grim as I drew only one ice after my mulligan but I ended up rebounding and coming out strong but Scott saved his creds for a while and was able to get off 2 Indexing that ended up netting him 6 agenda points when it was all said and done. Game 2 he seemed to have low ice counts as well and I took advantage although I whiffed on my first 2 Maker's. I drew into a Same Old Thing and set up a turn to use it to do one last Maker's before time was called, as I had 6 points. I had no cards in hand at the beginning of my turn so I drew a card, was going to SOT for Maker's, double click through 2 subroutines on Heimdall 2.0 and take a brain damage discarding the only card I had in hand. I did not want to spend any of my cash breaking H2.0 in case I whiffed again. I miscounted my clicks like a noob and was not able to double click through his Heimdall 2.0 like I intended (SOT is 2 clicks, duh) but I had just enough money to break subs and take 1 brain damage. I should practice this game every once in a while I got my last agenda on the third card.
Corp - Loss
Runner - Win

R5 vs ? from Arlington? playing Weyland: BaBW? and ?
Sadly I do not remember much from round 5, it is a total blur. I was going on almost no sleep and my work week was a real b$@ch, sorry buddy. I know my opponent got top 8 in Arlington but that is all I remember about him... Game one was notable due to my Gabriel deck winning on TURN TWO. He only had one ice on his first turn on HQ and I scored a 3 pointer on RnD, ran it again and got a peek at Ice Wall. My last click I debated on spending 3 for Quality Time ( I only had 5 or 6 creds) or just a regular draw. I needed corroder but did not want to spend half my creds just yet. I opted for a regular draw and drew... Corroder. I dropped it next turn, ran his RnD that was Ice Walled, scoring another 3 pointer and then a 1 pointer. No Maker's drawn or needed that game. Game 2 the HB deck came out as best as it had done all day, tons of economy assets and lots of ice on my remotes. My opponent might have scored one agenda, I don't remember.
Runner - Win
Corp - Win

So 4 Runner wins and 3 Corp Wins got me fourth place and playmat. I prefer the picture on my regional mat but I had the FFG staff members sign it for me, along with my alt art Gabriel. Thanks to Damon and Mark from FFG for spending time with the fans and to all the players I met and played against. Until next time...
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